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OFFICES IN NORTHWEST INDIANA AND SOUTH BEND Let’s Ride! Anticipating the 79th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

F or the 79th year, riders and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world will gather in the Black Hills of South Dakota for 10 days of racing, concerts, and, best of all, riding. The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is slated to officially rev its engines Aug. 2, with rally-related events scheduled throughout July and August. As a rider, you know the lowdown on Sturgis, but its impressive history is worth detailing. Clarence “Pappy” Hoel is credited with creating this nationwide phenomenon. In 1936, he purchased an Indian Motorcycle franchise in Sturgis, South Dakota, and later founded the motorcycle club Jackpine Gypsies. On Aug. 14, 1938, this group created a racing and stunt festival where the best of the best could show off their skills and talents. The rally would remain this way until 1961, when more events were added to the annual lineup. Since then, hundreds of thousands, and sometimes even millions, of riders descend upon Sturgis for 10 days of celebrating, with the exception of a few years when the event was canceled. For example, in 1942, gasoline rations were implemented by the United States due to the WorldWar II effort, which caused organizers to cancel the still-new event. Today, this impressive gathering swells the population of South Dakota, some years even going so far as to exceed the number of people who actually live in the gorgeous state. Nothing beats the passion of motorcycle riders!

In anticipation of the 79th year, Sturgis organizers are pulling out more stops tomake this event one to remember. Dubbed“the year of the ride,”2019 already has six group rides available for attendees to register for during the festival. Support female riders at the Angel’s Ride on Aug. 8, led by ride captain andTravel Channel- and American Iron Magazine-recognized racer, Brittney Olsen. If you’re a new rider at the Sturgis Rally, join one of the three“Ride with a Local”outings and see the sights and sounds that must not be missed at Sturgis. You can also join the thousands of riders in the fight against sex trafficking at the Fast Ride on Aug. 7. With races, concerts by rock, country, and rap artists, and classic sites that make Sturgis the legendary rally that it is, there is no shortage of events to check out this year, nomatter what kind of bike you ride. But there is one place at the Sturgis Rally that resonates with all riders regardless of their background, income, or riding style: The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame. It doesn’t matter if you are an Indian Motorcycle rider, prefer the Harley-Davidson style or sport bike; all riders come together and appreciate the legends, the stunts, and the passion of the phenoms at this museum. Make sure this is on your list of attractions to check out at the rally this year! As with any gathering, we encourage you to have a safe trip to Sturgis this summer. Remember safe riding techniques as you trek to South Dakota, including loading up on extra water, carrying an emergency kit with you, and always prechecking your bike. Discover safety tips, traffic reminders, andmore in this newsletter. Remember, ride to live another day and have a great riding season! See you out there.

For more information on Sturgis, visit SturgisMotorcycleRally.comor follow the event on Facebook.



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