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hen planning out content for 2019, I couldn’t help but look

ment where investing shifts from a hobby or one-off endeavor to a full- time gig. And for me, I’m at that moment. I’ve grown with Think Realty in knowledge, support, and real estate investment education, and now it’s time for me to head out and join the rest of you in the field. As such, this issue is my last with Think Realty. I am grateful and humbled by the opportunity I’ve had to work with all of you smart, inspiring investors during my time with this brand. I truly believe our industry is made stronger when we hear from a diverse set of voices, and hearing your thoughts, opinions, advice, and stories expressed through our platform over the years has literally changed my life. I can only hope you find the same in this is- sue: the encouragement you need to go after that next big deal. The insights you were looking for to help you increase your ROI. The data analysis you require to choose your next market. Or just a story of an impressive investor – female or male – who you dream you might actually get to be like some day. I know I did. Real estate is an industry of dreamers and risk takers. In that spirit, I take the next step in my journey. As an investor I will continue to look to Think Realty and Think Realty Magazine for the tools to help me succeed in my pursuit of time, wealth and purpose. Here’s wishing you much success in your REI journey too. •

toward the month of March with an- ticipation. After all, it’s Women’s Histo- ry Month, and we’re using this issue of Think Realty Magazine to highlight women making history in our industry. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the

upward trend of visibility for women in real estate. Not only are we now seeing more female investors speaking on stages, leading real estate companies, and doing big deals, but we’re also witnessing the development of education and support services to help more and more women invest. The movement to empower female investors to build wealth and legacy through real estate is tremendous, and this issue of Think Realty Magazine is celebrating all of it. Whether it’s the Women to Watch section where we’re showcasing seven active, female investors who are making a profound impact on the industry, or our cover feature of Jasmine Roth, the star of HGTV’s Hidden Potential, you’re sure to be inspired and challenged by the unique perspectives, journeys and goals of these industry standouts. This month’s content resonates with me deep- ly. Throughout my tenure with Think Realty, I’ve heard scores of stories like the ones in this issue. They chronicle purpose-filled investors, growing their wealth and impact through real estate investing. Many include a big career mo-


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