AchieveNEXT Mid-Year Sentiment Study 2021

“Recovery from the pandemic has been robust and vibrant for many members. It has tested and rewarded enterprises that have sound strategy, strong talent management, and enterprise-wide commitments to innovation, resilience, and agility.”

Greg Wood, AchieveNEXT Managing Director, Member Engagement and Networks

Middle market CFOs and CHROs express relatively little concern that government policies could derail the economic progress they are experiencing. By and large, they believe that government investment and spending will have a positive effect; 45% say so, 35% say the impact will be neutral, and 20% say it will be negative. Those numbers are more or less reversed for regulatory policy. A quarter say government regulations will positively affect their business, a third say the effect will be neutral, and about four in ten say regulations will have a negative impact. A slim majority (52%) say government tax policy will have a negative effect on them. About two thirds say that trade and immigration policy will have no effect on their business. Middle market executives see a huge positive value in a third big macroeconomic factor— technology and innovation. More than 78% expect a positive impact from technology, with only a handful, 5%, seeing a negative impact. Many of the political and social factors that weighed heavily on the middle market a year ago have lifted. Thirty-one percent say that the continuing impact of COVID-19 is one of their top three concerns, and the rising number of cases among the unvaccinated and the stubborn persistence of vaccine “hesitancy” may keep COVID fears high. Political uncertainty and social issues also make the list of biggest concerns. These are not insignificant challenges, but all three rank below acquiring and retaining talent and managing prices and costs.


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