Land Development Ordinance - Amended 11-6-2023

iv. Vehicle Stacking .

1. DC-1 & DC-2 Zoning Districts . A drive-through in Downtown Center-1 (DC-1) Zoning District and Downtown Center-2 (DC-2) Zoning District are permitted with stacking for a minimum of three (3) vehicles.

2. RMU, CMU & EMU Zoning District. Stacking shall not be permitted in the access driveway; all stacking shall be located in the parking lot.

3. All Other Districts . Each teller window, vacuum tube or service location lane shall be in accordance with §9-1656 Vehicle Stacking Area, Table – Minimum Required Vehicle Stacking Bays.

C. Accessory Use, Nonresidential – Temporary Tent or Canopy. A temporary tent or canopy may be permitted in a nonresidential zoning district for special events per §9- 1255 Use Standards, p. Miscellaneous Uses, (11) Special Events, and in accordance with the following standards, except as otherwise prohibited by the Land Development Ordinance.

General Standards


1. Tent or Canopy Standards. A temporary tent or canopy shall not include sides and shall not exceed 700 square feet in size.

2. Compliance with Other Regulations. A temporary tent or canopy shall be constructed of fire retardant material, erected in compliance with the North Carolina State Building Code, and shall be permitted through the Town’s Inspections Department.

ii. DC-1 & DC-2 Zoning Districts

1. Maximum Duration. A temporary tent or canopy shall be erected for a maximum of two (2) days, at which point such tent or canopy shall be removed for a minimum of 60 days prior to any reassembly, in compliance with these standards. Approval of duration for a period in excess of two (2) days shall be obtained from the Town Board prior to assembly. 2. Town Sponsored Events. A special event sponsored or sanctioned by the Town shall be exempt from the requirements herein, except those applicable to the North Carolina State Building Code.

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