2018 Annual Report

Annual Report

for the year ended 31 Dec 2018

In Their Words

“The NAC team has been extraordinarily effective in helping their clients secure funding for their businesses using the USDA loan program. NAC has repeatedly proven that they are seasoned professionals with the required knowledge, perseverance and professionalism required to serve their cli- ents’ unique financing needs through the USDA approval process.” -Scott Luttrell, Chairman /Investor

Borrowers, Employees, & Investors alike trust North Avenue Capital to be an honest, forth- right organization that will stand behind them as they launch into an effectively capitalized future. We pride ourselves in leading the charge with a capable set of individuals from vari- ous backgrounds. Here are a few thoughts about 2018.

“Ben and his team try to do things the right way. I’ve called on them for some advice and as a sounding board outside of my business, and Ben and his team have been very helpful.” -Wil Massengill, Five Oaks, Borrower

“NAC was a game changer for us because if we were to try to go through other avenues of different lending options we could not have this project. The way that it was laid out to us, and the way it’s performed all the way to closing has been spot on.” -Dan Laubacker, St. Mark’s Pond, Borrower

“We endeavor to influence the people and businesses we partner with, and how can you lead someone to a place you have never been or are unwilling to go? We’ve lived the fight to start something new, faced the challenge of establishing a culture tethered to our values, and stand unwavering in our

commitment of service to others.” -Mike Wilson, Commercial Lender

“We hold our Lenders and Architects to a high standard and take tremen- dous pride in the fact that our portfolio has yet to suffer a single dollar of loan losses and has maintained an on-time payment rate in excess of 99%.” -Joseph Rowell, Chief Operating Officer

“As successful as NAC has been to date, I’m more impressed by HOW they run their business than WHAT they have accomplished. Their character, integrity, thoughtfulness, desire for win-win value creation, and creativity in finding solutions is evident and helps explain the level of their success.” -Craig Wenning, Board Member

“NAC’s greatest achievement in 2018 was expanding our team with indi- viduals who are not only experts in their respective areas of specialty but who embody NAC’s Core Values, which helps drive us toward our Mission.” -Eric Johnson, President

“The team did what they would say. They nailed their KPIs and are building a functioning repeatable system and process that is poised to continue to grow.” -Len Mazur, Investor

“Throughout 2018, NAC worked to gain a greater understanding of its USDA partners’ aims for the Business & Industry Program. These conver- sations have helped us better align with our shared mission of improving economic growth in America.” -Anne MacDonald, Board Member

“I can confidently say that without North Avenue Capital, this transaction would have never happened. We’d still be out there wandering around in the woods looking for money.” -Barry Owens, Treetops, Borrower



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