SBE Internship Expo Program Spring 2021



MAJORS Business Administration Management HOMETOWN Mosinee, Wis. ORGANIZATION Stevens Point Area YMCA Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Human Resources Intern

MAJOR Finance HOMETOWN Stevens Point, Wis. ORGANIZATION Supernova Tech Solutions Chicago, Ill. TITLE

Accounting and Finance Intern

What I did: I learned a lot about human resource systems and functions during my internship. I learned about payroll, hiring and firing, maintaining files, and I learned how to do a lot of calculations by hand that are normally done by a computer. What I liked: I liked it all; I liked the whole aspect of being in human resources in general. Future Dream Job: My dream job is human resources for Ghirardelli.

What I did: I assisted with their overall bookkeeping systems and assisted in running projects and jobs. I helped keep costs down and even did a little marketing by finding new clients and landing new jobs. What I liked: I really liked working with this small business, rather than just an employee or a number I felt more like a truly important part of the system. Working with the accounting software made it a breeze and the tax prep was much easier than I expected it to be. I hope to stick with this company long-term and be able to keep helping it grow as a business. Future Dream Job: My absolute dream job would be something in the finance world that makes a decent bit of money, but has a good work-life balance. I know that type of situation is not quite realistic, but it’s the dream. Or a career that allows me to travel the world as travel is an important part of my life.





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