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If You’re Not Learning, You’re Not Growing August 2019

How We Support Athletes on and off the Field

As summer winds down, students are heading back to school and back to the

field for their favorite classes and activities. I remember this time of year fondly. While I was sad for summer to end, I was also excited to learn and participate in my favorite sports and clubs again. I was a wrestler all through high school. These days, I’m more of a fan than a participant. (Go Buckeyes!) Kids aren’t the only ones learning. Around the office, my staff and I are perpetual students. Our team continuously studies and trains to provide better treatments and utilize developments in the field of dentistry to benefit our patients. We recently got back from a training in Denver that focused on the development and progression of sleep apnea in kids. Our office also hosted a group of medical practitioners last month, and we educated them on developments in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. Attendees included neurologists, allergists, physicians, and chiropractors. By connecting with other medical professionals on this important topic, we can see to it that sleep apnea is diagnosed and treated sooner, preventing detrimental treatments from being prescribed and ensuring a better quality of life for our patients. In the spirit of learning, I got my Team Dentist Certification in June, a qualification I earned through the Academy of Sports Dentistry. It’s allowing us to be aligned with student- athletes’ needs. We can now provide custom

mouthguards to the community. These are personalized to provide the most safety and comfort to athletes. (We can even make them in a student’s school colors.)

Helping athletes through dentistry is something I’ve been passionate about throughout my career. While I was at Ohio State, we made custom mouthguards for the football team. Now, in addition to making custom mouthguards, we’re collaborating with an organization that’s connected to professional sports teams in our area. Through this connection, we’ll explore the potential to do airway wellness work with retired NFL players. The organization, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), is a great one, helping to provide former professional athletes with a better quality of life and connect them to resources. We’re excited to be part of giving back to these incredible athletes. Finding ways to connect to our community and give back through our skills and knowledge in dentistry has always been a core value of Nagy Family Dental Group. It’s an exciting time to be in dentistry. We are at the forefront of amazing research, especially when it comes to sleep disordered breathing in children and athletes. We are starting to look more at how it develops and some of the ways we can prevent it. Inside this edition, you can read more about this topic and some of the factors to be aware of.

I hope you have a wonderful August. As always, if you have any questions between appointments, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Until next time,

-Dr. Nagy


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