Land Development Ordinance - Amended 8-8-2023

v. Maintenance . The collection or donation bin, dumpster or enclosed area shall be maintained in good appearance and free from trash and debris.

vi. Hazardous Materials Prohibited . There shall be no collection or storage of hazardous or biodegradable waste on the site.

vii. Compliance . Any collection or donation station, dumpster or bin not in conformance at the time of adoption of the Land Development Ordinance shall come into compliance within 90 days after adoption.

viii. A Special Use Permit is required for operation in the Residential Low Density (RLD) Zoning District.

F. Accessory Use - Seasonal Outdoor, Sales / Display.

i. Limited Display . It is prohibited to display lawn and garden supplies, utility buildings, trailers, or other merchandise in the parking lot of a nonresidential or retail establishment, except that lawn and garden supplies may be permitted in a parking lot under the following standards: 1. Conditions to Display . The area designated for retail sale of lawn and garden supplies and plant material shall be identified by the surface of the parking lot area being a different material, such as concrete versus asphalt, or a different color marking the boundary of the designated area for the retail sales.

2. Fencing . The area designated for retail sale of lawn and garden supplies and plant material shall have a fence around the perimeter of the designated area.

3. Duration of Display . The maximum time the designated area can be used as a display for lawn and garden supplies and plant material is 120 days within a calendar year. The days can be continuous or broken into segments, but in no case shall the display exceed 120 days. 4. Permit . The retailer shall apply for the appropriate permit through the Planning Department. The retailer shall identify the beginning date and end date of the display on the application.

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