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Labcon SuperClear Sterile Centrifuge Tubes


SuperClear ® high performance centrifuge tubes successfully meet your needs every time you use them. We test every lot of these tubes at a much higher g-force than we rate them to ensure that you can spin them safely. Our quality control team tests the seals with chloroform. So these don't just look like centrifuge tubes, they really are. SuperClear ® tubes are not only better when you use them, the process used to make them is better, helping reduce their environmental and social footprint. SuperClear ® Screw Cap Micro Tubes with molded-in elastomeric seal are ideal for any sample processing application. Excellent for frozen storage or when working with hazardous or valuable materials.



PACKAGE Box of 50 Box of 50 Box of 50 Rack of 25


50mL SuperClear Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile, IN STOCK!

$17 $15 $21 $13

3181-345-008-9 3131-345-008-9 3141-335-018-9 3191-335-018-9

15mL SuperClear Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile 15mL SuperClear Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile 50mL SuperClear Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile

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