2021 Summer Catalog

·  Detect Compressed Air Leaks, Partial Discharge, & Corona Up to 10 Times Faster with Sound Imaging vs. Traditional Methods ·  Minimize Excess Utility Costs, Equipment Failures, & Downtime by Ensuring Proper Air Pressure to Pneumatic Equipment & locating Partial Discharge or Corona Precisely ·  Upload, Store, and Back Up Data; Create Reports; and Conduct Deep Analysis Including ROI using FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer Cloud Analytics ·  Classify Partial Discharge Type ( Including Surface Discharge, Floating Discharge, and Discharge Into Air) to Improve Reliability of Electrical Systems ·  One-Handed and Lightweight Camera that can Meet Your Demands of a Full Days Work with an 8 Hour Battery Run-Time. The FLIR Si124 is an easy-to-use, stand-alone acoustic imaging camera for locating pressurized leaks in compressed air systems and display partial discharge problems in high- voltage electrical systems. Si124™ Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera

Each Unit Includes: Camera, Battery, Battery Cable, Battery Charger, Battery Pouch, Camera Handstrap, Camera Pouch, USB Memory Stick, Printed Documentation.






Industrial Ultrasound Imaging Camera

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