ERC 2021-22 Impact Report



Olivia has long been fascinated by the world of business and entrepreneurship. At the age of 9 she created and sold slime. And, at 12-years-old she started her business, Glossly, a craft business dedicated to handmade jewelry and lip glosses. Now, at 15-years-old Olivia has shipped her products across 3 countries and has over 4,000 followers on her Instagram business page. Olivia joined the Entrepreneurship Resource Centers in Spring 2022 by taking the “Entrepreneurial Essentials & Endeavors” program to further develop and enhance her business. She has recently completed the “Advanced: Pivot or Proceed” course in Fall 2022.


Upon completing “Exploring Entrepreneurship Mindset Summer Camp,” Ivan, a senior in high school developed the skill in identifying problems as opportunities. He continued to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset in “Entrepreneurial Essentials & Endeavors” when he discovered his business idea for a more efficient pool cleaning tool. In “Advanced: Pivot or Proceed,” Ivan further developed his business idea, Power Scrubber, an electric pool brush with vibrating bristles aimed to save customers time, energy, and money in pool cleaning costs. He collaborated with students in the 3D Animation program at CTEC to create a video animation that showcases the actual mechanical design behind the product demonstrating how he would be able to get the pool brush to vibrate. Ivan is currently in the product development phase to create a tangible, working prototype of the Power Scrubber.

IVAN URIARTE 12 th Grade

“I have been taking courses with the ERC since the beginning. At the start, I was not sure about the program but have later become inspired and increasingly involved. I have eased myself into adopting and entrepreneurial mindset but, was challenged when we were tasked to come up with a business idea that can solve a real-life problem. However, I learned to not suppress myself or my ideas, and as a result, the program has led me far enough to produce an MVP for my business idea. The “Power Scrubber” would not have flourished if it weren’t for the collaboration and networking opportunities provided from the classes. It really helped bring my idea to life.“

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