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Industry leaders in Marestail / Horsetail control Kurtail Lawn available from Spring 2024 • Selective Marestail control in amenity turf • Knapsack and handheld application approved

Kurtail Evo • UK’s Nº1 trusted

brand for horsetail control • Proven rapid results on marestail • Available in three pack sizes • Controls many other hard to deal with weeds • Total weedkiller for boomspray application

SBK Brushwood Killer • Knapsack approved • Selective weedkiller safe for grass • Offers control of woody weeds • Can also be used on cut stumps

For better results we recommend adding:

KPlus+ • Ideal in hard water areas • Adheres Kurtail or SBK Brushwood Killer to waxy leaves • Reduces spray drift • Minimises foaming in the tank

Over 10 years

Alleviate the spread of horsetail/ marestail with:

experience of dealing with

Amvista Spore Stop • Provides ‘sticky’ barrier to stop spore release • Use at ‘asparagus’ tip stage to stop spores spreading • Exclusive to ProGreen

Horsetail/ Marestail

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Fertilisers & Biostimulants


Price Match Offer We believe we offer competitive, value for money prices. However if you happen to find one of our products cheaper please let us know and we will aim to match the price* *T’s & C’s apply, see online for details. At ProGreen we are committed to legal compliance and training. All of our pesticides are despatched with and delivered by ADR qualified drivers from our Environment Agency and BASIS accredited store. To support our customers in their compliance we offer all the Pesticide Application (PA) courses for example; PA1, PA2 and PA6. Alongside these we run BASIS Crop Protection, FACTS, National Storekeepers and Rodent Control Level 2 Courses. From our centrally located BASIS and EA certified store just off the A1 in Peterborough we can supply nationwide. If you order before 12pm we will also get your order despatched the same day on thousands of products. If you are in a rush we can provide expedited delivery to guarantee that your order will be with you before 2pm the next working day. At Progreen, we understand that having access to the right products at the right time, supported by the right advice, is an important part of any land management plan. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of products and services; from herbicides and fungicides to soil analysis and NSK training courses. Our free technical helpline stays open after office hours to cover evenings and weekends so you are always able to speak to one of ProGreen’s experts. ProGreen is a leading national supplier of pesticides, fertilisers, and application equipment to the diverse professional land management Industry. We have a wide array of product specialists with extensive industry experience to support you and your business in achieving your goals. ProGreen are specialist suppliers to the Amenity, Industrial, Horticultural and Agricultural markets, supported by expert technical advisors and qualified agronomists. To ensure we offer the best advice all of our advisors hold BASIS and FACTs certificates and are required to regularly attend industry events to remain up to date with new developments.

Granular Liquid Garden & Plant Food Biostimulants

Weed Control 11-17 Total Weedkillers - Glyphosate & Non Glyphosate Non-professional Application Weedkillers For Specialist Weed Application Selective Weedkillers for Lawns & Turf Selective Weedkillers for Woody Weeds Selective Weedkillers for Grassland & Paddocks Long-lasting Application Improvers Additional Products

Grass & Wildflower Seeds


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Biological Pest Control Insecticides

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Create the Perfect Lawn? use our 12 month Lawncare Packages Take the hassle out of choosing lawncare products by using our expertly selected mix of fertilisers, weedkillers and moss control products, together with a treatment plan, to deliver a perfect lawn. Our GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE packages, designed to be self applied, cover 600m2 and replicate professional lawncare results. Multiple packages suitable for larger areas.

1 x 1 kg Sul-Fe Blackens moss and greens-up grass 1 x 20kg Amvista GO granular fertiliser Special early season and cool weather fertiliser 1 x 20kg Amvista G4 granular Feed/Weed/Moss control 3 in 1 treatments for the ultimate clean and green start to Spring 1 x 11 Greenforce selective weedkiller Treats common weeds, including clover 1 x 20kg Amvista G3 granular fertiliser Spring/Summer fertiliser ensuring a lawn is well fertilised and keeps good colour 1 x 20kg Amvista G6 high load, slow release fertiliser An upgrade over Amvista G3, our standard spring/summer fertiliser 1 x 101 Amvista L6 Turf Boost liquid fertiliser Organic balanced fertiliser with naturally derived nutrients 1 x 20kg Amvista G8 high load, slow release fertiliser An upgrade over Amvista G9, our standard Autumn/Winter fertiliser 1 x 20kg Amvista G9 granular fertiliser Autumn/Winter fertiliser ensures the grass survives the winter in good shape

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 4

Fertilisers - Turf and Ornamental Granular fertilisers are applied using broadcast spreading equipment & can incorporate slow or controlled release technology. Liquid fertilisers are applied using spraying equipment & can offer faster nutrient uptake, which is useful in dry or stressful conditions. Amvista G0 Kick Start Fertiliser • Specific early season, cool weather

Amvista G1 New Grass Fertiliser • Ideal for pre-seeding or newly seeded soils • Promotes quicker root development 6-9-6 Pack size: 20kg Amvista G4 Advanced Feed, Weed & Moss Killer • Handy 3 in 1 feed, weed & moss killer • Highly concentrated formulation gives superb coverage 10-2-2+8Fe Pack size: 20kg Amvista G6 Long Life Fertiliser for Established Grass • Super concentrated mid-season fertiliser • Genuine slow release resin treated mini granule 28-3-15 Pack size: 20kg Amvista G9 Autumn & Winter Fertiliser • Low nitrogen for mid to late season use • Homogenous granule for even nutrient distribution 3-0-12 +2Fe + MgO Pack size: 20kg

fertiliser that will kickstart growth • Low application rate and large coverage (500-714m2) 10-4-4 Pack size: 20kg

Amvista G3 Spring & Summer Fertiliser

• Classic Spring & Summer fertiliser • Standard release, dust free mini granule 11-5-5 Pack size: 20kg

Amvista G5 Long Life Fertiliser for Younger Grass • Ideal early season controlled release fertiliser • High phosphate increases root development 18-22-5 Pack size: 20kg Amvista G8 Long Life Autumn & Winter Fertiliser • Slow release for late season feeding • Iron & trace elements for green grass & hardening turf 14-1-7+FE+TE Pack size: 20kg

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Fertilisers - Liquid

Amvista L1 Growth Boost Liquid Fertiliser • High nutrient option for all lawns & turf • Flexible dose rate to suit turf requirements 18-5-10 Pack size: 10L Amvista L5 Slow & Healthy Boost • Contains Trace Elements • Slow release for year-round use, balanced nutrients and slow release nitrogen on turf / grass 18-3-6 Pack size: 10L Arbor Gold • Designed specifically for trees, shrubs & hedges (box, privet, etc.) • Season-long, controlled release of nutrients 18-12-12 + 5CaO + 3MgO + SO 3 Pack size: 950g / 5kg

Amvista L3 Colour Boost Fertiliser with Iron • Slow release liquid fertiliser with balanced N&K and added iron • Greens up grass & turf 15-0-10 + fe Pack size: 10L

Amvista L6 Turf Boost with Humates & Carbohydrates • Organic based NPK analysis • Humates increase disease resistance & nutrient uptake 7-2-2 + trace elements Pack size: 10L Fish, Blood & Bone Organic Plant Food • General purpose organic-based plant food for strong healthy growth • Single application lasts up to 6 weeks 5-5-6.5 Pack size: 25kg Amvista Bloom Rose & Flower Fertiliser • Ideal for feeding roses and other flowering plants • Extra potash for luscious blooms an bigger fruits 5-5-10 Pack size: 1kg

Powdered, Sterilised Bonemeal Fertiliser • Organic slow release plant food • Ideal for pant nutrition and nutrients without explosive growth 3.5-17-0 Pack size: 25kg

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Fertilisers - Garden & Plant nutrition

Maxicrop Plus Complete Garden Feed • General NPK fertiliser with pure seaweed extract • All round choice for flowers, vegetables & fruits 5-5-5 Pack size: 10L Amvista Seaweed Meal • Natural seaweed extract in a dry granular form • Essential trace elements and amino acids for healthy grass and crops derived from organic sources Pack size: 20kg

Amvista Modify • Quick breakdown formula • Mini sulphur pastilles to acidify alkaline soils Pack size: 3kg

Amvista L9 Liquid Organic Seaweed • Concentrated organic, liquid seaweed • UK sources & organic approved Pack size: 1L

Amvista Resistor • Non-pesticidal biostimulant • Useful to guard against box blight & black spot on roses Pack size: 250g

Maxicrop Liquid Sequestered Iron • Use for pre-planting vegetables and general garden use • Rapid green-up, usually within 24 hours 2% Fe Pack size: 10L Amvista Phyter • Three biostimulants to improve rooting, resistance to fungal attacks, and increase defence against drought and other stress factors • Suitable for all crops, turf and

Amvista Soil Soaker – Wetting Agent • Grass wetting agent, improves penetration of water from soil surface to root area, reduces dry patch in parched soils, reduces water-logging in wet conditions Max spray dilution

ornamentals. Can be used as either foliar treatment root drench

per 1L: 25ml Pack size: 1L

Pack size: 1L

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Paddock & Pasture Maintenance Grass not growing as well as it could? Healthy grass starts with healthy soil

Start today in three easy steps

1. Analyse your soil Test your paddock from the ground up and receive a tailored interpretation and treatment plan. • Purchase a soil analysis kit. • Post your samples to the soil in the pre- paid envelope. • We’ll analyse the results and advise the most cost effective solutions.

2. Feed your paddocks We’ll guide you through our selection of specially formulated paddock fertilisers to help promote year round grazing, as shown on p5. 3. Control your weeds

Controlling weeds will also help improve grazing quality. Choose from our wide range of selective weed killers for use in paddocks on p13. Speak to us for a year round treatment plan

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 8

Fertilisers - Paddock & Pasture

Amvista Tiger Paddock Slow Release • Well balanced controlled release paddock fertiliser • Popular paddock option

Paddock Royale • Ideal for use in horse & pony grazed paddocks and hay / silage production • 35% sulphur content May be supplied as Paddock Royale, Elixir Supreme, Yaramila 12-11-18 Pack size: 25kg Amvista Tiger Boost • Promotes steady grass growth with its nitrogen & sulphur content • Ideal for horse, pony & livestock paddocks 21-0-5.5 Pack size: 25kg

16-4-4 +16%SO³ Pack size: 25kg

Amvista Tiger Complete • Balanced fertiliser ideal for poorer soils • New formulation with added sulphur 16-16-16+5S Pack size: 25kg

Perlka • Balanced fertiliser ideal for poorer soils • New formulation with added sulphur 16-16-16+5S Pack size: 25kg

20-10-10 Fertiliser • Granular fertiliser for grazing, pastures, grassland and general use with added sulphur 20-10-10 Pack size: 25kg, 600kg

Fertiliser Straights If you are looking for straight fertilisers such as straight phosphate or potassium, we have options for you. Using straights over compounds allows specific deficiencies to be corrected without adding an excess of other nutrients. They also allow more tailored applications to be made based on a crops requirements

Bulk Bag Fertilisers (Various) • Bulk buy option offers great value for money • Ideal for larger paddocks Wide range of NPK options available Pack size: 600kg

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Fertilisers - Natural & Organic

Maxicrop No. 4 Fine Turf & Lawn Fertiliser • Ideal for lawns, tennis courts, cricket pitches & bowling greens • Helps discourage annual meadow grass 12-0-6 + seaweed Pack size: 10L Maxicrop Natural Liquid Fertiliser • Soil Association approved • No animal products 5-2-5 Pack size: 10L Orgamino N 13% • Plant based Amino Acid organic Soil Association and OF&G approved straight Nitrogen fertiliser • Balanced release profile combining an immediate source of N with a prolonged, sustained release 13-0-0 Pack size: 25kg Orgamino Complete • Organic plant based Nitrogen fertiliser approved by the Soil Association and OF&G. Including a source of natural P & K • Ideal used as a maintenance treatment for turf, or as an overall fertiliser application for ornamentals, and all crops 9.5-5.5-5.5 Pack size: 25kg

Maxicrop Original • Soil Association Approved organic seaweed based growth stimulant for fruit, vegetables and ornamentals • Stimulates soil microbes, increases

root growth & reduces environmental stress

8% (w/w) soluble seaweed Pack size: 10L

Maxicrop Tomato Liquid Fertiliser with Seaweed • Plant growth stimulant enhances natural growth processes • Improves the size, shape and flavour of tomatoes 5.1-5.1-6.7 Pack size: 10L

Orgamino Triple • Organic Soil Association and OF&G approved plant based nitrogen blended with a natural source of Phosphorous and Potassium • Rich in plant and soil health

boosting humates and trace elements

7.5-7.5-7.5 Pack size: 25kg

Energise G Soil Improver • Soil conditioner with humates, fulvic acid & carbon • Stimulates microbial activity & improves nutrient uptake Pack size: 22.68kg

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 10

Weed Control - Total weedkillers

Roundup ProActive UK’s market leading glyphosate. Cutting technology delivers more active into the plant. Rainfast in 1hr Pack size: 5L/20L Contains: 360 g/L glyphosate Max coverage: 33,333m ²

Gallup Biograde Amenity Commercial grade Amenity glyphosate favoured by professionals, aquatic approval Pack size: 5L/20L Contains: 360 g/L glyphosate

Max coverage: 5L = 33,333m ² 20L = 133,333m ²

Roundup ProVantage Highly concentrated non-hazardous, fast acting glyphosate Pack size: 5L/20L Contains: 480 g/L glyphosate Max coverage: 50,000m ²

Gallup Hi Aktiv Amenity Professional grade highly concentrated, fully approved amenity & aquatic glyphosate Pack size: 5L Contains: 490 g/L glyphosate Max coverage: 45,000m ²

New Way Weed Spray Biodegradable alternative to glyphosate suitable for paths, hard surfaces & fence lines Pack size: 5L Contains: 240 g/L Acetic acid Max coverage: 200m²

Rattler 15L • Super strength glyphosate • Large coverage • Fully approved amenity label Pack size: 15L Contains:

540g/L glyphosate

Max coverage: 150,000m ²

NoMix Hilite Controls annual & perennial grasses & non-woody broad-leaved weeds. Rainfast in 30-60 minutes. Approved for hard & soft surfaces. Ready to use with Nomix TDC applicator. Pack size: 750ml Contains: 194g/L (20.1% w/w) isopropylamine salt of glyphosate Max coverage: Linear coverage 1,400m with 0.6m swath at walking pace (approx.)

NoMix Conqueror Aquatic approved glyphosate for the control of annual weeds & perennial grasses. Ready to use with NoMix TDC applicator. Pack size: 750ml Contains: 194g/L isopropylamine salt of glyphosate Max coverage: Linear coverage 1,400m with 0.6m swath at walking pace (approx.) NoMix Frontline TDC Applicator Lightweight ‘click & go’ herbicide applicator. Use with NoMix product range – incl. Dual & Hilite. The ultimate in operator and bystander safety.

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Weed Control - Selective weedkillers for amenity turf

Holster XL Top rated 3 way

Praxys Proven high

weedkiller for use on turf, also approved on

performance weed killer. 3 application rates & rainfast in 1 hour. Trusted by professionals nationwide. Pack size: 2L Contains: 80 g/L clopyralid, 2.5 g/L florasulam & 100g/L fluroxypyr Max coverage: 20,000m ²

newly established grass. Fantastic activity on a range of difficult weeds incl. slender speedwell & white clover. Pack size: 2L Contains: Fluroxypyr 105g/L, 2,4-D 285g/L, dicamba Max coverage: 21,000m ²

Dicophar Combining four

HyGrass-P Use with knapsack or boom sprayer on amenity turf or lawns.

active ingredients to give broad spectrum control of weeds including yarrow and white clover. Pack sizes: 1L/5L Contains: 70g/L 2,4-D, 70g/L MCPA, 42g/L mecoprop-p and 20g/L dicamba Max coverage: 6,666m ²

Controls many weeds including dandelion, mayweed & clover. Pack size: 5L Contains: 150 g/L mecoprop-P Max coverage: 10,000m ²

18. 7 g/L dicamba &

Synero Tackles invasive, difficult to control weeds. Ideal for use in grasslands,

Icade Effective against invasive & tough woody weeds such

railway embankments, roadsides and other non-agricultural environments. Pack size: 3L Contains: 30g/L aminopyralid & 100g/L Fluroxypyr Max coverage: 15,000m ²

as bramble,Japanese knotweed, hogweed & buddleia. Outstanding translocation gets right down to the weeds roots. Pack size: 1L Contains: 12g/L aminopyralid Max coverage: 5,000m ²

Max Area Coverage (m 2 )

White Clover

Slender speedwell

Creeping buttercup



Plantain Thistle Daisy

Dock Nettle

Holster XL

21,000m² 20,000m²

5 5 5 4 5 5

4 4 3 3 3 3

5 5 4 3 4 4

4 4 3 4 5 4

4 4 4 4 3 2

4 4 3 3 5 5

5 5 5 5 5 3

4 4 3 3 2 5

4 4 3 4 3





10,000m² 15,000m²



5,000m² 4 Herbicides generally control a wide range of weeds. Their efficacy on some key weeds is shown above

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 12

Weed Control - Cleaners & Disinfectants

All Clear Extra - Tank Cleaner Tank cleaner for removal of pesticide

Tank & Equipment Cleaner Food grade colourant

deposits & other debris. Specially formulated for cleaning tanks after spraying herbicides. Pack size: 5L Max spray dilution per 1 L: 5ml

added to spray tank to identify sprayed areas & reduce “double- spraying”. Disappears in 48 hours. Pack size: 500g Max spray dilution per 1 L: 3g

FAM 30 - Virus Disinfectant Cost effective disinfectant & cleaner.

GPC8 Glutaraldehyde Based Disinfectant

Kills bacteria, viruses & fungi. Ideal for general sanitation & foot dips. Bio secure for sites – DEFRA approved. Pack size: 5L & 25L Max spray dilution per 1 L: 11ml

DEFRA approved farm disinfectant perfect for fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi containing two active ingredients Glutaraldehyde and Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. Pack sizes: 25L

Jet 5 A powerful and safe disinfectant that can be used in a variety of

Propellar - Equipment Disinfectant Ready to use, sprayable

agricultural and horticultural settings including food stores thanks to its food grade status. Pack size: 5L & 20L

tool cleaning disinfectant -Limit the spread of fungal diseases -including box blight & ash dieback. Pack sizes: 1L & 5L Max spray dilution per 1 L: Ready to Use

Red Tractor Approved


Pesticide Removal Tools (cleaning)


Food Safe

All Clear Extra

Tank & Equipment Cleaner

FAM 30



Jet 5

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Weed Control - Selective Weedkillers for Pastures & Paddocks

Suitable for

Weed Killing Rating 1-5 (5=best)

Livestock exclusion * / safe on new grass **

Max Area Covered


Knapsack Use

Boom Sprayer

Thistle Nettle Dock Buttercup Ragwort Clover

Grazon Pro

 








7 days

 


2.5 acres







7 days

Doxstar Pro

2.5 acres







7 days **

 


7.5 acres







7 days **


7.4 acres







7 days

 


2.5 acres







7 days

 


3.3 acres







3 days **

Pas Tor

5 acres







7 days

 


3.5 acres







14 days

Pasture Master Depitone Ultra

10 acres







14 days

2.5 hectares (25,000m 2 )

 







14 days


9.25 acres







14 days

4.5 acres (5L)

 








14 days

200m² large plants/ 1,000m² seedlings

 

Barrier H







14 days

 


5,000m 2







14 days

Squire Ultra

2 hectares (20,000m 2 )

 







7 days

* Or until foliage of any poisonous weeds, such as Ragwort, have died and become unpalatable to livestock

** Denotes product is Safe on New Grass

Products shown in above table can be found on pages 15 & 16

Keep livestock out of affected areas for at least 7-14 days or until foliage of any poisonous weeds such as ragwort has died & become unpalatable. Always check the product label for information.

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 14

Grazon Pro Market leader for spot treating docks, thistles & nettles – kills down to the roots. Pack size: 1L Contains:

Leystar Powerful paddock weed control. Kills docks, thistles, buttercups & daisies right down to

the roots. Pack size: Contains:


240 g/L triclopyr & 60 g/L clopyralid

100g/L fluroxypyr + 80g/L clopyralid + 2.5g/L florasulam

Max coverage: 2,500m ²

Max coverage: 2.5 acres

Doxstar Pro Tough grassland weed killer strong on docks, dandelion, daisy & ivy. Pack size: 2L Contains:

Envy Controls buttercups, chickweed, dandelions and plantain even at

low temperatures. Safe on newly established grass at low dose rate. Pack size: 3L Contains: 100 g/L fluroxypyr, 2.5 g/L florasulam

100 g/L fluroxypyr & 100 g/L triclopyr

Max coverage: 2.5 acres

Max coverage: 7.5 acres

Hurler Flexible, safe herbicide to control chickweed, docks & cleavers. Great tank mixed with Pasturemaster to maximise weeds controlled. Pack size: 1L/5L Contains: 200 g/L fluroxypyr Max coverage: 1L = 3.3 acres 5L = 16.5 acres Thistlex Weed killer for the control of creeping and spear thistle in established grassland. Kills the entire plant all the way to the root! Pack size: 3L Contains: 200g/L clopyralid & 200g/L triclopyr Max coverage: 7.4 acres

Vivendi Foliar acting herbicide for the control of thistles in grassland among a variety of other weeds. Pack size: 1L Contains: 200g/L clopyralid Max coverage: 2.5 acres

Pas Tor Unbeatable nettle,

thistle and dock option for established pasture using a boom sprayer. Pack size:

1 x 2L + 1 x 2L


Pas 150g/L fluroxpyr + 150g/L triclpyr Tor 200g/L clopyralid + 200g/L triclopyr

Max coverage: 5 acres

Controlling weeds in paddocks & grassland reduces weed competition, encourages grass growth & maximises grazing.

www.progreen.co.uk | email: info@progreen.co.uk | tel: 0330 175 8704 15

Weed Control - Selective Weedkillers for Pastures & Paddocks

Thrust No.1 treatment for ragwort control as well as docks, thistles & nettles. Maximise performance by adding Validate. Pack size: 5L Contains: 344 g/L 2,4-D & 120 g/L dicamba

Pasturemaster Can be used as a Spring or Autumn application – proven to control ragwort. Large coverage per pack. Identical product to Polo. Pack size: 10L Contains: 360 g/L 2,4D & 315 g/L MCPA

Max coverage: 3.5 acres

Max coverage: 10 acres

Depitone Ultra Depitox but better.

Agritox Full strength MCPA herbicide to control weeds in grass including plantain, buttercup, dandelion & rush. Pack size: 10L Contains: 500 g/L MCPA Max coverage: 9.25 acres

Ester formulation gives better efficacy in cold weather, makes it faster acting and more rainfast. Pack size: 5L Contains: 600 g/l 2,4-D formulated as the 2 Ethylhexyl Ester Max coverage: 6.12Ha Depitox Controls a broad selection of annual and perennial weeds in grassland and amenity turf. Pack size: 5L & 10L Contains: 500g/L 2,4-D Max coverage: 5L = 4.5 acres 10L = 9 acres

Barrier H Organic citronella based herbicide for ragwort spot treatment all year round. Pack size: 5L Contains:

22.9% w/w citronella oil java type Max coverage: 200 large plants / 1,600 seedlings Squire Ultra Clover safe grassland herbicide for the control of docks and other broad-leaved weeds. Pack size: 120g Contains: 75% w/w Amidosulfuron Max coverage: 2Ha (20,000m 2 )


Devrinol A selective pre- emergence herbicide to control Grass

and Broad leaved weeds. A useful product for winter treatments with a range of EAMUs. Pack size: 5L Contains:

450 g/litre of napropamide Max coverage: (see product label) Controlling weeds in paddocks & grassland reduces weed competition, encourages grass growth & maximises grazing.

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 16

Weed Control - Long Lasting Long lasting weed killers can control weeds present and also prevent weed re-growth for up to six months. These products create a barrier in the soil through which weeds are controlled.

NoMix Dual Long lasting herbicide for use on both hard & soft surfaces. Up to 6 months control. Apply with NoMix TDC applicator. Pack size: 750ml Contains: 120 g/L glyphosate +2.22 g/L sulfosulfuron Max coverage: Linear coverage 1,400m with 0.6m swath at walking pace (approx.) Proshield Convenient pre-mixed formulation of glyphosate & long-lasting residual keeps weeds away for several months with massive area of 2 in 1

Chikara • Concentrated micro-granule keeI weeds away for up to 6 months • Great mixed with glyphosate ie. RoundUp or Gallup Pack size: 50g Contains: Flazasulfuron 25%w/w Max coverage: 3,333 m 2 Lockstar • Long lasting, residual weed killer • Can keep treated areas free of weeds for up to 4 months Pack size: 500g Contains: 360g/kg diflufenican and 10g/kg iodosulfuron-methyl- sodium Max coverage: 10,000 m 2 Hurricane SC Tough grassland weed killer strong on docks, dandelion, daisy & ivy. Pack size: 1L Contains: 500g/L diflufenican Max coverage: 50,000 m 2

coverage. Pack size: Contains:


250 g/L glyphosate

& 40 g/L diflufenican Max coverage: 11,100 m 2

Flexidor A pre-emergent herbicide with residual activity, designed to control many broad-leaved weeds in amenity

vegetation. Pack size: Contains:


500g/L lsoxaben

Max coverage: 33,000 m 2

Product Contact & Residual

Hard surface

Safe around trees & shrubs

Ornamental plant product

Crop production

Application method

   

   

NoMix Dual

C & R


Y (see label)

    



Knapsack and Boom sprayer

Pre Emergence (see label)


C & R



 (see label)  (see label)


Knapsack and Boom sprayer Knapsack and Boom sprayer

  (see label)


 (under EAMU)  (see label)

Hurricane SC

Boom sprayer (knapsack in some conditions)

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Weed Control - Application Improvers Application lmprovers are used to improve the performance of agrochemicals and nutritional products in a number of distinct ways. They can be divided into three sectors: Water conditioners • Adjuvants/wetters/spreaders • Auxiliary products such as dyes KPlus

Validate High quality, penetrating agent to maximise the potential of weed killers especially on difficult weeds. Pack sizes: 1L/5L

The “Swiss-Army knife” of adjuvants. Unique four-way action. Prevents hard water lock-up of weed-killers, reduces spray drfft, minimises foaming in the tank, increases rain-fastness & speeds up weed kill. Simple to use and pack sizes to suit all users. Pack sizes: 250ml/1L/5L Solar Plus Great choice to supercharge paddock weed-killers even if weeds are beyond their optimum growth stage for treatment. Pack size: 1L

Amvista Marker Dye Food grade colourant added to spray tank to identify sprayed areas & reduce “double-spraying”. Disappears in 48 hours. Pack size: 1L Max spray dilution per 1 L: 3ml

Green or Blue

SAS 90 SAS 90 is a silicone super-spreader which maximizes efficacy by providing total pesticide coverage of the crop foliage and stems. Important when targeting small or hidden pests. Pack size: 1L

TopFilm Improve aquatic weed control. Approved for aquatic use. Nothing works better to stick RoundUp and Gallup onto weeds. Pack sizes: 60ml/1L/5L

Can be used with Herbicides Fungicides Insecticides

Spreader/ Wetter

Improves rain fastness

Amends pH

Reduces drift


Pack size Penetrant

  

 

  



   

  

Validate Solar Plus

1L 1L 1L

  

 

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Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 18

Grass & Wildflower Seeds Introducing the A1 LAWN Seed Range


Low Maintenance

• Establishes & grows easily in most soil types • Suitable for lawn’s, parkland, amenity & landscaping • Hard wearing, quick to recover & great value for money Pack size: 5kg

• Low

maintenance with minimal cutting required • Tolerates dry, poor soil conditions • Can be cut short for a formal appearance, or left long for a meadow look Pack size: 5kg

Platinum Pro (with rye)

4 Seasons Pro

• Excellent for a

• Multi season lawn seed

fine quality, easy to establish lawn • Dense, low growing sward of fine leaves for less maintenance &mowing • Non-ryegrass formula Pack size: 5kg • Ideal for shaded areas & low light conditions • Selected seed varieties which repair quickly & tolerate drought • Gives a neat appearance yet is versatile & tough wearing Pack size: 5kg

blend which can germinate at lower temperatures • Slow growing, excellent rooting & longevity • High resistance to turf fungal diseases Pack size: 5kg • NEW variety, germinates at lower temperatures than normal • Suitable for sports pitches & parks • 100% dwarf rye grass Pack size: 5kg

Shade & Drought

Cool Start






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Paddock Grass & Wildflower Seeds Introducing A1 EQUINE - Grass Seed for Paddocks & Grazing Land

Paddock Over-Seeder

Horse & Pony (with rye)

• Ideal for repairing poached

• Produces a

dense sward that repairs quickly • Can provide a late season hay cut • Provides good quality, palatable grazing for horses Pack size: 14kg

paddocks or worn areas • Quick establishing palatable horse grazing • Contains four fast establishing species Pack size: 5kg

Heavy Wear

Horse & Pony (without rye) • Produces

Paddock Clay Soil

• Copes with

dense, ryegrass – free sward

heavy, poorly drained soils

• Ideal for restricted grazers • Best option if risk of laminitis Pack size: 14kg

• Roots well once established, helping to knit soil together & prevent over-feeding • Produces quality hay Pack size: 14kg

Paddock Dry & Sandy

Five Herbs

• Suits dry & thin soil conditions • Produces good hay crop • Once established better withstands drought & high temperatures Pack size: 14kg

• 1 acre coverage. Can be mixed with any of the

paddock seed mixes • Natural source of minerals & vitamins for healthy grazing animals • De-worming effect for good gut health Pack size: 1kg

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 20

Grass & Wildflower Seeds Great for creating attractive, bee-friendly environments in home gardens, schools & colleges, at workplaces & as part of larger landscaping projects.

Meadow Economy Wildflower & Grass Seed Mix • Blend of 80% grass & 20% wildflowers to sow in spring or autumn • Uncompetitive grasses

Sandy Soils Wildflower & Grass Seed Mix • 80:20 blend of uncompetitive grasses and wildflowers

• Can establish in areas with dry and sandy soils

• 14 different wildflower species Pack size: 10g - 1kg

• UK native species Pack size: 10g - 1kg

Bees & Pollinators 100%

Pure Economy 100% Wildflower Seed Mix • High quality, affordable wildflowers

Wildflower Seed Mix • Annual & perennial blend of UK native wildflowers • Sow in spring or autumn • Extremely attractive to bees, butterflies, insects & birds Pack size: 10g - 1kg

• Diverse range of wildflowers and colour

• UK native species Pack size: 10g - 1kg

Water Margins 80:20 Wildflower and Grass Seed Mix • Wildflower & grass

Shaded Woodland 100%

Wildflower Seed Mix • Establishes well in

seed mix for creating a wildflower meadow look • Designed to grow well near bodies of water such as lakes or ponds • Can be planted in spring or autumn Pack size: 10g - 1kg

areas of shade such as woodland • Contains several species from the RHS Plants for Pollinators list

• UK native species Pack size: 10g - 1kg

Flowering Meadow 80:20 Grass & Wildflower Mix • Ideal choice for creating a full wildflower meadow

Clay Soils 100% Wildflower Seed Mix • Establishes in areas that have clay or heavy soils

• Contains 22 different species of wildflower • Environmentally friendly Pack size: 10g - 1kg

• Wide variety of wildflowers • UK native species Pack size: 10g - 1kg

www.progreen.co.uk | email: info@progreen.co.uk | tel: 0330 175 8704 21

Biological Control & Insecticides Natural enemies to control pests reducing the need for synthetic pesticides

Nematode Chafer Grub Control • Nematode biopesticide to combat chafer grub larvae • Safe for turf, pets & children • 100% safe natural option Pack sizes: 100m 2 & 500m 2

Nematode Leather Jacket Control • Nematode biopesticide to control leatherjacket larvae • Will not damage turf. Child & pet friendly • No residue or resistance concerns Pack sizes: 100m 2 & 500m 2 Seeka - Vine Weevil • Control larval stages of black vine weevil • Can be used in soil or container grown pots Pack sizes: 50 m 2 & 500 m 2

Acelepryn - Leatherjacket & Chafer Grub Control • Insecticide used for the control of leatherjackets and chafer grubs • Professional use • Approved for use in commercial & residential lawns Pack size: 0.6L & 3L Rigel G • Plant nutrient & biostimulant for improving grass, plant or vegetable growth • Helps suppress aphids, caterpillar, whitefly & vine weevil • Aids plants to overcome stress caused by drought or disease Pack size: 1L

Dipel DF • Control caterpillars naturally • Use in a range of amenity & forestry situations • Also controls Brown Tail & Oak Processionary Moth! Pack size: 500g

Decis Protech • Controls aphids & caterpillars • Use on vegetables, top fruit & amenity vegetation • Rainfast 1 hour after spraying Pack size: 1L

Sven Insecticide • Strong, professional insecticide • Controls aphids in vegetation, grass pests in turf & many other insect pests in a variety of crops

SB Plant Invigorator • Triple action product for all edible crops & ornamentals • Controls insects, mites & powdery mildew • Unique non-pesticidal mode of action Pack size: 1L

Pack size: 1L

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 22

Pest Control In accordance with CRRU code and legislation, the purchasing of professional use products requires proof of certification and a completed declaration form. We offer an e-learning course to meet this requirement (pg35). Keep all baits in securely fixed bait boxes away from animals and children. Rodenticides

Jade Grain & Blocks

Ruby Grain, Paste & Blocks

Sapphire Grain & Paste

• Range of bromadiolone based bait • Non-professional & professional quantities available

• All types of difenacoum based bait • Non-professional & professional quantities available

• Effective on both rats and mice • Non-professional & professional quantities available

Selontra • High palatability,

Rat and Mouse Bait Boxes • Tamper and water resistant • Suitable for loose bait or blocks

ensuring bait is consumed and effective control is achieved • Absolutely no resistance in rodent populations • Very low risk of secondary poisoning to non-target species

• Two sizes available • Bait box tethers sold separately

Insect & Slug Control

Vulcan Dust • A professional, ready to use, broad spectrum

Zero-In Ant Killer • Pre-filled 1.5L pump spray included - just pump and spray • Kills on contact with long lasting effects on sprayed areas Pack size: 1.5L

insecticide powder for the control of crawling and resting flying insects, including Ants, Wasps and Hornets. Pack size: 4Kg

Ficam D • Ready to use biocide powder • Odourless and non-staining

Digrain Wasp & Hornet Destroyer • Professional use • Aerosol foam for the

• For the control of ants, wasps and hornets – including Asian hornets

destruction of wasp and hornet nests

• 3m range for safety

www.progreen.co.uk | email: info@progreen.co.uk | tel: 0330 175 8704 23

Equipment A wi de range of professional and domestic knapsack sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and weed control products for all situations

Cooper Pegler Sprayers - the household name in knapsack sprayers

Evolution Series: CP3 & CP15 • Cooper Pegler professional quality knapsack • Ultra comfortable carrying system & diaphragm pump • Available with 15L or 20L tanks

Classic Series: CP3 & CP15 • Cooper Pegler “original” professional standard knapsack • Tough, reliable diaphragm pump • Available with 15L or 20L tanks MaxiPro 8L • Built for professional pesticide application • Robust, compact & easy to use 8L capacity • 250ml graduated measuring jug included Mesto Flori Compact 3L - Compression • Entry level 3 L handsprayer & lance with brass nozzle • Recognisable Mesto quality • Many spare parts available Mesto Flori Special Edition 3232EM • Hand held pump sprayer with chemical resistant EPDM seals • Free nozzle shield to protect lawns and desirable plants • 50 cm lance with adjustable brass twist nozzle

2000 Series: CP3 & CP15 • Cooper Pegler professional

calibre knapsack • High pressure piston pump • Available with 15L or 20L tanks

Mesto Sprayers - prestige German brand

Mesto RS Series • Carrying system

ensures optimum weight transfer • Innovative features e.g. brass lance with built in pressure gauge • 18L tank Mesto Profi Series • Commercial grade hand sprayer • Unbeatable features & durability in 5 or 10 L tanks • Two wheeled trolley available as extra add on • Trolley also available separately

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 24

Matabi, Berthoud & Micron knapsack sprayers

Matabi Evolution 12/16L • New generation

Matabi LTC 15/20L • Powerful electric knapsack c/w 15L tank

knapsack sprayer Great for domestic or industrial use • Two tank sizes and fibreglass • 0.95 m lance Berthoud Vermorel 3000 18L Electric • Battery powered electric knapsack • Comfort, control and no pumping • 6 hour running time

• 18 v Re-chargeable Lithium battery • Perfectly powers Matabi telescopic lance • 20L LTCS version also available Micron KS16 General Purpose • Robust, easy to maintain & competitively priced • 16L Tank with shoulder straps & piston pump • Optional nozzle spray shield

Pedestrian Sprayers

Techneat Accuspray 25L • Pedestrian sprayer aimed at professional groundsman & keen gardeners • Land wheel driven pump with 25L tank covering 625m2 area and 1m wide spray boom

Techneat Accuspray Solo • Pedestrian battery sprayer for large area

playing surfaces and fine lawns. • Suitable for applying pesticides and liquid fertilisers or most treatments. • 35L tank with drain plug

Team Cub Pedestrian Sprayer • 30 L main tank

(removable for cleaning etc) • 2m 4-nozzle folding spray boom (height adjustable) • Simple, efficient and reliable pedestrian sprayer for greenkeeper/ groundsman.

www.progreen.co.uk | email: info@progreen.co.uk | tel: 0330 175 8704 25

Equipment Trailed & Tractor/Quad Mounted Sprayers

Fimco LG25PM Spraytank for ATV including 2, 5 or 7 nozzle boom • Quality 95 L spray tank mounting on ATV or trailer • Powerful 9 I/m 60 Psi electric pump • Supplied with 5 m of hose and hand lance • Includes 2, 5 or 7 nozzle boom suitable for large area coverage

Fimco LG15PM Spraytank for ATV including 2, 5 or 7 nozzle boom • Quality 57 L spray tank for pesticides, fertilisers & other liquids • Powerful 9 I/m High Flo spray pump • 2.4m quick connection electrical leads with in-line on/off switch • Includes 2, 5 or 7 nozzle boom suitable for large area coverage

Fimco Trailer Sprayer LG30 TRL • Compact, robust, lowable sprayer for paddocks & turf • 113 L tank comes with adjustable tow hitch for ATV’s • Supplied with 4.5 m hose & spray gun • Fitted with 2 nozzle 2 m boom & 12v electric diaphragm pump

Fertcast Tractor Sprayer Range • PTO drive mounted sprayer, perfect for large paddocks & amenity areas • Available with 200, 300, 400 or 500 L tank • Fitted with either 6 M or 10 M boom • PTO linkage available separately

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 26

Equipment Spreaders - Handheld, Push Along and Towed

Handheld Spreader • Ideal for evenly spreading grass seed and fertilisers • Great for small lawns • Upto 3 kg capacity

Carry Spreader for Seed and Fertiliser • 9KG capacity • Corrosion, tear & weather resistant design • Ideal for areas that are

uneven or hilly where a push along spreader won’t go

Scotts Classic Drop Spreader • 25KG capacity hopper • 22 inch spread pattern • A trusted brand among both amateur and professional gardeners

PG25 Broadcast Spreader

• Broadcast granule spreader for fertiliser, grass seed or salt • 23KG hopper capacity • Ideal for the keen gardener, light-duty commercial work or amenity sports pitches PG80 Towed Broadcast Spreader • 80 KG Capacity • Easy to operate from the drivers seat to control the flow lever • Suitable for use with ride-on Fertcast Tractor Mounted Spreaders • Lever controls with master on/off and left/right selection • 200, 300, 350 or 400 L hoppe • Category 1 or 2 -3 point linkage to tractor mowers, quad bikes, ATVs and garden tractors.

PG40 Broadcast Spreader • High specification push spreader packed into a portable, mid-size frame - capable of tackling all professional and domestic jobs, year- round.

Fertcast Q300 Towable Spreader • Designed for towing with Quad or other suitable vehicle • 430 KG hopper • Spreading width 6-12 metres

www.progreen.co.uk | email: info@progreen.co.uk | tel: 0330 175 8704 27

Replacement Parts Even the best application equipment will suffer from wear and tear –our range of replacement parts are the solution

Nozzles Complete range of nozzles for Cooper Pegler, Mesto & Matabi Sprayers - to suit every need

Spray Shields Accurate and targeted spraying using spray shields suitable for our full range of sprayers

Replacement Triggers Keep your sprayer working efficiently with a replacement trigger

Lances and Booms Our full range of lances and booms allows coverage of wider areas and in hard to reach locations

Measuring and Calibration Ensure that products are used accurately with our range of measuring & calibration tools

Service Kits Keep your equipment in top working order with complete knapsack service kits

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 28

Application Equipment PPE & Safety

Tyvek Hi-Vis Spraying Coverall • Bright hi-visibility coverall • Type 5/6 suitable for most pesticide spraying operations • Available in sizes L-XXL • Green Tyvek coveralls also available Safety Clothing Bundle • Faceshield, particle mask, disposable coverall, nitrile gloves • NB: Coveralls, mask colours & styles may vary slightly but all comply to HSE regulations • All items also available separately Chemical Drip / Spill Containment Tray • Ideal for pesticide spill containment and knapsack filling • Stackable for easy transportation and storage • Provides a

Moldex 9000 Series Full- Face Respirator • Full face, re-usable respirator face mask • Replaceable filters sold separately • Available in sizes medium and large Signage • Signs available in 2 different sizes • A Frame available to purchase in a bundle • Below signs available: Spraying in progress Tree cutting in progress Machinery in use

Disinfectant mat & tray for boot/foot wash • Prevents disease spread & improves bio-security when used with approved disinfectants • Robust tray ensures splash containment • Compatible

safe working environment

chemicals, please reference page 18

Spill Response Kit • A high quality Chemical Spill Kit that gives fast immediate containment of even the toughest spill

First Aid Kit • Flrst Aid Kits are an essential part of health and safety for all work environments. Make sure you are HSE compliant with this 10 person kit

www.progreen.co.uk | email: info@progreen.co.uk | tel: 0330 175 8704 29

Training Pesticide Training & Assessments - Classroom and Online E-Learning

Rodent Management Course Level 2 • Recognised qualification by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) • Requirement for those wanting to purchase professional rodenticides • Training and exam included

Health & Safety on Farms Safeguard employees, understand the risks & needs for Health and Safety in agriculture environments & measures to help control those risks

Groundcare Machinery Maintenance This online course covers health and safety for mowers. It needs to be successfully completed before undertaking any of the classroom based Groundcare Machinery Maintenance courses. Leatherjacket & Chafer Grub Control using Nematodes This course is a requirement for anyone wishing to know more and successfully apply nematodes in order to control soil pests such as: Leatherjackets, Chafer Grubs and Vine Weevil larvae

Wasp & Bee Control Safe and effective methods of wasp and bee control and should be considered if wasp nest removal is necessary. Ideal for anyone responsible for managing and comrolling wasps and bees

Animal Transport by Road The animal transport by road (short journey) assessment allows those who have sat the training course (sold separately)

New courses coming soon...

to gain their level 2 qualification in Animal Transport by Road Short Journey

Unsure which product to use? Give us a call for FREE expert advice. 30

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