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Diet, exercise, and sleep are all keys to hitting your fitness goals, but sometimes you are just missing that extra punch. Maybe you’re not seeing the gains you wanted, or maybe you’re trying to get shredded and lose a few pounds of fat. If you’ve reached a plateau or struggled to see results, you’re not the only one. That is why supplementation exists. By making some simple additions to your fitness regimen, you might be able to push yourself beyond the plateau and hit a whole new set of goals. Here are the three most important supplements for beginners and experts alike. Protein Considering all the different options, it can be intimidating to figure out which protein you need. Soy? Whey? Plant-based? The answer to this is dependent on your fitness goals. You generally want a fast-release protein after your workouts, like whey or soy. The fast release will help with muscle growth. Supplement with casein, a slow-release protein, before bed to keep your body fueled during your overnight fast. Pre-Workout Pre-workout will help you sustain your energy levels through the entire workout. It delivers key nutrients to your muscles, and the energy boost gets you mentally and physically ready to work. Every pre-workout is different, but they all come jam-packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals designed to

keep you focused and prevent crashing. They often contain artificial caffeine, so anyone with a sensitivity to stimulants should take a delicate approach at first or search for one marked “stimulant-free.” Multivitamin Vitamins aren’t just for kids and the elderly. Our diets often lack key elements that are necessary for muscle development. A well-rounded multivitamin will help you add these nutrients back into your diet, providing benefits in and out of the gym. Supplementation isn’t just for the expert trainer. It can help anyone get closer to their goals, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have more questions about supplements, stop by the gym and flag me down. I’m happy to offer guidance on great additions for your workout goals. In the meantime, get a good shaker bottle, and start with these three today!

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