KSR Equipment - November/December 2017


805 E. Howard St. Pontiac, IL 61764 Phone: 815-842-1149 Pontiac

29987 N 300 East Road Streator, IL 61364 815-673-4320 Streator

1501 5th St. Lacon, IL 61540 309-246-2645 Lacon

A Business Built on Lasting Relationships

After 40 years in the farm equipment business, it is exciting to observe the changes in the farmers we serve, as many of our customers expand operations, add employees, or focus on increasing efficiencies and profits on existing farm ground. In each situation, it is imperative that we establish impeccable integrity and services to meet their changing demands. Gone are the days when a farmer would buy a simple product, set it up himself, and figure out how to make it work. In the 15 years of KSR, we have gone from one specialist in guidance products to five, and they’re all busy guiding the expanding operations, working with farms demanding more precision, or both. We love partnering with our customers and helping them succeed. One of the greatest joys of being a dealer is working with generations of farm families. We guide them to the perfect piece of equipment, the best finance plan, and the latest proven farming

practices. Our KSR team loves helping farmers stay viable, and that partnership goes both ways.

After many years in a John Deere dealership, our customers become our close friends as well as business partners. Yes, we are often in the same social circles, support our children’s school activities, and attend the weddings or funerals of our families, but the bond that results from working side by side through the farming seasons runs deep. We are thankful, and we appreciate the trust and bonds that have developed year after year, transaction after transaction. Recently, while pricing a piece of equipment for a young farmer, I recalled dealing with his great grandfather soon after entering the business. Now, four generations later, we still have the same appreciation and trust of a solid partnership. As one of the senior partners at KSR, it has been a joy to train the next generation, teaching everything we know, including our successes, victories, and failures. KSR is fortunate at Lacon, Streator, and Pontiac to have a new generation of talented co- workers willing to receive the baton. It has been a pleasure to have Dan Cassady in an office on one side and Zack Sauder on the other. It has been a joy to watch them learn the business and develop relationships with customers. It gives us confidence for the future as we watch them take over and deal successfully with our customers of 30-plus years. It is also a benefit to have them instantly available to guide us baby boomers as we increase reliance on our computers and devices. It’s great to be a part of the KSR family as we grow the next crop of dedicated partners!

-Ed Sauder ksrequipment.com | P1

Nov - Dec 2017

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