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EARLY SEASON CHECKLIST Safety Tips as You Beginning Riding Season At Kelly LawOffices, we believe a safe motorcycle is the best defense against accidents. After all, even the most skilled rider can fall victim to a poorly runningmotorcycle. So before you hit the road, tackle the following checklist and have a safe riding season. AreYour Tires Ready? Colder weather depletes the pressure in your tires, whichmeans when you hop on your ride come spring, the tires won’t be as full as they were this past fall. Fill your tires to the proper operating inflationmeasurement andmonitor the tire status as you ride. Additionally, your tire tread depth shouldmeasure at least 3/32 inch for proper function. Does EverythingWork? Examine your brakes, turn signals, lights, horn, and all other necessary components of your ride. Be sure to check the brake fluid, oil, and coolant levels if you own a water-cooledmachine. During this process, ask yourself some questions. Are there fuel odors? Do the fuel lines and connections need to be checked? Did you fill up the gas tank and add fuel stabilizer before storing your ride? (There could be condensation in the tank, which could lead to a rough runningmotor if you didn’t do this.) Lastly, when you finally roll that bike out of storage, be sure to use top-grade gasoline; never use ethanol. Youmust be positive that everything is in perfect working condition—not just“good”— for a safe season. Use the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s T-CLOCS (Tires, Controls, Lights, Oils and Fluids, Chassis and Stands) checklist before you head out. Reminders as You Hit Traffic This Season SHARING THE ROAD Now that warmer weather has finally hit the Midwest, motorcyclists are itching to begin riding again — if they haven’t already! Still, there are a few reminders the motorcycle injury lawyers at Kelly Law Offices want riders to be mindful of when you join other drivers on the road this spring and summer.

At Kelly Law Offices, we want to stress the importance of motorcyclists taking charge of the road. Remember to be extra cautious at all times, be a defensive driver, give cars extra space, use your turn signals, and don’t succumb to road rage. Don’t come up too fast behind a car, don’t lane-split, and don’t fly past slower moving traffic just because you are faster than they are. The list goes on, but the goal remains the same: We want you to be a responsible rider. Motorcyclists may feel frustrated, especially since it can feel like the onus is on us to keep roads safe. But safety is our responsibility, and unfortunately, most car drivers can’t be trusted. Give drivers the space to feel comfortable around you and your bike. Kelly Law Offices urges you to be safe this riding reason by practicing control, riding IsYour Paperwork inOrder? It’s not uncommon for motorcyclists to pause their motorcycle insurance during the offseason, but it can be easy to forget to reinstate it once you begin riding again. Call your insurance company and make sure you carry an up-to-date insurance card when you ride. Make sure you have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and visit to learn why this is the most important insurance coverage for motorcycle riders. The time to make sure you have the right insurance is not after an accident, so don’t forget this crucial step when preparing for the new season. Goodmaintenance in the offseason and before the first ride will prepare you for a wonderful season. Still, even the most prepared rider can find themselves injured or in an accident, and that’s why our experts are here to help. Visit for more information. Now get out there and ride!

Think back to the first snowfall of winter. Did you notice how many drivers didn’t properly clear their windows, straddled two lanes, and

seemingly forgot how to use turn signals? When the road gets slick, everyone seems nervous. Keep this in mind when you hit the road this spring. Just like in the winter, those car owners and operators will forget how to share the roads with motorcyclists, too. They may forget to use turn signals, drift into your lane, blow through stop signs and intersections, or take many other dangerous actions.

defensively, and being friendly, even if the car operator is not.

Motorcyclists’ presence on shared roads isn’t respected by everyone, so be safe. If you do find yourself in an accident with another vehicle this riding season, our legal teams can help. Visit to learn more.


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