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When your computer prompts you to install a new security patch, you may regard it as a nuisance. Do you really need to stop what you’re doing and spend the time updating every computer

The reason it’s so important to download right away is that, in addition to removing vulnerabilities, a patch broadcasts flaws in previous versions to hackers. Every day you wait, you’re putting your network at increased risk of attack. Imagine if a bank put out a memo that they were installing new ATMs because older versions could be hacked to dispense free cash. People would be hunting down those old ATMs ASAP. The same goes for computers. It’s important to note that every operating system prompts for security patch updates differently. Windows, for example, sends out its updates every Tuesday, with additional hotfixes arriving as needed. Google the specifics of how your operating system installs patches to ensure you don’t miss updates. Remember that you need to install security patches for every machine, as well as for your server. At AZCOMP, we are happy to help you navigate patches like these while you’re busy handling your day-to-day operations. We offer security maintenance plans, along with monitoring and many other important services to keep your company’s data safe. NEED NETWORKING OR COMPUTER HELP?

in your office? In short, yes. Operating system updates are one of the frontlines of defense against malware, viruses, and other exploits hackers use to compromise your information. However long it may take to install an update, it could save you the effort of recovering lost data, which could take a lot more time than installing updates. Security patches keep your operating system up-to-date, removing the latest vulnerabilities hackers use to gain access to private information. The battle between hackers and computer companies is a constant game of cat and mouse. Hackers examine the current patch for weaknesses, and the company then fixes them in an update. If you’re not running the latest security patch, you leave yourself open for attack.


Scott Higgins, an IT consultant here at AZCOMP, is quickly approaching his one-year

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anniversary. Since starting in January 2017, he’s become an integral member of the team. “I love the culture here.” Scott says. “It really feels like we’re more than just co-workers; we’re a family. And we also have family values. When I had my first son this year, everyone was willing to give me time to be home with my wife and newborn.”

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Scott’s role includes fielding phone calls, but he also spends a lot of time on-site with our customers. “I love being able to help relieve the stress and headaches of IT off our customers’ plates with our IT solutions,” he notes. “I also enjoy learning about all the different industries we work with to understand what drives their business.” When he’s not working, Scott’s focused on his family. “My family is my life,” he says. “In addition to my wife, Whitney, and 9-month-old boy Barrett, my whole extended family live in the area, which keeps our schedule full. When we can get away, we like to camp in northern Arizona.”

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