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Celltreat Serological Pipettes 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, & 25ml Serological Pipettes

Transferpette ® S from BRAND is the same high quality pipette that customers have come to expect. A lightweight, yet robust instrument that delivers a high degree of accuracy and precision, the Transferpette ® S now offers newly refined features that make work even easier and more efficient. BrandTech Transferpette ® S Adjustable Multi-Channel Pipettes

All Serological Pipets are Manufactured to the ASTM Standard Specification for Serological Pipets E-934.

· Bi-Directional (Positive and Negative) Graduations are Printed in Bold, Easy-to- Read Ink · Premium Material Barrier Plug

· Color Coded Stripes and Packaging Enable Quick Volume Identification · Printed Indicator Arrow for Quickly Locating Negative Graduations When Using a Pipet Controller

· One-Handed Volume Adjustment with Brake to Protect Against Accidental Volume Changes · 12.5mm Piston Stroke-Length is Shortest of All Leading Pipettes · Four-Digit Volume Display is Always Visible · Pipetting Manifold can be Rotated 360° for Individualized Comfort · Multichannel Models have Patented Individually Removable/Replaceable Tip Cones for Easy In-Lab Cleaning and Service and O-Rings for Low-Force Tip Mounting and Ejection · Universal Tip Cone Fits Tips from Most Quality Manufacturers · Completely and Repeatedly Autoclavable at 121°C/250°F (20 Minutes)




$846 $846 $846 $846 $846 $684 $684 $684 $684 $684

705932 Transferpette S, M12-300 Adjustable 12-Channel Pipette, 30-300uL 705930 Transferpette S, M12-200 Adjustable 12-Channel Pipette, 20-200uL 705928 Transferpette S, M12-100 Adjustable 12-Channel Pipette, 10-100uL 705926 Transferpette S, M12-50 Adjustable 12-Channel Pipette, 5-50uL 705920 Transferpette S, M12-10 Adjustable 12-Channel Pipette, 0.5-10uL 705912 Transferpette S, M8-300 Adjustable 8-Channel Pipette 30-300uL 705910 Transferpette S, M8-200 Adjustable 8-Channel Pipette, 20-200uL 705908 Transferpette S, M8-100 Adjustable 8-Channel Pipette 10-100uL 705906 Transferpette S, M8-50 Adjustable 8-Channel Pipette 5-50uL 705900 Transferpette S, M8-10 Adjustable 8-Channel Pipette 0.5-10uL





229002B 2mL Serological Pipet, Individually Wrapped, Sterile 229005B 5mL Serological Pipet, Individually Wrapped, Sterile 229010B 10mL Serological Pipet, Individually Wrapped, Sterile 229025B 25mL Serological Pipet, Individually Wrapped, Sterile

$52 $59


Sartorius Picus ® & Picus ® NxT Electronic Single Channel Pipettes

Highly sophisticated and completely ergonomic design will reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Fully electronic operation ensures the maximum accuracy and repeatability of your results. Picus ® NxT has the same qualities as Picus ® , and has added features for increased efficiency and safety, as well as an added 3-point certification making it suitable for strictly regulated laboratories.

· Single-Channel Models Cover a Volume Range of 0.2 µl – 10,000 µl · Includes Certificate of Accredited 3-Point Calibration (ISO 17025 and ISO 8655) from Sartorius (NxT Models) · Picus: 8 Pipetting Modes and 6 Additional Modes ( Including Diluting, Titrating, and Serial Dispensing) · Picus NxT: 9 Pipetting Modes and 7 Additional Modes (Including Diluting, Titrating, and Serial Dispensing) · Safe-Cone Filters Reduce the Risk of Contamination Cost-Effectively

· Advanced Password Protection for Settings and Pipetting Protocol Memory, Programmable Maintenance and Calibration Reminders (NxT Models) · Autoclavable Lower Parts (Excl. 1200 μl Models) · Charging with Charging Stand or Micro USB Cable (Can Continue Working while Connected to Cable) · Li-Polymer Battery Enables Charging in Approx. 1 hour


Picus NxT







$851 $851 $851 $851 $851 $851

$986 $986 $986 $986 $986 $986

BP041 BP081 BP111 BP061 BP101 BP021

Picus 735041, Single Channel, 5 - 120 µl Picus 735081, Single Channel, 50 - 1000 µl Picus 735111, Single Channel, 0.5 - 10 µl Picus 735061, Single Channel, 10 - 300 µl Picus 735101, Single Channel, 0.1 - 5 µl Picus 735021, Single Channel, 0.2 - 10 µl

SRLH-745111 Picus NxT 745111, Single Channel, 0.5 – 10 µl SRLH-745101 Picus NxT 745101, Single Channel, 0.1 – 5 µl SRLH-745081 Picus NxT 745081, Single Channel, 50 - 1000 µl SRLH-745061 Picus NxT 745061, Single Channel, 10 - 300 µl SRLH-745041 Picus NxT 745041, Single Channel, 5 - 120 µl SRLH-745021 Picus NxT 745021, Single Channel, 0.2 - 10 µl



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