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When Will You Need Help? BY RYAN CHAPPELL

TAPPI/AICC SuperCorrExpo Postponed To August 2021 TAPPI and AICC, the organizers of SuperCorr Expo, have confirmed that they have taken the decision to postpone the event, which was due to take place from September 13-17 in Orlando, Florida. They have confirmed the event will now be staged from August 9-12, 2021, again in Orlando. “We are focused on the future. We are working to ensure our industry is positioned for success after this crisis,” said Larry Mon- tague, President of TAPPI. “There is still un- certainty on exactly when the COVID-19 curve will flatten, but we are certain about our com- mitment to connect the industry and support its growth. This is why we have made the deci- sion to reschedule SuperCorrExpo to August 2021. We know this is the right thing to do for our attendees, exhibitors and our industry. It is crucial to focus on your families and helping your companies succeed this year. We know it is going to be tough, but we also know our industry and its ability to come together. We are up for the challenge.” “Many of you have reached out over the past two weeks with ideas, suggestions, and encouragement,” added Mike D’Angelo, Pres-

We tend to keep score. This pattern starts early in life. Our kids counted the presents and treats the other kids got, and the list goes on. We also often keep score in our business life. Joe’s office is larger, Bill has a

newer computer, and Jane has a great window view. Many times, the jobs we have don’t always seem fair or equal. Sometimes the reason is simply that the oth- er person is working harder and smarter. Of course, there are items

in business and everyday life where we need to keep score. We are graded and judged by this score. But there are times when we should not keep score. We should just perform the task when it is needed. At this time in our country, in fact the world, we need do what is needed and right. This is without thought of special recognition or monetary reward. As I’ve written before and believe with 100 percent certainty today, our country will weather this storm of COVID-19. Man cannot stop a hurricane or tornado from damaging our communities but what Man can do is find ways, both medical and non-medical, to solve this problem. And we will. This will require all of us. I’m asking you to perform at least one ac- tion per day to help. Buy a gift card to help a local business, call some- one who’s shut in and just say hello, call or video chat family members. Anything to help, no matter how small. If every American did this once a day, we could overcome any human-generated crisis. I’d like to share a memory from years ago that furthered my under- standing of how important it is to help when you’re needed. And I hope you get a laugh out of it. Back when I was in college, my friend Dennis and I planned to see a movie. Since we lived in the country, it was about a 30-mile drive to the closest movie theater. When I drove to his house to pick him up, Dennis was walking out the door with his head down, shaking it from side to side. I knew immediately that something was wrong. His father, “Mr. Mac,” was following quickly behind. While walking down the steps from their house, he looked at me and said, “You boys come with me.” Ryan Chappell


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