SBE Internship Expo Program Spring 2021


EXPO Spring 2021


WELCOME! Since spring 2019, the Anderson Classroom to Career (C2C) Center has made possible for the School of Business and Economics to have its internship presentations in an expo format, where students who did their internships talk to other students and faculty about their experiences, in a very engaging

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Katie Krayecki ............................33 Mathias Kroening ......................34 Baily Kruzan ...............................35 Amy Loppnow .............................36 Shaun McNiff ............................. 37 Mason Messner .........................38 Meg Miller . .................................39 T.J. Myrick ...................................40 Luke Pfingsten . .......................... 41 Tyler Pietrowski ..........................42 Ty Pitt-Swanson ..........................43 Cooper Pries ...............................44 Morgan Reinwand ......................45 Gavin Rindahl .............................46 Tyler Rufenacht .......................... 47 Kaylee Rybarczyk .......................48 Drew Sanders . ...........................49 Tanner Schelvan ........................50 Ethan Schleis ............................. 51 Madison Schreiner . ...................52 Mike Schubring ..........................53 Brittany Schwark ........................54 Nick Silva ....................................55 Nicholas Taylor ...........................56 Blouamia Vang ........................... 57 Jeremy Van Zeeland . .................58 Colton Wightman .......................59 Hannah Zoesch ..........................60

and interactive atmosphere. Students who visit the expo also have the chance to network with employers in the area and hopefully establish connections for future internship opportunities.

Due to the pandemic, our expo format has changed a little, and this fall we will offer it completely virtual, but with the same benefits–students will still have the chance to connect with interns and employers, learn about specific internships and also receive Pro Event credit. The event will happen via Zoom on Tuesday, May 11, from 3:30–4:45 p.m.


Here is a preview about our spring 2021 students and their internships. I hope you enjoy the Virtual School of Business and Economics Internship Expo this spring!

Prof. Ricardo Boeing, Ph.D. SBE Internship Director

About School of Business and Economics.............................................. 61







MAJORS Accounting Business Administration HOMETOWN Marengo, Ill. ORGANIZATION Pacelli Catholic Schools Early Childhood Center Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Teacher Assistant

MAJOR Business Administration HOMETOWN Spencer, Wis. ORGANIZATION Masonite Architectural Marshfield, Wis. TITLE Safety Intern

What I did: I assisted the teacher in the classroom in every day school and care activities. Sometimes I would lead class when the teacher was absent and also give the children their meals. What I liked: We got a new lead teacher, so I liked being her assistant. It was nice to have a co-worker my age and someone to be friends with and talk with during the day to make it not as bad. Future Dream Job: I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do as a dream job, but I think that I want to start a photography business on the side of what I decide to do full time. I also want to try to commission in the Air Force as an officer to get that sense of fulfillment that I want out of life.

What I did: • Worked with a seasoned maintenance individual (Paul Devries) to write, review and post 500+ machine specific technical documents. Lockout Tagout Revision Project. • Heavily involved in several Kaizen and Continual Improvement (CI) events • Expanded my knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint and Word while creating facility signage, documenting safety paperwork (tool box talks and audits) and developing training material • Worked closely with Safety and Production Management team conducting incident investigations, 5S+1 events, new machine implementation and employee training What I liked: I enjoyed viewing and being involved in the inner workings of the core departments that guide the large manufacturing facility. Future Dream Job: Marketing specialist/management, safety manager, production supervisor, production manager and/or business owner.





MAJOR Business Administration- Management HOMETOWN Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. ORGANIZATION Domino’s Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Assistant Manager BRANDON BIRKHAUSER ’21


MAJORS Management Marketing HOMETOWN Neenah, Wis.

ORGANIZATION Boys & Girls Club of Portage County Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Marketing Coordinator Intern

What I did: I made a lot of pizzas and food items, along with prepping food for rushes. Along with that, I made weekly schedules, took inventory and then put in food orders based off the inventory, handled customer complaints, interviewed and hired employees, and was in charge of quality control. What I liked: I liked the fast-paced environment and the opportunities that my boss gave to learn and grow as a manager. I learned a lot during my time at Domino’s and that was mainly because of the ample opportunities I was given to do new tasks and then getting immediate feedback after doing those new tasks. Future Dream Job: My dream job is to be a CEO of a company someday. I want to lead and empower people to achieve a common goal.

What I did: I helped craft various marketing materials such as email newsletters, press releases and social media posts. I also pitched several strategies to enhance the Boys & Girls Club’s marketing processes. Lastly, I helped out with the setup, management and take down of several campaigns and events. What I liked: I loved learning about different marketing tools such as Canva and Constant Contact. They helped me create engaging and fun advertisements. I also genuinely appreciated working so close with the BGC staff. They were wonderful teachers. Future Dream Job: After having this internship and a few great leaders, I would love to start a career as a marketing coordinator or something similar in program management!







MAJOR Business Administration- Management HOMETOWN Iola, Wis. ORGANIZATION Combat Support

MAJOR Finance

HOMETOWN Stratford, Wis. ORGANIZATION Fastenal Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Regional Finance Support

Maintenance Shop Camp Douglas, Wis. TITLE Supply Technician/

Production Controller

What I did: • Semi-annual inventories of supply room • Quarterly sensitive items inventories • Ordered parts for maintenance orders • Checked in parts daily from UPS and FedEx

What I did: Analyzed and researched which Amazon locations that Fastenal services were open and closed around the world, since there is no communication channel between the stores and Fastenal. Since there is a lack of communication or notice, I worked with a team to try and figure out ideas that would help notify Fastenal when a new Amazon location opened or when a location closed so then we are sending our product to an open location and to the right location. What I liked: Working on a project that dealt with a large company in Amazon and getting to connect with multiple employees of Fastenal who all have very different jobs and deal with different aspects of the company. Future Dream Job: Working as a finance manager or anything dealing with finance for a large company or organization.

• Issued parts to maintenance orders and pulled from inventory • Turn in paperwork for damaged parts or recoverable parts • Managed the inventory demand and analysis of demand What I liked: • The inventory management aspect and helping units with truck maintenance • Working with the Army’s management information systems program, GCSS-Army • The work atmosphere and the fact that I could be very efficient and productive in the setting Future Dream Job: My dream job is a librarian or inventory manager.







MAJOR Interior Architecture MINOR Business Administration HOMETOWN Genoa City, Wis. ORGANIZATION Furniture Studio Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. TITLE Design Assistant

MAJOR Finance HOMETOWN Merrill, Wis. ORGANIZATION Richard A. Mamer, CPA Merrill, Wis. TITLE Tax Intern

What I did: • Prepared a cybersecurity policy in compliance with IRS standards (submitted to the IRS) • Prepared a non-disclosure policy to be viewed and signed by all current and future employees • Prepared taxes • Performed secretarial work What I liked: I was able to grasp the basics of something completely new to me. What I did learn will be useful to me for future tax seasons. Future Dream Job: My dream job is being a Certified Financial Planner. More specifically, dealing with retirement planning. Many Americans grossly misunderstand the finances they will need to live comfortably in retirement, especially in the absence of Social Security. I would like to try and correct that.

What I did: For the business side of this position, I worked mostly with rebranding of the company. This included creating a new website, taking over and managing social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram, organized the Open House event for our grand opening of our studio makeover and marketed it on social media. I also assisted in all operational business processes such as organizing acknowledgements and invoices of deliveries, tracking down orders from big name companies for client status, and answering phone calls to help clients with various tasks. What I liked: I liked having complete design freedom with the new website and social media. With my background in design, being the social promotions chair board member of ASID, and having a fair knowledge of graphic design, they let me take this project on alone to see what I would come up with. This allowed me to put my marketing skills to use, along with my design skills. It felt good knowing that they placed all of their online marketing in my hands and I was able to successfully give them a totally rebranded website, Facebook and Instagram account that has already risen in views, interaction and feedback. Future Dream Job: Since I am first and foremost a designer, my dream job would be designing residential properties, but more so owning and running my own business designing residential homes. This mix of design and marketing has shown me that I am able to mix these two aspects together and perform well in this position.







MAJOR Management

MAJORS Accounting Business Administration HOMETOWN Menomonee Falls, Wis. ORGANIZATION KerberRose Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Tax Intern

HOMETOWN Waukesha, Wis. ORGANIZATION Northwestern Mutual Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Financial Representative

What I did: • Establish a clientele within my network • Show clients how NM approaches financial planning • Established long lasting relationships between them and NM • Suggested personal financial recommendations and ensured financial security for clients What I liked: • Educating people on financial planning • Learning personal finance tactics • Helping people achieve their financial goals Future Dream Job: Owning my own construction company or some kind of construction management.

What I did: For the majority of my internship, I prepared individual 1040 tax returns. I also did bookkeeping for various clients as well as a multitude of other tasks including expense spreadsheets. What I liked: I enjoyed the bookkeeping side of accounting because it related to a lot of my college courses. I also enjoyed learning how to use the different software and applying my knowledge to them. It was beneficial to have taken various Excel spreadsheet courses at UWSP because I performed a multitude of tasks revolving around creating spreadsheets for the CPAs. Future Dream Job: My dream job would be being able to work from home as well as in an office as a CPA. I would love to work with clients in my community to help local businesses. I would also love to support my fiancé’s dream of owning his own tree company and help out on the business and accounting side of operation.







MAJOR Accounting

MAJOR Marketing



Miller Electric Appleton, Wis. TITLE Accountant

Dust Free Ducts Milwaukee, Wis. TITLE Professional Air Quality Controller or Duct Cleaner

What I did: I handle the accounts receivables and also do some month-end work, journal entries and some other accounting related duties. On a day-to-day basis, I posted cash payments, helping Miller’s customers or vendors that may have questions, and handled the credit department within AR. What I liked: I liked that my supervisor at Miller is really understanding and teaches me everything really well. She never expects me to know anything which takes a lot of pressure off of me, making me less scared to ask questions. Future Dream Job: My dream job is to be a president within a company.

What I did: I cleaned dryer vents and duct work. These are 2 services that we offer that people don’t really know, so I spent time educating customers and having them understand what can prevent them from getting dirty. What I liked: I liked that I was always helping and improving people’s daily lives. It ranged from cleaning dryer vents so customers don’t have to dry their load of clothes three times, to helping their allergies every day when they wake up. This is accomplished from cleaning out the duct work. Future Dream Job: A dream job of mine is owning a manual labor company. I want to hire a great team, all working towards a common goal.







MAJOR Business Administration HOMETOWN Wausau, Wis. ORGANIZATION Little Scholars Childcare and Preschool Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Assistant Director/Business Management Intern

MAJORS Accounting Business Administration- Entrepreneurship Marketing

HOMETOWN Clarksburg, N.J.

ORGANIZATION CliftonLarsonAllen Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Tax and Audit Accounting Intern

What I did: I performed audits and prepared taxes. What I liked:

What I did: I revamped the entire website to include things that I would like to see on the website of a childcare center if I was looking for daycare for my daughter. I also asked current clients what they wanted out of our website, including snow day notifications, a yearly calendar, and access to the monthly newsletters. I created a sign-up for monthly emails and made it possible for prospective families to schedule tours on the website. The website traffic has increased by over 300% (which seems high, but they were getting almost no traffic before). The number of tours scheduled has increased quite a bit as well. I also was able to get into the payroll/tuition part of the center. This was quite eye- opening for me, as I did not realize how thin the margins were with everything. It was an interesting time to be doing this, as I was also witness to how the owner dealt with PPP loans and other COVID grants. I was also able to expand my current staff duties into hiring and on-boarding new staff. I really, really enjoyed this aspect of the job. What I liked: My favorite part was the hiring and on-boarding part. I liked making a genuine connection with new staff members before I placed them in the classroom. It was also nice to be on the interviewer side, rather than the interviewee. Future Dream Job: I would like to be the HR director of a hospital, school system or a DCF organization (Department of Children and Families). It’s a few steps up the ladder, but I’m getting a better grasp on things through my classes this semester and this internship.

I really liked performing audits as it was so cool to view the financial position of each business and corporation. I also loved communicating and working with clients to accurately represent how the business is operating. Future Dream Job: My dream job is a controller for a local municipality.







MAJORS Business Administration Management

MAJOR Finance

HOMETOWN Medford, Wis. ORGANIZATION Foundation Finance Company Rothschild, Wis. TITLE Funding Analyst

HOMETOWN Oshkosh, Wis.

ORGANIZATION UW-Stevens Point Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE

Ticketing Specialist

What I did: As the ticketing specialist, I was the primary person responsible for creating ticketed events in the University Tickets platform, preparing for ticket events, and assisting with event reconciliation. What I liked: My favorite part of the job was that everything I did was hands-on. I was a part of every meeting, discussion or email chain, and I never felt like my opinion was not valid. My main supervisor, Shelley Tesnow, always checked in with me and allowed me to run point on all of the projects while she supported me and my decisions. Future Dream Job: I do not have a specific job picked out for my future, but I would really like to work in a company that allows growth and promotion within. I think rising up the ranks in one company helps build trust, respect and a good overall professional relationship with everyone in the organization.

What I did: I reviewed incoming loacn documents, entered loans into the loan system for funding and answered program questions for contracts. What I liked: My favorite part of the job was entering all of the data into the system. I also liked reviewing loan documents and submitting applications. Future Dream Job: My dream job is a financial advisor.







MAJOR Management HOMETOWN Bancroft, Wis.

MAJORS Business Administration Interior Architecture

HOMETOWN Mindoro, Wis.

ORGANIZATION Sentry Insurance Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Non-Standard Auto Claims Representative

ORGANIZATION NextHome Priority Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE

Real Estate Sales Agent

What I did: I communicated with claimants, verified coverage, documented communications and determined liability. What I liked: I enjoy investigating claims. It’s fun to try to piece information together to try to make sense of things. Future Dream Job: My dream job is a management position at Sentry.

What I did: For the past semester I have been working at NextHome Priority. At the beginning of the semester, I finished up the classes and testing for my real estate license. After these initial steps, I began to develop my network with social media and networking. I took a lot of time to research how to create a successful social media platform. Besides this I have also been reaching out to current contacts with print and mailing materials. I have already sent out an introduction set of materials including a letter, social media card and business cards. Reaching out to these people is hopefully going to lead to new introductions and business. All together I sent out about 50 letters and gained some social media following and support. What I liked: I have been loving the office, the people and the work. I am excited to invest even more time into this with the mission of eventually flipping homes and focusing on both of the industries that I am passionate about.

Future Dream Job: N/A







MAJORS Accounting Business Administration

MAJORS Business Administration Marketing

HOMETOWN Appleton, Wis. ORGANIZATION KerberRose Plover Wis. TITLE Tax Accounting Intern

HOMETOWN Hancock, Wis. ORGANIZATION Kwik Trip Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Guest Service Leader

What I did: I prepared individual tax returns. What I liked:

What I did: I was a shift leader for Kwik Trip and I delegated tasks to coworkers, managed bookwork, inventory and helped with guest service. What I liked: I enjoyed meeting new people every day and being part of a growing company. The employees and customers are great and it has a friendly and fast-paced environment. Future Dream Job: My dream job would be something related to marketing or human resources for any company throughout the world.

I liked the wide variety of different tax returns, to the point where none were exactly alike. This made it very interesting and gave a lot of good experience. Future Dream Job: My dream job is a controller for a mid-sized company.







MAJORS Accounting Finance HOMETOWN Stevens Point, Wis. ORGANIZATION CliftonLarsonAllen Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Tax Intern

MAJOR Business Administration

HOMETOWN Stratford, Wis.

ORGANIZATION PreventionGenetics Marshfield, Wis. TITLE Business Department Intern and Data Entry Associate

What I did: I completed various different types of tax returns for individuals, partnerships and corporations. I also completed tax research and gained experience in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, real estate and construction. What I liked: I loved being able to work on complex returns that really challenged my skillset. I took a lot of pride in my work and over the past few months, have grown tremendously as a professional. There is a strong sense of community at CLA, and because of this, I was able to establish many new friendships and connections. I feel much more confident in myself and I have been able to apply my new skills in many of my classes. Overall, I really enjoyed the work I did and the people I connected with. Future Dream Job: My dream job is being a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

What I did: I was in the marketing department and was in charge of the social media content for some of the projects. I developed a marketing plan for the Rapid Genome Testing Panel. I also researched information about competitors, looked at ways to increase engagement on social media platforms, and viewed other advertising aspects throughout the company. What I liked: I think developing the social media content was one of my favorite things to do throughout my internship. I learned a lot about drafting social media posts and finding the correct images to go with the posts. I also enjoyed creating a marketing plan for the Rapid Genome Testing Panel. I got to experience firsthand marketing tactics when promoting a real product/service. I learned a lot on strategy and I also was able to provide them with some new strategies I learned in school. Future Dream Job: My dream job is director of marketing for a business I enjoy working for.








MAJORS Marketing Spanish HOMETOWN Pardeeville, Wis.

ORGANIZATION Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Visitor Specialist and Marketing Intern

Pro Label Inc. Appleton, Wis. TITLE

Human Resources/ Compliance Intern

What I did: I was in charge of completing daily checks in the plant when I was working at the office, I also used the time clock software to enter in time off and hour balances for each employee. I was also assigned to do a safety data sheet full facility audit. What I liked: I enjoyed the environment that I was in while I worked at Pro Label–all the employees and managers are very friendly and easy to work with. I also enjoyed the freedom to be able to work from my dorm room in Stevens Point while doing schooling. Future Dream Job: My dream job is to own a company of my own.

What I did: Working at the SPACVB, I worked on updating local events, restocked Visitors Guides, maps etc., worked in the gift shop, and sent out Visitors Guides and other brochures. On the marketing side, I worked with their CRM program Simpleview on updating blogs, creating my own blogs about District 1 and 48 Hours in the Stevens Point Area, and assisting with updating and editing brochures in InDesign for things to do in the area. I also worked with Crowdriff, a photo and video library where we use people’s pictures from IG that we use in blogs/social media campaigns. What I liked: The thing I liked the most was updating material that would be read by the public, whether it was brochures or updating blogs. Making sure everything was up-to-date and all the information was correct was something I valued doing. I also liked that they were willing to let me write about something that I wanted to write about, especially District 1 Brewing Company. Working at the SPACVB has been great because I get to see how professionals work in an office and how they communicate with another. Working in a convention and visitors bureau requires a lot of collaboration so they can bounce ideas off of each other. Future Dream Job: I don’t know what my dream job is right now; however, I know I want to continue using Spanish and marketing together which is why I’m excited about my internship this summer working at the administrative offices in Stevens Point as a bilingual marketing intern. I’ve considered pursuing a career on the business side of community health centers, working with a convention and visitors bureau, or possibly in sales.





MAJOR Accounting HOMETOWN Weston, Wis. ORGANIZATION KerberRose Wausau, Wis. TITLE Accountant Intern APRIL HOMMERDING ’21


MAJOR Business Administration- Management HOMETOWN Milwaukee, Wis. ORGANIZATION Professional Smiley Events Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE

Intern/Advisory Board Member

What I did: I prepared individual tax returns for the 2020 tax season. What I liked: Before I did my internship, I was very intimidated by tax accounting. I had experience in business accounting, but this put me outside my comfort zone. I liked that I got to experience this part of accounting and now I feel more comfortable preparing tax returns. Future Dream Job: My dream job is controller or accounting manager for a business in Central Wisconsin.

What I did: Completely virtual, as an advisory board member I took responsibility for a new initiative in fall 2020, in which I handled both the technical and the organizational details of posting event recordings online and tracking student engagement with the videos. In spring 2021 as an intern, I planned and demonstrated creativity as well as attention to detail while planning an online presentation to our students by Milwaukee entrepreneur Henry Schwartz who appeared on “Shark Tank.” Hosting Pro Events, I also helped with conducting online discussions with local business leaders. I also helped plan Lunch with a Leader and future events for the School of Business and Economics. What I liked: I loved being able to be a part of the Q&A session I hosted with local business leaders and how I was able to build my network connection and overall confidence and professionalism. Future Dream Job: I would love to be a business analyst as the end goal, but anything within HR and finance is the role I am pursuing!






What I did: I had my internship in the Cabinet and Appliances Department in Menards. I worked directly with the department’s manager on tasks, policies and daily routines such as follow opening managers’ responsibilities, and closing managers’ responsibilities. In addition, I reviewed and completed the Store Manager’s to-do list, created department to-do lists, monitored inventory and stock items on the shelves and in the stock, and printed missing bin tags. I worked directly with customers, consulting with customers about products and services that the department provides, selling appliances and other items, made custom quotes for countertops and design kitchens. I learned how to resolve customers issues in face-to-face interactions and over the phone. I had the opportunity to learn how to work on Plan-O- Grams (diagrams that shows how and where specific retail products should be placed) and learned sales techniques. What I liked: I liked all that I did during my internship. I perceived it as a very good opportunity to learn about Menards, improve customer service skills and obtain basic managerial competencies. I liked to interact with customers and obtain new knowledge about the retail industry in general. I was excited to learn programs for designing kitchens and countertops for customers. I enjoyed this internship because it helps me to understand my role and abilities, as well as to see the real potential that I could reach at Menards. MAJOR Business Administration HOMETOWN Marshfield, Wis. ORGANIZATION Menards Marshfield, Wis. TITLE Management Intern PARASKOVIIA KOLISNICHENKO ’21

MAJOR Communication MINOR Business Administration HOMETOWN Medford, Wis. ORGANIZATION Skyward Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Customer Consulting & Support Rep Intern

What I did: I learned Skyward’s finance side of its software and helped customers use it through emails, phone calls and web chats. What I liked: I liked the people I worked with, talking with customers and finding solutions that made customers happy. Future Dream Job: My dream job is consulting for a company in Milwaukee or somewhere in Texas or California.

Future Dream Job: Along with my major in business administration, I am obtaining minor in psychology. I would like to work as a human resources manager. I would like to recruit, train and plan administrative function for the company. For me, this job would be more appropriate because I know how to connect with people and find an individual approach for each of them.







MAJOR Business Administration HOMETOWN Stevens Point, Wis. ORGANIZATION Skyward Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Customer Consulting and Support Intern

MAJORS Accounting Business Administration HOMETOWN Stevens Point, Wis. ORGANIZATION KerberRose Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Tax Intern

What I did: I learned product functionality, helped troubleshoot client support service call, trained other inters the capabilities of the software, and assisted with various data projects needing support as client record clean up. What I liked: I enjoyed learning a new software in such a short amount of time. One reason I enjoyed learning the software was because I used a different type of software but from the same organization throughout my years in grade school. Future Dream Job: As a kid, my dream job was to play football for the Packers but now I would have to say something in sales.

What I did: I prepared individual’s tax returns. What I liked: I enjoyed the office setting, the people I worked with, and inputting tax information.

Future Dream Job: Not sure at this point.







MAJOR Economics HOMETOWN Stevens Point, Wis. ORGANIZATION Fastenal Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Sales Support

MAJORS Business Administration Marketing HOMETOWN Mellen, Wis.

ORGANIZATION Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Visitor Services and Marketing Intern

What I did: • Assisted with sales/customer service

What I did: I had a variety of tasks which included but were not limited to: creating blog content, helping visitors who came in, entering data, creating content for website, creating social media posts, conducting research, etc. What I liked: I really enjoyed everything that I did. I was able to be creative with projects and could pick projects that really appealed to my interests. I additionally learned a lot which I feel will be incredibly beneficial down the road. Future Dream Job: My dream job is marketing within the fashion industry or working in social media marketing.

• Managed inventory for the Stevens Point branch • Weekly marketing flyers for various products • Attended sales calls with different companies What I liked: • The team atmosphere

• Being able to attend different sales calls with our outside sales representatives and eventually lead my own for different accounts • The combination of working in an office as well as out on a service route Future Dream Job: My dream job is a business development coordinator.







MAJORS Business Administration Management HOMETOWN Mosinee, Wis. ORGANIZATION Stevens Point Area YMCA Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Human Resources Intern

MAJOR Finance HOMETOWN Stevens Point, Wis. ORGANIZATION Supernova Tech Solutions Chicago, Ill. TITLE

Accounting and Finance Intern

What I did: I learned a lot about human resource systems and functions during my internship. I learned about payroll, hiring and firing, maintaining files, and I learned how to do a lot of calculations by hand that are normally done by a computer. What I liked: I liked it all; I liked the whole aspect of being in human resources in general. Future Dream Job: My dream job is human resources for Ghirardelli.

What I did: I assisted with their overall bookkeeping systems and assisted in running projects and jobs. I helped keep costs down and even did a little marketing by finding new clients and landing new jobs. What I liked: I really liked working with this small business, rather than just an employee or a number I felt more like a truly important part of the system. Working with the accounting software made it a breeze and the tax prep was much easier than I expected it to be. I hope to stick with this company long-term and be able to keep helping it grow as a business. Future Dream Job: My absolute dream job would be something in the finance world that makes a decent bit of money, but has a good work-life balance. I know that type of situation is not quite realistic, but it’s the dream. Or a career that allows me to travel the world as travel is an important part of my life.







MAJORS Business Administration Finance HOMETOWN Little Suamico, Wis. ORGANIZATION Libster Companies, Prestige Property Management Green Bay, Wis.

MAJORS Accounting Marketing HOMETOWN Burnsville, Minn. ORGANIZATION KerberRose Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Tax Intern

TITLE Intern

What I did: I prepared personal tax returns for new and returning clients at KerberRose. What I liked: I enjoyed connecting with my co-workers and leaning the tax software. Future Dream Job: My dream job is either becoming a CPA or a marketing executive.

What I did: During my internship with my family and the many businesses they run, I learned the ins and outs of some complex real estate transactions as well as the process by which they are put under management and leased out to tenants. I was involved in multiple communications between other investors who had their money in our properties, banks on the topic of lending so we could leverage property, escrow companies involved in 1031 exchanges, as well as owners on the topic of properties of theirs we manage. I had no predetermined or assigned tasks that were exclusively mine. The goal was to jump in head first and get explanations along the way. Nothing was conceptual, it was all real day-to-day activities. Because of this, what I did ranged significantly. One day may have been spent creating a Matterport tour at a new property under management, the next could have been working on quarterly distributions for investors. I additionally worked with accounting software, the MLS, Excel, and became comfortable using TVM calculations to identify good investments. What I liked: As I went out on more and more showings and spent some time photographing, I eventually figured we could do better and create real estate video tours. Between my filmmaking and photography equipment and my brother’s drone, I spent some time creating video walkthroughs edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. This is because listings with video gain on average 401% more inquiries, and photography/creative work is something I am very passionate about. Interesting enough, I now find more interest in working with creative gear and software than I do working in the office. Future Dream Job: I don’t have a “dream job” but would enjoy the prospect of finding some loyal top-producing agents and creating media packages for them or their brokerage. I have already taken the steps of filing an LLC and purchasing the domain should I choose to pursue this.







MAJOR Management HOMETOWN Escanaba, Mich. ORGANIZATION Verizon Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Sales Representative

MAJOR Accounting

HOMETOWN Gleason, Wis.

ORGANIZATION Richard A. Mamer, CPA Firm Merrill, Wis.

TITLE Intern

What I did: I performed tax returns for individuals, farms, corporations and partnerships. I also worked with QuickBooks doing data entry or reconciling the books for different corporations. What I liked: I liked working on tax returns. Each one was a new puzzle to complete. Future Dream Job: My dream job is to become a CPA.

What I did: • Using discovery and sales technique with the end result getting guests into devices and plans that work the best for them • Calls, emails, and texts sent to future and past guests to see how they are doing with their devices, or to set them up with quotes to get them to purchase devices from me in store • Being on calls and webinars to learn current and future promotions, so I have the knowledge to do the best that I can in the position • Help develop new reps with coaching, side by side selling, and role playing to help them be the best that they can be, and make the most out of every transaction that they might encounter in store • Help with pricing accessories and setting the store up so it follows all marketing guidelines to Verizon standards What I liked: • I enjoyed working with different people every day and helping them be more efficient in their lives • I enjoyed using technology and staying up-to-date on the latest trends • I enjoyed coaching others on best sales practices and helping the whole store succeed Future Dream Job: My dream job is to own a real estate investment/rental property company and own an entertainment/restaurant venue.







MAJOR Management HOMETOWN Curtice, Ohio ORGANIZATION Steel King Industries Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Marketing intern

MAJOR Management HOMETOWN Chippewa Falls, Wis. ORGANIZATION AutoZone Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Customer Satisfaction and Commercial Driver

What I did: I completed market research. What I liked: I liked being able to use my creativity. Future Dream Job: My dream job is becoming a business owner.

What I did: • Located automotive parts for customers • Delivered automotive parts to commercial customers in a timely manner • Provided advice and suggestions regarding basic maintenance on vehicles • Reorganized shelving units to make room for new and existing product • Resolved issues that customers had with faulty or incorrect parts in a way that satisfied the customer What I liked: I liked being able to help people find the correct parts for their vehicle so they could get back on the road. I also liked delivering parts to commercial accounts as it provided an insight as to how many repair shops worked and how they did their business. Future Dream Job: My dream job would be to own my own gunsmithing business where I repair historical and modern firearms.







MAJOR Business Administration

MAJORS Accounting Business Management HOMETOWN Loyal, Wis.

HOMETOWN Wausau, Wis.

ORGANIZATION Marcus Theaters Wausau, Wis. TITLE Assistant Manager

ORGANIZATION Sentry Insurance Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Finance Associate

What I did: I worked with our staff to develop their skills in guest relations and professionalism. I also worked with them to develop drive to do things without asking. I had the responsibility of counting down tils at the end of the night and making sure that the deposits were entered accurately. I also had to make sure that all reports were entered and printed at the end of my shift. I learned how to program movies to each theater and how to add the previews to the. I also learned to work with our corporate scheduled group shows to both correctly charge them, but to also send the report to our sales team. What I liked: I enjoyed being able to continue to work at the job I had for my internship. I enjoyed working with my co-workers and the guests that came through the doors. I also enjoyed learning more about the technology and the process of how movies are programmed and shown to the public. Working for Marcus Theaters also brings a fast-paced environment in which I thrive in. I also enjoyed seeing how COVID has affected the industry and the ways that theaters are coming back and adapting to the new norm. Future Dream Job: My dream job is to open a small business, whether that be a small bar or a little hole in the wall sandwich shop. I also want to get into real estate further into my career.

What I did: At the beginning of my internship, I was responsible for completing many daily/weekly banking, investments and payment operations tasks. Since I began this internship in January, it was right when year end hit, therefore I was also pulled into many different auditing projects where I had to pull documents, create reports and make sure our accounts were reconciled and matching other statements for our external audit. Now a couple months into this opportunity, I have gained more responsibilities that include analyzing bank statements, searching/claiming Unclaimed Property for Sentry and its subsidiary companies, creating reports to show the effectiveness of different business areas, and finding ways to help improve our efficiency as a Treasury Services team. What I liked: One of the things I really enjoyed about this internship was the ability to dive into many different areas of accounting. Throughout this experience, I was given many different responsibilities that allowed me to explore Sentry’s investments, cash analysis, retirement accounts, bank statements, and even a chance to assist in the Premium Tax Department. Being able to get involved with so many different areas gave me a better understanding of what I could truly all do with my accounting degree after college. However, my all-time favorite part about this internship was the Treasury Service Department had such an amazing staff that I could count on to always made me feel welcomed. This internship was fully online due to COVID, which made me think creating positive relationships with co-workers and learning my material would be difficult. However, my co- workers were always willing to help and lend a hand whenever I needed it and they made the transition into this position very easy. The Treasury Service Department also gave me confidence in myself and my abilities as an accountant that I didn’t know I even needed at the time. The amount of continuous support, reassurance, and motivation I received from my co-workers throughout the whole experience was the most rewarding part. To them, I wasn’t just another intern, but someone they brought on to be a part of their Sentry family. Future Dream Job: After graduation, my dream job consisted of finding an accounting position where I could set my own hours, but also one where I would be welcomed into a group of individuals that made work feel like a second home. Thankfully, I have found a position that suits all these dreams. Sentry Insurance has offered me a full-time associate financial analyst position within their Treasury Services Department that begins this upcoming June in which I have accepted! The next steps after I enter my full-time position at Sentry is to work on completing my CPA as soon as possible. In doing this, I am able to fulfill my other passion, thanks to my other internship at KerberRose, of filing individual’s tax returns on my own.







MAJOR Business Administration- Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

MAJOR Business Administration

HOMETOWN Belleville, Wis. ORGANIZATION Skyward Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Customer Services and Support Intern

HOMETOWN Waupaca, Wis.

ORGANIZATION Secura Insurance Neenah, Wis. TITLE Casualty Claims Intern

What I did: I wrote arbitrations for our insureds who got into car accidents, assisted claims adjusters and helped with other projects that were in need of more people. What I liked: I liked working from home, I don’t like driving far for work so having it in my room was great. Future Dream Job: My dream job is to retired young.

What I did: I worked within a group of interns to work through calls within a queue and assist principles, business managers and secretaries at schools all over the U.S. to help resolve problems with the software. What I liked: The ability to make connections with people from all over the U.S. was my favorite part. I also enjoyed the chance to work in a team environment and experience the business world in person. Future Dream Job: My dream job is an insurance agent.







MAJOR Management HOMETOWN Stevens Point, Wis. ORGANIZATION Skyward Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Customer Consulting and Support Intern - Business

MAJOR Marketing HOMETOWN Sun Prairie, Wis. ORGANIZATION Stevens Point Area YMCA Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE Marketing and Fundraising Intern

What I did: I started off by obtaining knowledge and experience with Skyward software. After that, I started working the call queue to communicate directly with customers via email, phone call and WebEx. As my knowledge and experience progressed, I was able to become a Pro1. What I liked: Besides working the call queue, I was able to complete one- on-one trainings with districts on specific parts of Skyward software. I really enjoyed this because I was able to build a better relationship with the customer compared to taking a call from the queue and speaking briefly. Future Dream Job: I don’t have an exact dream job, but I do have a future goal to reach a management role.

What I did: I worked closely with the marketing and fundraising director (Kelly Caughlin) to help ensure she got done everything she needed. This included creating multiple press releases to get the word out about various activities and events happening at the YMCA. I also used Adobe InDesign a lot to help create graphics for around the Y and also for our website and Instagram/Facebook pages, which I also helped run. I created flyers and other infographics for the Y’s annual campaign, which is what I spent a lot of time on and updating since the Y is a nonprofit organization. What I liked: I liked everything I did. It was a nice change of pace going from the classroom setting which I have grown very accustomed to, to finally being out in the real world collecting as much experience as I could. I think Kelly did an awesome job trying to give me new things to work on to help make my experience more well rounded. Things like joining important Zoom calls or taking me along with her on meetings helped make me feel important and also gave me a glimpse of how professionals interact in the real world. The thing I liked the most was working on the marketing for the “RESET Challenge.” For this, I sent out a press release which got two different news stations to come do a story on it. I also did social media marketing for it as well as set up a booth at the entrance of the YMCA to talk to people about signing up. This was a fun experience because I could watch my hard work pay off and I also participated in the challenge which was also fun. Future Dream Job: My all-time dream job would be a social media marketer for an NHL franchise, specifically the Pittsburgh Penguins, however I would do it for any club. This would be so much fun to help fun the team’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts because I am extremely passionate about hockey and I also like digital marketing, so I believe it would work well together.





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