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Make essential RF measurements more easily with low-cost benchtop solutions. Keysight N9310A RF Signal Generator, 9 kHz to 3 GHz

·  Provides Reliable RF Signal Generation at an Affordable Price ·  Easily Perform General Purpose Testing with a Full Sweep Function · Expand Your Test with Extensive Analog and Optional IQ Modulation · Simpler Front Panel and Remote Operation with an Intuitive GUI in 11 Languages and Standard USB Connectivity

· Confidently Verify the Design of Today’s Consumer Electronic Products · Obtain Reliable Results in Installation and Maintenance, Service and Repair ·  Provide Essential RF Education Training


PRICE $8,428


RF Signal Generator 9kHz to 3.0GHz


★ Recommended Transcat Calibration $842

Keysight N6700 Series Modular Power System

Keysight EL30000 Series Bench DC Electronic Loads Visualize your test insights in real time. The Keysight EL30000 Series bench electronic load - with a built-in data logger - provides new levels of test insights for your devices like power supplies, batteries, DC to DC converters, and more.

The Keysight N6700 Low-Profile mainframes simplify test-system assembly, programming, debugging and operation. Its flexibility, small size, and fast command processing time make it ideal for ATE and production test environments.

·  Multiple Output Power Supply System Lets You Mix and Match from over 35 Different 50 W, 100 W, 300 W or 500 W DC Power & Electronic Load Modules ·  LAN (LXI-C), USB, and GPIB—to Simplify Test-System Development

·  Improve Your Throughput with Fast Settling Times and Fast Command Processing (<1 ms) ·  The N6700 Uses the Same DC Power & Electronic Load Modules as the N6705C

· Test Voltages Up to 150 V · Sink Current Up to 60 or 120 A · Use Operating Modes: Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Power (CP) · Save Data Internally or to an External USB Flash Drive

· Improve Load Regulation with Four-Wire Remote Sense · Create Dynamic Load Profiles with Device's LIST Function · Connect with USB, LAN (LXI Core), and Optional GPIB

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ORDER # N6700C N6702C N6781A N6736B N6761A N6744B N6773A N6765A N6791A XX0010-2


PRICE $3,032 $4,521 $6,812

Low-Profile MPS (400 W) Low-Profile MPS (1200 W) 20 Watt Module; 20 V, +/- 3 A 50 Watt Module; 100 V, 0.5 A 50 Watt Module; 50 V, 1.5 A 100 Watt Module; 35 V, 3 A 300 Watt Module; 520 V, 15 A 300 Watt Module; 20 V, 50 A

The EL30000 Series bench DC electronic loads are fully SCPI programmable with built-in USB, LAN, & optional GPIB interfaces. Advance features include scope view, data logging, sequencing, and more, enabling you to measure, capture and quickly display your results.


$2,814 $1,156 $1,692 $4,831 $2,032


PRICE $2,207 $3,535

EL34143A Single-Input DC Electronic Load: 150 V, 60 A, 350 W, USB/LAN EL34243A Dual-Input DC Electronic Load: 150 V, 60 A, 300 W; Total 600 W, USB/LAN

100 Watt Electronic Load Module, 60V, 20A ★ Recommended Transcat Calibration

$301 CALL

EL34GPBU GPIB interface module for EL30000A


★ Recommended Transcat Calibration

Keysight E36200 Series Bench DC Power Supplies

Designed for Your Power-Hungry Devices, the E36200 series single and dual output power and are intended for your bench applications that require power up to 400W.

Useable Power 200 & 400 W · Autoranging More Current at All Voltage · Auto-Parallel for Higher Current up to 40 A · Auto-Series for Higher Voltage up to 120 V · Variable Voltage Slew Rate to Control Inrush Current

Low Noise, DUT Protection & Precision Measurements · 350 μVrms Noise · Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over-Temperature Protection · Local 2–Wire or Remote 4-Wire Measurements · Low Range Current Measurement

Fully Programmable Power Supply · USB, LAN, Digital I/O and Optional GPIB · BenchVue PS Application · E3633A/E3634A Code Compatible Advanced Features · D ata Logger · Output LIST · S equence Outputs FREE Handheld LCR Meter with E36233A or E36234A. Limited Time Offer, visit Transcat.com/keysightoffers for details.


PRICE $1,643 $1,643 $2,861 $2,861

E36231A Autoranging DC Power Supply 30V, 20A, 200W E36232A Autoranging DC Power Supply 60V, 10A, 200W

E36233A Dual Output Autoranging DC Power Supply 30V, 20A, 400W E36234A Dual Output Autoranging DC Power Supply 60V, 10A, 400W


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