Land Development Ordinance - Amended 11-6-2023

Front to Front – Minimum 50 feet


ii. Side to Side – Minimum 20 feet

iii. Side to Rear or Rear to Side – Minimum 30 feet

iv. Rear to Rear – Minimum 40 feet

(6) Same Lot . Except as provided elsewhere in the Land Development Ordinance, all yard setbacks allocated to a building or structure shall be located on the same lot as such building or structure.


Lot Width Measurement

A. Lot Width . Lot width is the horizontal distance between side lot lines. Lot width shall be measured as the distance between the side lot lines at the public right-of-way or at the front building setback line based on the shape of the lot.

B. Pie-Shaped Lot . A “pie shaped” lot or a zoning lot where the width increases from front to rear, the lot width shall be measured along the front plane of the principal building.

(8) Average Lot Size. Average lot size applies to the size of a single-family lot subdivision, including conventional subdivisions and zero-lot line developments, where single family residential uses are applied. The average lot size shall be calculated by taking the total gross acreage of the proposed lots and dividing by the total number of lots, and shall be calculated and provided on all required submittals. (9) Accessory Structures . An accessory structure shall meet the yard requirements of the zoning district in which it is located, in accordance with Article G Lot & Structure Provisions, §9-1300, Table – Dimensions & Standards, unless otherwise provided. All accessory structures, when attached to a principal building by means of a roofed breezeway or similar feature or within 10 feet of the principal building, shall be considered attached to the principal building, and shall comply with the yard requirements of the principal building in the zoning district in which it is located. (10) Landscape Features . Trees, shrubs, flowers, fences, walls, hedges, landscaped lighting, ornamental statuary, and other landscape features may be located within any required yard setback.

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