Northern PT: Shoulder Pain & PT Clinical Update


Northern Physical Therapy Clinical Update

Functional Dry Needling We are sending more of our clinicians to be trained and to widen our clinical knowledge of dry needling in the year ahead. Lindsay O’Steen DPT, FDN1, will be attending a clinical applications course in early February to expand on her FDN1 certification. This course will teach her how to incorporate dynamic positioning techniques and further utilize FDN. Shortly after Lindsay returns, Krista Boulanger DPT will be heading out to take the FDN1 course. After she returns, she will start to incorporate dry needling into her practice with the mentorship of Matt Breton, PT, OCS, and Lindsay O’Steen DPT. We have experienced great success in select patients that have received dry needling treatments and with three therapists trained, we will be more capable of handling patient requests for this service. This will allow us to expand our impact here at NPT. Pelvic Floor Training We are happy to announce that in April, Karey Pierce, PT will be attending the Herman and Wallace pelvic floor course. This training will teach her evaluation skills by instructional assessment of the pelvic floor muscles with an internal vaginal examination and SEMG biofeedback

assessment. After assessment of the pelvic floor, Karey will be able to individualize treatment programs for urinary incontinence or the musculoskeletal components of urogynecologic pain syndromes such as chronic pelvic pain (CPP), vulvar pain, and interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS). This is information that will be immediately applicable to her clinical practice. Psychologically Informed Practice The number of patients with chronic complaints who come through our doors has been on the increase over the last few years. We realize that successfully treating this population requires both mental and physical interventions. With this in mind, we are making efforts to become a more psychologically informed practice. NPT clinicians are participating in a series of online education modules offered by the University of Pittsburg. These modules will expand our knowledge and clinical application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy within our PT approach. We are confident that this will improve our success in patients with chronic issues.

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