2018 Annual Report

Annual Report

for the year ended 31 Dec 2018

Ben Mathewson joined NAC in 2016, making him one of the longest standing Commercial Lenders. He works with diligence and strives for not only personal advances, but team advanc- es. Employee Spotlight: Be n Ma t h ews on

ience and pursue his dream of be- ing central to an entrepreneurial endeavor. NAC is unlike traditional lending firms, combining rugged hustle with refined investment prowess offer- ing Ben a healthy mix of autonomy and accountability that has driven both his personal growth and the firm’s organizational success. “My position and daily duties are akin to owning one’s own business. Hard work and agility are required and rewarded.” - Ben Mathewson “My position and daily duties are akin to own- ing one’s own business. Hard work and agility are required and re- warded.” - Ben Mathewson Ben was born and raised in a rural Nebraska community where his fa- ther and brother still operate the family’s 3rd generation cattle ranch. It was this experience and connec- tion to rural America that made his providential encounter with NAC at a job fair for Service Academy grad- uates in 2016 so intriguing. That same background, coupled with his military work ethic, makes him uniquely qualified to under- stand and address the needs of the businesses he serves. “A missed rain, a hail storm, anoth- er company closing shop: these can

all have severe and lasting impacts on rural communities,” Ben remarks regarding the economic sensitivity that remains in rural America. “Our capital creates ripples; NAC helps job-creating businesses to grow, which in turn puts food on the plates of hundreds of families.” Ben shares NAC’s unending com- mitment to excellence and honor in pursuing opportunities to help rural businesses survive and thrive, along with the communities and families they support, using innovative loan structures that are tailored to their unique needs. And when he’s not hopping from sea to shining sea to steward a new deal along, Ben serves in his most important capacity as husband to Carly and father to big sister Isla and little “player to be named later.” NAC couldn’t do what it does and wouldn’t be where it is without high-character men and women leading and investing in the mission of the firm. Ben raises the standard every day he wears the NAC jersey.

Ben Mathewson has been a vital part of the North Avenue Capital team since he completed his mili- tary commission 2½ years ago and became a Commercial Lender. His impact has been so profound that he also serves as Area Man- ager and helps manage the op- erations of NAC’s Nevada branch. After graduating from the Air Force Academy and serving as a Finance Officer stationed across the globe, Ben was ready to take his exper- Deals Ben Has Influenced or Closed at NAC: Applied Fiber Holdings The Frying Pan & American Fish Company Five Oaks Nursery & Tree Farm The Manor at 12 Oaks Farm St. Mark’s Pond

“At the end of the day, business is all about people and relationships, and NAC’s success is directly correlated to the quality of the people on our team.” -Ben Chatraw, Chief Executive



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