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Additel’s 760 Series handheld automatic pressure calibrator is the world’s only pressure calibrator which generates and controls pressure automatically all in the palm of your hand. Additel ADT760 Handheld Automatic Pressure Calibrator ·  Fully Automatic Calibrator with Built-in Pump & Controller ·  Switchable Internal Modules for Expandable Ranges · Accuracy (1 Year) of 0.02% FS ·  External Pressure Modules Available (Measure Only) ·  Less than 5 lbs for Handheld Operation ·  Source Pressure, Measure Pressure and Electrical · 4 Channels ·  Optional HART Communications ·  Optional Datalogging & Task Documentation Features ·  USB, Wi-Fi, & Bluetooth Communications

AMETEK/Crystal Engineering HPC50 Series Pressure Calibrator

The HPC50 handheld pressure calibrator is an intrinsically safe, dual pressure calibrator with options to add an additional two external pressure or temperature modules. The HPC50 series pressure calibrator is fully temperature compensated for pressure, temperature,

Most Models IN STOCK! IS

·   Accuracy to 0.035% of Reading ·   Temperature Compensated from -20 to 50°C ·   Gauge, Absolute, and Differential Pressure to 10,000 psi ·   Advanced Simplicity “Non-Menu” Interface ·   Store and Recall Previously Used Screens and electrical measurements from -20 to 50C, making it the ideal instrument for in-field use.

·   Compatible with APMi IS pressure modules and ATMi IS Temperature Modules

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PRICE $2,971 $3,395



PRICE $9,634 $11,508 $7,868 $9,835


HPC51 300 psi Digital Pressure Calibrator

ADT760-LLP ±30 inH2O (DP30 Sensor Included)

HPC52-300PSI-3KPSI HPC52 Dual Sensor 300 & 3000 psi Digital Pressure Calibrator HPC51-10KPSI-BARO HPC51 10,000 psi Digital Pressure Calibrator with BARO Option.

ADT760-LLP-DL ±30 inH2O (DP30 Sensor Included) w/HART and Datalogging


-12.5 to 35 PSI (CP35 Sensor Included)

ADT760-D-DL -12.5 to 35 PSI (CP335 Sensor Included) w/HART & Datalogging



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Additel 673 Series Advanced Digital Pressure Calibrators

Additel 761A Series Automated Pressure Calibrators

The ADT761A has many improvements: increased pressure range to 1,000 psi (70 bar), two removable internal pressure modules, optional precision models to 0.01%FS, increased speed to pressure, touch screen display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet communications, double the original battery life, and more!

Additel's 673 Advanced Digital Pressure Calibrators will redefine the way you want to measure and calibrate pressure readings and devices! ·  Pressure Ranges Up to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar) ·  0.02%, 0.05% FS or 0.1% RD Accuracy ·  Color Touchscreen Display ·  Every Model Measures Gauge or Absolute Pressure ·  Built-in Barometer ·  Intuitive Smartphone Like Interface ·  Bluetooth and USB Communication

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·  Automated and Self-Contained Pressure Generation and Control to 1,000 psi (70 bar) ·  Standard Accuracy to 0.02%FS ·  Two Removable Internal Pressure Modules for Multi-Range Selection ·  Control Stability to 0.003%FS ·  Portable, Designed for Use in the Field and in the Lab ·  Ability to Measure Two External Pressure Modules ·  HART Communicator and Profibus Communication

·  Wi-Fi (Optional) ·  Measure mA or V, and with 24V Loop Power ·  Full HART Field Communicator (Optional) ·  Data Logging ·  Communicates with Additel's Link Mobile App

·  Data Logging and Task Management ·  Patented Electric Pump Technology and Improved Speed

IP67 Rated







PRICE $2,995 $2,995 $3,070 $3,070

ADT761A-LLP-DP1 Automated Pressure Calibrator, ±30 inH2O, DP30 and DP1 $17,570 ADT761A-D-DP10-N Automated Pressure Calibrator, -13.5 psi to 35 psi (-0.95 bar to 2.5 bar) $15,834 ADT761A-500-CP100-N Automated Pressure Calibrator, -13 psi to 500 psi (-0.9 bar to 35 bar) $18,715 ADT761A-1K-CP300-N Automated Pressure Calibrator, -13 psi to 1000 psi (-0.9 bar to 70 bar) $21,835 ADT761A-AP1KR-N Automated Pressure Calibrator, -13.5 psi to 1000 psi ( -0.95 bar to 35 bar) $24,955 ★ Recommended Transcat Calibration CALL

ADT673-02-GP300-PSI-N 0 - 300 PSI

.02% FS .02% FS .02% FS .02% FS


0 - 1,000 PSI

ADT673-02-CP600-PSI-N -15 - 600 PSI


-5 - 5 PSI

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Ralston Nitropak™ Nitrogen Calibration Source A portable, self-contained precision nitrogen gas source for high pressure dry calibration in remote locations.

·   Pressure Balanced Fine Adjustment of Pressure Allows for Adjustment of Pressure with 2 Fingers Even at 3000 PSI ·  Easily Refillable Nitrogen Tank with 15.2 cu ft has Enough Volume for Numerous Calibrations ·   Includes Storage Compartment for Pressure Reference in Control Panel

·  Quick Disconnect Ports and Hose Can Be Pressurized without a Wrench or Thread Sealant ·  Includes 2 Transcat 5854P Quick Disconnect Hoses, 1 Gauge Connection for Pressure Reference, and 2 Process Connections




$4,776 $4,779 $4,777 $4,618


Nitrogen Calibration Source, 1/8” Male NPT Gauge Adapter Nitrogen Calibration Source, 1/4” Male NPT Gauge Adapter Nitrogen Calibration Source, 1/4” Female NPT Gauge Adapter Nitrogen Calibration Source, No Gauge Adapter or Hoses




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