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Having trouble with temperature screening?

Additel 878 Series Reference Dry Well Calibrators

Ralston DCAP-PV Pressure & Vacuum Pneumatic Hand Pump · G enerate Pressure to 650 psi / 4.5 Mpa and Vacuum to 28.5 inHg / 710 mmHg · M etal Handles are Durable so they do not Fatigue Over Time and Come Loose · C hange from Pressure to Vacuum Using a Knob Instead of Requiring a Tool · V acuum Generation does not Rely on the Spring which Makes Pumping Easier · No Need for a Spring Tension Adjustment for Vacuum as Vacuum is Generated on Up-Stroke

· T hree Models Ranging from -40°C to 700°C · R eference Level · Q uick to Temperature · T wo-Channel Readout Measures RTDs and TCs, and Provides Task Documentation · F ull HART Communicator Performance in Accuracy, Stability and Uniformity

THERMALASSIST can help. ✔  Consulting Services to Help You Setup Screening Stations ✔  Skin Temperature Screening Products ✔  Calibration Services to Ensure Accuracy transcat.com/ebt

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Megger ® DCM1500S Solar Clamp Meter · M egger Link App Compatible · C AT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V · P V Test Leads with MC4PV Plugs · T rue RMS Reading on ACA/ACV · A C/DC μA Range · R esistance, Diode, Capacitance & Frequency Measurement · 2 000 V DC · T RMS 1500 V AC · 1 500 A AC/DC

AEMC ® 6418 Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester · G round Voltage Indication · C lamping Diameter of 1.4” (35mm) (6416, 6417), Clamping Elongated Diameter of 1.26" (32mm) (6418) · S torage of Measurements ( Ω and/or A, V, Inductance with Time-Stamping) up to 300 Measurements Stored · N oise Icon and Buzzer Alert User to Presence of Dangerous Voltage and/or Current Levels · Detects Loop vs Ground Resistance

DCM1500S $495

6418 $1,495

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