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ers have never enrolled another customer. That 80% are customers are only inter- ested in having superior products in their home. Only 20% are business builders. And even of those, the vast majority have only enrolled one, two, or three custom- ers. The majority of our customers have been brought to us by the “little guys.” A healthy Melaleuca business will have a lot of customers who never refer another customer and a lot who simply refer one or two customers. That is what a healthy business looks like! It’s important that we celebrate those who have referred only one or two cus- tomers to us! We need to do better in doing that. I worry about what people reading this magazine are thinking when they see somebody who has been with us for only six months and they’re already a Senior Director or someone who has been with us for only 12 months and they’re already an Executive Director. I worry about the message that it sends to the thousands who’ve been with us for six or seven years and just advanced to Director 5. In my opinion, that is the more exciting story. I’m excited to see the fast builders walk across stage at

don’t want to have handouts. We believe people just want an opportunity, and that’s what we bring to them. We believe that what the world needs is redistribu- tion of opportunity. And that is what we do! We believe that we need to redistrib- ute opportunity so that the little guys can compete with major corporations through their own initiative. Our people are doing that. And they are winning big time! We bring people the opportunity to take charge of their own lives. When you redistribute opportunity, you give the little guy an opportunity to dig in and to get going and change their lives. It cre- ates initiative rather than destroys it. We have evidence in Melaleuca that proves that we have a successful model. I think the world needs us. We have a responsi- bility to get out there and tell our story. As you tell our story and seek to build your business, I just want to throw a couple of ideas out there to you. If you’re only looking for business builders, you’re making a big mistake. You’re passing up 80% of the opportunity—maybe more—if you’re just looking for business builders. Please remember that 80% of our custom-

We’ve just had the best start to a new year in the US and Canada that we have ever had in our 34-year history. We’ve never started a year like this—ever. It’s clear that Melaleuca is being discovered! It looks like we’re in for a really, really good year. It makes sense. The world needs us. Canada needs us. And America needs us. People care more about their health than ever before. And they are learning that their health is largely impacted by what they breathe and eat. People need us from another perspec- tive as well. There’s a lot of talk about the wealthy getting wealthier, the spread between the middle class and the upper class getting wider. It’s a real thing. That is definitely happening. We recognize the problem and we believe we have a solu- tion. We believe that those who are advo- cating for government remedies, such as socialism, are dead wrong. Throughout history, socialism has brought disaster to every country that has ever tried it. It is impossible to simply redistribute wealth without destroying initiative and caus- ing widespread national poverty. It never works. So we are adamantly opposed to that concept. We believe that people


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