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– 109th Issue & Alleyn Club Newsletter – Number 54 2014

The 132nd Alleyn Club Dinner Friday 31 October 2014 The 2013 dinner was sold out, attracting OAs of all ages, with many tables made up of groups of friends and the numerous OA clubs and societies. We hope you will join friends old and new at this year’s dinner. The Alleyn Club & Development Office can help you contact your peers and would like to hear from anyone interested in serving as a ‘table champion’. For more information, see page 42, visit the website or get in touch. alleynclub @ +44 (0)20 8299 8436

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Alleyn Club Committee 2013-14 ............................................... President: Dr C H R Niven OBE Palmes académiques (52-60) Vice President: I W Warburton MA MSc (57-65) Secretary: C W Field JP MA ARAM LRAM ARCM (51-59) Hon Asst Secretaries: N R Robinson FCIArb (62-71), T J Walsh BA Hon Treasurer: J D P Kendall MA FCAA (59-67) Committee: Dr P S Bennett (95-00) {2014}, A T Frankford (62-69) {2018}J B StL Franklin LLB (90-98) {2018}, M R A Graham (90-98) {2014}, P G R Lyon (52-60) {2014}, S J W Martin BTh Cert PFS Cert CII (83-90) {2018}, T O C Saunders (01-06) {2018}, J F Thornton FCA MBA (67-75) {2016} Sport Club Representatives: R H Boultbee (66-75) {OACC}, A N Capon ACII (73-80) {ASS}, G O Curtis (56-64) {OAGS}, J B StL Franklin LLB (90-98) {OAFC} Common RoomRepresentative: J H Rosslyn-Smith BSc (97-04) The Master: Dr J A F Spence BA PhD (ex officio) Immediate Past President: Brigadier E J W Walker OBE DL (51-59) (ex officio) Trustees: J D P Kendall (59-67), P G R Lyon (52-60), E C J Walsh (73-81)

Christopher Field (51-59) Secretary Sioban Whitney Low Director of Development Guy Lawrenson Relationship Manager Contact Us .......................................................................................................... Alleyn Club & Development Office Dulwich College, Dulwich Common, London SE21 7LD +44 (0)20 8299 5335 alleynclub @ John Carver Development Data Manager (Maternity Cover) Katie Cullen Alumni Events Officer Alison Cole Development Administrator

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Old Alleynians in Business


Alleyn Club News

The President: Dr Colin Niven OBE Palmes académiques (52-60) ..........................................................................................................

There, he taught Tony Blair who later, as Prime Minster, opened the three Dulwich Colleges in China. Next, in Sherborne, Colin ran the Modern Languages department. This would lead eventually to his being the founding headmaster of Sherborne, Doha. (The Emir had been a pupil in the mother school in Dorset.) Since Dulwich days, when he was a Sergeant Major and won the Christison sword, he had been keen on the CCF and at Fettes had been attached to the Royal Scots; at Sherborne he served with the Devons and Dorsets. When Principal of Island School, Hong Kong, he gained a doctorate from Lille University, played rugby and hockey for the Hong Kong international veterans, and was a book critic on the radio. He wrote studies of Voltaire, Thomas Mann and Roger Vailland and now judges the Duke of Edinburgh’s English Award and, as a governor of the English Speaking Union, judges the Marsh Prize for Children’s Literature in Translation. He has helped judge the Miss World pageant three times and as a volunteer assisted the anti-doping section in the equestrian events at the recent Olympic Games. Colin became Principal of St George’s Rome, which Brian Howes (OA) had run, and then returned to Dulwich to be Headmaster of Alleyn’s and later President of its former pupils’ association, the Edward Alleyn Club, making his current role in the Alleyn Club a unique double. He then, as Master of Dulwich Colleges China, started the school in Shanghai and helped to set up those in Beijing and Suzhou. Recently, he visited the site of Dulwich College Singapore and attended a delightful OA dinner there. In May he returns for the tenth anniversary of Dulwich College Shanghai. An eighth headship took him to start St George’s British Georgian School in Tbilisi, completing 50 years in teaching. Now President of the Dulwich Society, a Friend and former Trustee of the Dulwich Picture Gallery and a lifelong member of St Barnabas Church, he owes a huge debt to the College and the local community, and following a succession of brilliant Alleyn Club Presidents, hopes to emulate their splendid enthusiasm and commitment.

Colin Niven was the second of three brothers at Dulwich, Peter being the eldest and Alastair the youngest. The sons of a City of London policeman, they benefited greatly from the Gilkes Experiment. Mr Gilkes was Master in Colin’s first year, followed by Mr Groves. His brothers and he won State Scholarships and Exhibitions to Caius College, Cambridge. Colin captained an unbeaten 2nd XV, played his final game for the 1st XV, and was three years in the hockey XI. He won his weight at boxing and high jumped for the athletics team. More than his studies or his sport, though, his supreme love has been for cats! While School Captain, Colin supervised form JC, a thoughtful move by the Master that encouraged him to teach French and German. He started in the Lycée in Châlons sur Marne, then in Samuel Pepys Comprehensive in Deptford and in his own primary school, Dulwich Hamlet. During his Dip Ed course at Brasenose College, Oxford, Colin was sent to Sedbergh, where he helped Alan Barter, who had coached him at Dulwich, with the rugby. After spells in Dax, Bourges, Caen and Bamberg, he returned to Edinburgh, the city of his birth in 1941, to work at Fettes, where he became a housemaster.


Alleyn Club News

From the Secretary’s Desk ..........................................................................................................


Alleynian n. member of Dulwich College [E Alleyn, founder] benefactor n. patron of or donor to a cause or charitable institution philanthropist n. lover of mankind; one who exerts himself for the well-being of his fellow men philanthropy n. love, practical benevolence towards mankind [ Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English ; 4th edition] Whether or not there was any truth in the Puritan legend that, while portraying the character of Faustus in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, Edward Alleyn had a vision of the Devil which drove him to repent and resolve to found a College of God’s Gift, there is no denying that his establishing of the College was an act of outstanding philanthropy. I would like to suggest that a silver thread of philanthropic endeavour has been and continues to be woven into the tapestry that is the near-400-year history of Alleyn’s College. One has only to think of the inspirational leadership and example set by Arthur Herman Gilkes, Master of Dulwich College from 1885 to 1914, who founded the College Mission in Camberwell in 1886 and encouraged boys and staff to become involved in the enterprise. OAs of a ‘certain age’, like me, will doubtless remember the regular form collections for the Mission to which we subscribed (more or less willingly) throughout our schooldays. A number of circumstances, not least the remarkable generosity of Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) in funding the salaries of the youth workers at the Hollington Club, led to the breaking of the quasi-umbilical link between young Alleynians and the Mission about 45 years ago. Charitable fundraising by boys at the College assumed a much wider focus. However, times and circumstances change. ILEA ceased to exist in 1988, since when the cost of running the Hollington Club for Young People (HCYP) has increasingly been met by grants from DCM Hollington Trust, whose investment portfolio is founded on those schoolboy Mission collections of yesteryear and current donations by OAs.

I am most happy to record that, encouraged by the Master and the College Chaplain, the Revd Stephen Padfield, the link between the current generation of Alleynians and HCYP has been re-forged and that boys in the Middle and Upper Schools raised in excess of £5,000 for the club during the course of Michaelmas term 2012 and Lent term 2013. HCYP also benefited from the retiring collection taken at the College Christmas carol service in Southwark Cathedral and part proceeds from the Friends of Dulwich College 2013 Winter Fair. Conscientious readers of this annual publication (and aren’t we all?) will find reference in these pages to other examples of Alleynian and Old Alleynian benevolence. Yet more evidence will be found in the College’s first Donors’ Report for 2012-13, an impressive document recording the thanks of the College to the many OAs, current and former members of staff, parents and others who had supported the College during the year. I was particularly struck by page 36 of the report which is headed Pupil Benefactors and lists the 24 forms and 63 individual pupils who had made donations to the College. The philanthropy of these young Alleynians should be applauded loud and clear. I must also draw to your attention the fact that the Alleyn Club committee, guided by the Club trustees, decided to donate £40,000 from Club funds to the appeal for The Laboratory for the rebuilding of the Science Block.


Alleyn Club News

Founder’s Day

will return to the Christison Hall this year. The good news is that it is intended to reinstate the highly popular buffet service, so much missed in 2013. A smaller marquee may well form a focus for some aspect of the day as well as the venue for afternoon tea. I know from speaking to both Peter and the Master that the moving of lunch should not be seen as sidelining OAs. Far from it, OA presence and involvement on Founder’s Day will be welcomed and valued every bit as much as previously, if not more. In my ‘end of term report’ last year, I awarded the Alleyn Club committee B+ grades for both Effort and Achievement to mark advances made towards making the Club more relevant to its members and supporting the College in its work of preparing present and future generations of Alleynians for life in the outside world. This year, to reflect further advances, while leaving room for still further progress, I have decided to award the committee A- grades. However, within those overall classifications, A grades go to James Thornton and James Franklin and their hardworking assistants (especially Guy Lawrenson and Katie Cullen in the Alleyn Club and Development Office) who hit the jackpot by filling the Great Hall to its 240 capacity for the Annual Dinner on 1 November and, by attracting considerably increased numbers in the 25-55 age bracket, succeeded in reducing the average age to 56. At the same time, I award straight A grades across the board to our 2012-13 President, Brigadier Johnny Walker, in recognition of his: • outstanding leadership in planning and executing a successful campaign to have added to the College War Memorial the names of OAs who have died in active service since WWII and that of one OA killed during WWI and previously unrecorded • having the Battle of Britain memorial plaque in the Lower Hall amended to indicate which OA airmen had lost their lives either in that conflict or later during the war • having the full military honours of Colonel Humphrey Arthur Gilkes (the second of the four sons of A H Gilkes) MC and three bars spelt out beneath his memorial plaque in the Lower Hall • having secured for display in the Lower Hall the previously-missing WWI service medals for Lt R B B Jones VC • passionate advocacy of support for the College’s development campaign through membership of the Canon Carver Society and the 2019 Society • enthusiastic attendance at numerous Club, affiliated OA society and College events. Chris Field (51-59) Alleyn Club Matters

The Revd James Welldon instituted Founder’s Day in 1884 as ‘the chief festival of the school year’, with an eye to creating esprit de corps with traditions to pass on to future years. [Jan Piggott, Dulwich College: A History 1616-2008 ] Founder’s Day in its present format dates back to 1995 when it was revived by Jan Piggott and John Bardell after several years of decline. Master of Ceremonies (chairman of the Founder’s Day committee) for the past 14 years, Simon Northcote-Green, has now stepped down and is succeeded by Peter Jolly (73-80), Director of Drama. Peter and I met shortly before Christmas when he sketched out his sequence of themes for the six Founder’s Days leading up to 2019: • 2014: the school leavers of 1914; commemoration of OA involvement in the Great War • 2015: Shackleton and Exploration • 2016: the Chapel and all things Jacobean (Alleyn, Henslowe, Shakespeare) • 2017: Dulwich and Science (completion of new science facilities) • 2018: the end of World War I • 2019: 400 years of Alleyn’s College of God’s Gift, 1619-2019 Peter is keen that OAs should become involved in the planning of these themes and would welcome hearing from anyone with a specific interest, or in possession of documents or photographs that they would be prepared to loan to the College (jollypv @ You will also find in this newsletter an invitation from Dr Nick Black, Head of Middle School and Chair of the Dulwich College 400 committee, an invitation to share thoughts and queries about these and other aspects of our heritage to be commemorated between now and 2021 (see p11.) Another aspect of Founder’s Day we discussed was the lunch. When, in 1970, lunch was first laid on for OAs, it was held in the Christison Hall and it was not until the mid-1980s that it moved to the College’s newly- purchased marquee. Again, times and circumstances change. The College no longer owns its own marquee (midnight raiders stole the valuable metal framework many years ago) and the high cost of hiring a marquee large enough to accommodate some 300 lunching (split roughly 50 : 50 OAs and their guests : official guests of the College) and essential catering services has become difficult to justify at a time when the College has to watch every penny as it seeks to complete the rebuilding of the Science facilities and prepare the campus for the celebrations in 2019. Although no decision has yet been taken, it is likely that lunch


Alleyn Club News

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Alleyn Club ..........................................................................................................

Held on Friday 1 November 2013, 6.30pm in the Board Room, Dulwich College

Having welcomed the Club’s financial support for the Development Office, I F Hay Davison CBE enquired about the Club’s approach to discounting the Life Fund. In response, T J Birse (an actuary by profession who has advised the committee for some years) stated that anticipated greater life expectancy might be sufficient reason to reduce the discounting from 2% to 1.9% per annum. However, he recommended keeping to 2% and reviewing the policy every five years. The adoption of the accounts was proposed by I F Hay Davison CBE and seconded by the Ven Canon P R Turner CB DL. £1,000 to the College for Alleyn Club Prizes £1,000 to the Master’s Fund for sponsorships (through the OA Endowment Fund) A grant of £500 to the OA Clubhouse Fund £50 to each of the Old Alleynian Sporting Clubs if required by these Clubs 3. Grants for 2014:


Brigadier E J W Walker OBE DL (51-59) President (in the chair) Dr C H R Niven OBE Palmes académiques (52-60) Vice President

J D P Kendall MA FCCA (59-67) Hon Treasurer

C W Field JP MA ARAM LRAM ARCM (51-59) Secretary

and 55 members


Other grants:

D R Branscombe, D A Emms OBE, J R Walters

£2,000 to Alleynian Sailing Society to cover charter fee for boys’ sail training week Approval of the grants was proposed by A T Frankford, seconded by J R Williams and carried unanimously.

1. Approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 2 November 2012, which had been printed in the Yearbook and were available at the meeting, was proposed by R H Walker, seconded by T J Birse and carried unanimously. The Minutes were duly signed as a correct record. 2. The Accounts for 2012 were issued to all present. The Hon Treasurer drew attention to the welcome increase of some £11,800 in gross dividends on investments and the reduction of some £8,000 in the cost of producing and distributing the Yearbook . Set against those two positive numbers was the contribution by the Club to the salary of an additional member of the Alleyn Club and Development Office team (£7.3k for seven months in 2012) employed by the College specifically to support the work of the Club. Even so, the surplus for the year was £10,166, an increase of £6,478 over 2011. He also pointed to the growth in the valuation of the investment fund over a five-year period from £637k to just over £1m at current prices. Of that growth, 60% was attributable to increase in the markets and 40% to the annual addition of new Life Subscriptions. He warned that such a rate of growth was unlikely to be sustainable in the future.

4. Election of Officers and Committee

President Dr C H R Niven OBE Palmes académiques (52-60) Vice President I W Warburton MA MSc (57-65) Hon Asst Secretaries N R Robinson FCIArb (62-71) and T J Walsh BA Hon Treasurer J D P Kendall MA FCAA (59-67) Auditor F W Berringer & Co Committee: Ordinary Members Dr P S Bennett (95-00) {2014}, J B StL Franklin LLB (90-98) {2018}, M R A Graham (90-98) {2014}, N Karia (79-86) {2013}, P G R Lyon (52-60) {2014}, S Martin (83-90) {2018}, T O C Saunders (01-06) {2018}, J F Thornton FCA MBA (67-75) {2016}, ANO


Alleyn Club News

Alleynian. Their election was proposed by J F Thornton, seconded by J R Williams and agreed unanimously.

Four representatives of Old Alleynian Sporting and Social Clubs R H Boultbee (66-75) OACC, J B StL Franklin LLB (90-98) OAFC, A N Capon ACII (73-80) Alleynian Sailing Society, G O Curtis (56-64) OAGS

7. Any other business

(i) The Secretary reported that, following the suggestion made by C H Fellows-Smith at the AGM in 2012, two honours boards had been made on which would be recorded outstanding performances by OAs representing Dulwich College in the Cricketer Cup. The boards would be on permanent display in the Pavilion in places still to be determined. (ii) The immediate Past President, Dr B G Smith CBE, congratulated the President for his outstanding work for the Club and College. Development Office staff for their willing support, to Messrs Thornton and Franklin for their outstanding work in connection with achieving absolute capacity for the Annual Dinner, greatly assisted by Guy Lawrenson and Katie Cullen, and to the Master for his encouragement and support throughout the year. (iii) The President expressed his thanks to the

Common Room Representative J H Rosslyn-Smith BSc (97-04)

The Master is a member of the Committee ex officio as is the immediate Past President Trustees J D P Kendall (59-67), P G R Lyon (52-60), E C J Walsh (73-81) The nominations were proposed by R F Looker, seconded by A T Frankford and approved unanimously. The President recommended the endorsement of I W Warburton and T Woudhuysen as Trustees of OAEF in succession to J R Walters and P Petyt. The recommendation was accepted unanimously. 6.  The Secretary spoke briefly about the two nominees for election to Honorary Membership: Lord Turnbull, Chairman of the Governors of Dulwich College, former Cabinet Secretary and father of two Old Alleynians; and Mr Christopher Rew, investment adviser to the Club Trustees and father of an Old 5. Endorsement of Trustees of the OA Endowment Fund

The meeting ended at 7.00pm.

C W Field, Secretary


Alleyn Club News

Alleyn Club Accounts Year Ended 31 December 2012 ..........................................................................................................


2012 (£)

2011 (£)

Subscriptions & Donations Received



Surplus on Sale of CDs



Gross Interest on Bank Deposits



Gross Dividends Received Before Deduction of Income Tax


27,846 10,269 38,160 (3,393)

Untaxed Interest


46,841 (6,727)

Less: Income Tax and Corporation Tax

40,114 11,333


Life Membership Fund (Notional amount of ‘income content’ in the Fund at 31 December 2012)

52,800 46,702 No separate Statement of Total Recognised Gains and Losses has been presented as all such gains and losses have been dealt with in the income account and the expenditure account. Expenditure Cost of Supplying the Yearbook 17,417 25,525 Gross Cost of Dinners etc 13,934 9,146 Less: Receipts (12,207) (7,398)

1,727 1,095 1,500 5,750


Postage, Stationery, General Expenditure


Audit Fee

1,300 5,750 2,500

Secretary’s Honorarium

President’s Expenses


Support for Development Office



W De Broe Management Fee





Donations & Grants Expedition Grants – Master’s Fund Dulwich College – School Prizes

1,000 1,000

1,000 1,000

Grant to OAFC Cricketer Cup

500 220

500 242

Alleynian Sailing Society



OA Shooting Club OA Golfing Society

50 50

50 50

4,220 2,967



Write Down of Stock of CDs

Total Expenditure

42,634 10,166



Balance being surplus (deficit) of income over expenditure transferred to capital account




Alleyn Club News

Notice of Alleyn Club Annual General Meeting ..........................................................................................................

Friday 31 October 2014, 6.30pm in the Board Room, Dulwich College Agenda

Hon Treasurer J D P Kendall MA FCAA (59-67) Auditor F W Berringer & Co Committee: Ordinary Members

1. Approve the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 1 November 2013

A Bhola (90-95) {2019},J R M Boote (95-00) {2019}, A T Frankford (62-69) {2018}, J B St L Franklin LLB (90-98) {2018}, S Martin (83-90) {2018}, T O C Saunders (2001-06) {2018}, J F Thornton FCA MBA (67-75), A Turnbull (87-92) {2019} Four representatives of Old Alleynian Sporting and Social Clubs R H Boultbee (66-75) OACC, A N Capon ACII (73-80) Alleynian Sailing Society, G O Curtis (56-64) OAGS, J B St L Franklin LLB (90-98) OAFC The Master is a member of the Committee ex officio as is the immediate Past President Trustees J D P Kendall (59-67), P G R Lyon (52-60), E C J Walsh (73-81) 5. Endorsement of Trustees of the Old Alleynian Endowment Trust: M R A Graham, P Petyt, I W Warburton and T J L Woudhuysen Common Room Representative J H Rosslyn-Smith BSc (97-04)

2. Approve the Accounts for 2013

3. Approve Grants for 2015: • £1,000 to the College for Alleyn Club Prizes • £1,000 to the Master’s Fund for sponsorships • £500 to the OA Clubhouse Fund • £50 to each of the Old Alleynian Sporting Clubs if required by these Clubs • £2,000 to the Alleynian Sailing Society to cover part of the cost of chartering vessels for boys’ sail training week

4. Election of Officers:

President I W Warburton MA MSc (57-65) Vice President

P G R Lyon MA (52-60) Hon Asst Secretaries N R Robinson FCIArb (62-71) and T J Walsh BA

6. Any Other Business (i) Cricketer Cup Honours Boards C W Field, Secretary

The 132nd Alleyn Cub Dinner will be held at the College on Friday 31 October 2014. See page 42 for details.


OA News

OA News ..........................................................................................................

Dulwich College 400

The Master recently convened a committee to oversee the College’s plans to celebrate the 400th anniversary of its foundation in 1619. The overall plan is for the College to mark a number of significant anniversaries over the period 2014 to 2021, including: the centenary of the start of the Great War (in which 508 Alleynians and four members of staff fell) and of the Shackleton Antarctic expedition involving the James Caird rescue; the 150th anniversary of the Barry Buildings (1866-70); the 400th anniversary of the consecration of the Chapel (1616), the foundation of the College (1619) and the first recorded play at the College (1621). The committee is looking at a number of ways in which we can commemorate these events, including exhibitions (actual and online), concerts, sporting events and plays. The theme of Founder’s Day in 2014, falling on 28 June, the very day of Franz Ferdinand’s visit to Sarajevo, will be ‘the spirit of 1914’. We are also starting to develop an oral history project about the College and are looking for OAs who might like to get involved. Please contact the College Archivist, Calista Lucy (lucycm @, if you would like to be interviewed, and suggest a topic as this will help with our planning. For example, we are keen to meet anyone involved with the painting of the hammer and sickle on the side of the North Block in the 1960s! More details will follow, but if you have any ideas or views about these commemorations, please email Dr Nick Black on blacknd @

Dr N D Black Head of Middle School and Chair of the Dulwich College 400 Committee

In May 2013, Colin Barrow CBE (63-70) visited the College to address an audience of Upper School pupils on careers in finance and politics, drawing on his experience as a banker in the City and on Wall Street, and subsequent career in politics with Westminster Council. Philip Battley (87-92) appeared as Maurice in Bill Kenwright’s production of Noel Coward’s Fallen Angels . The show, which also starred Jenny Seagrove and Sara Crowe, opened in August at the Theatre Royal Windsor, subsequently went on tour throughout the southwest and southeast of England. For more on Philip’s work, visit Kit Bennett (95-02) coached the USA women’s sculling group at the 2013 World Rowing Junior Championships. Among the results, the USA quad won a silver medal and the double finished 13th. Giles Block (53-60), ‘Master of the Words’ at Shakespeare’s Globe, published Speaking the Speech: An Actor’s Guide to Shakespeare (Nick Hern Books) in May, in which he addresses why Shakespeare wrote in the way that he did, and how both actors and directors can get the most out of their performances of Shakespeare’s works.

The following pages contain a roundup of news from Old Alleynians received in 2013. Many OA news stories are also carried on the College’s website throughout the year. If you would like to share your own news with the OA community then please contact us via alleynclub @ Shahab Ahmad (94-99) married Deborah Marchant at the College on Saturday 8 June 2013, with the service taking place in the Old Library. Professor Ewan Anderson (49-56) will be exhibiting some 30 of his botanical drawings, including the 12 heritage trees he was commissioned to draw for the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, in Durham Cathedral between 5 and 26 May 2014. Lionel Barber (66-73), Editor of The Financial Times , returned to the College in October 2013 to address the Sixth Form and distribute prizes for academic and co- curricular achievements in 2012-13. In the same month, he generously hosted the first meeting of the OAs in The City professional interest group at the Southwark Bridge offices of The Financial Times (see page 49 for details). Billy Barron (05-10), who is studying at the University of Pennsylvania, is fly-half and co-captain of the university rugby team.


OA News

Jez Bond (94-95) became Artistic Director of the critically acclaimed Park Theatre in Finsbury Park when it opened in 2013. Together with his partner, Melli Bond, Jez founded the theatre in 2010 and led the £3m project during the three years it took to find premises and then build the theatre. Peter Claxton (75-84) reports that, when not bond trading or raising his pedigree Red Devon cattle, he is now running the Dorset Electric Bike Centre (www. in Cattistock, Dorset, from his home, Chalmington Farm. He also owns the Spencer Ivy electric bicycle brand ( Peter would be delighted to welcome any holidaying OAs who may wish to experience the joys of electric mountain bikes or road bikes in the beautiful Dorset countryside. Artist Christopher Cole (68-73) exhibited a selection of his work at the Worshipful Company of Painter- Stainers’ Art in The City 2013 event in early October. Details of Christopher’s work can be found at www. Len Cornish (55-62) wrote to us in November, reflecting on his career in engineering and education. After leaving the College, he spent ten years at Brooklands, Weybridge, working on the BAC 1-11, Concorde and TSR2 aircraft. He then moved to Hong Kong and, over the next 20 years, worked on the design and maintenance of electronic instruments for the University of Hong Kong, while also serving as a founder member of Oxfam Hong Kong Group and, subsequently, Oxfam Hong Kong. He and his wife, Rosemary, had two children and adopted three more. On returning to the UK in 1992, he joined a medical charity that supported overseas hospitals in developing countries. He established his own consultancy in the same field in 2000. Although now retired, he still gives advice to overseas biomedical engineers and helps with the running of international conferences on appropriate healthcare technologies for developing countries. Jeremy Deller (77-84) created English Magic for the British Pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia, which ran between June and November. The exhibition focused on British society, including its people, icons, myths and cultural and political history, with events from the past, present and imagined future framed in a way he describes as contemporary but also true to the original subject. Later in the year, he curated All That is Solid Melts into Air , an exhibition that explores the role of the industrial revolution on modern popular culture and its influence on the lives of today’s Britons by combining contemporary music, film and photography with nineteenth century images and objects. Curated for Hayward Touring, part of the Southbank Centre’s Hayward Gallery, the exhibition opened at Manchester Art Gallery in October and will be visiting Nottingham

Castle, the University of Warwick’s Mead Gallery and Newcastle’s Laing Art Gallery between March and October 2014. More of Jeremy Deller’s work can be seen on his website: Two Old Alleynians celebrated their connections with the Coronation of HM The Queen, the 60th anniversary of which was marked in June. As the BBC’s Director of Outside Broadcasts, Peter Dimmock CVO OBE (34-37) was responsible for the entire television coverage of the Coronation. Sixty years after he sang at the Coronation as a chorister, Christopher Field (51-59), Secretary of the Alleyn Club and one of the youngest holders of the Coronation Medal, returned to Westminster Abbey for the anniversary service on 4 June. Another OA, the late Gordon Jacob CBE (1908-14), also played an important role in the music for Coronation by arranging the Seventh Fanfare and National Anthem for the service. Simon Dyson (59-67) was named Chance to Shine Volunteer of the Year at the Brit Insurance Annual Achievement Awards at The Oval in October 2013. Simon served as Executive Chairman of Chance to Shine from January 2007 until July 2009 and remains a trustee of the charity, which promotes and supports the playing of cricket in primary and secondary schools throughout the country. Simon, who also serves as a director of Dulwich College Enterprises and Dulwich College Enterprises Overseas, has played a significant role in Chance to Shine’s strategic development and fundraising efforts. One of his fellow trustees is Graham Able , Master of the College between 1997 and 2009.

Chiwetel Ejiofor (90-95) won BAFTA’s Leading Actor award for his portrayal of Solomon Northup in the critically acclaimed film, 12 Years a Slave . Chiwetel was also nominated in the ‘best actor’ categories at the Oscars and Golden Globes, among others. The film itself was awarded the Oscar for Best Picture and Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, Drama.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Earlier in 2013, Chiwetel, whose many credits include Children of Men, Love Actually and Amistad , starred in Stephen Poliakoff’s Dancing on the Edge , which was broadcast on BBC Two and told the fictional story of Louis Lester, a jazz pianist played by Chiwetel, who guides his jazz band through 1930s London. Robert Emes (93-98) married Kelly Digges at the College on Saturday 9 November 2013.


OA News

Charles Fellows-Smith (66-75) and Dr Himanshu ‘Chief’ Patel (75-77) received their MCC caps from Mike Gatting at a Lord’s dinner in November. Charles became a playing member in 1985, made more than 200 appearances for MCC and ran the MCC match against Dulwich College for many years. Chief received his cap for 100 MCC matches. He took 6/36 for MCC against Dulwich College in the 2000 match and 4/45 in the 2013 fixture. Both played in the Cricketer Cup semi-final at Clifton in 1993 and regularly for the OAs for more than 30 years.

inspection of the College’s Combined Cadet Force.

Max Gilbert (05-09) completed a series of activities – including the Dragon Ride Wales and cycling between Land’s End and John O’Groat’s – to raise money for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Max’s final challenge was to complete the WSPA’s 2013 Romanian Bear Adventure, which involved hiking through the Carpathian Mountains to reach the WSPA’s bear sanctuary in Zărnești. Bradley Goldberg (07-10) signed for Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club in the summer of 2013. Having joined from Charlton Athletic, Bradley, a forward, scored in two pre-season games for Dagenham, before being sent out on loan to Bromley FC. Martin Griffiths (73-82) was the winner of engineering group Costain’s Achieving Excellence Award for Contribution to the Community for his work on traffic control and safety in local communities. Martin has worked at Costain for eight years. Actor Nigel Harman (86-89), well known for his roles in Eastenders and the West End production of Shrek The Musical , joined the cast of popular ITV drama Downton Abbey for its fourth series. He played Green, the valet of another new character, Lord Gillingham. At the end of the Summer term, cyclists Konrad Harradine (00-11) and Stephen Harrison (04-11) returned to Herne Hill velodrome to take part in a triangular competition against current pupils and members of staff. Rear Admiral Christopher Hockley (70-77), the Royal Navy’s Flag Officer for Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland (FOSNNI), was appointed CBE in the 2014 New Year Honours. Rear Admiral Hockley began his career as a Marine Engineering Officer and succeeded another Old Alleynian, Rear Admiral Martin Alabaster CBE (67-76), as FOSNNI in September 2011. As Master in charge of Rugby at the College, Sam Howard (85-92) oversaw the 1st XV’s second consecutive Daily Mail RBS Cup final victory, a 27-17 win over Northampton School for Boys at Twickenham in March. In August, Hamish Hughes (07-12) and Tom Kirk (07-12) cycled the 100 mile course of the 2012 Olympic road race, raising money for the Arkwright Scholarships Trust, which supports school pupils who wish to pursue Engineering and related studies at university. Matt Jessup (00-07) is founder and Artistic Director of For Short Theatre Company. The company produced Elihu Winer’s Anatomy of a Murder at Audit House in Blackfriars in July.

Chief Patel (right) with Mike Gatting

Charles Fellows-Smith with Mike Gatting

Gabriele Finaldi (82-84), co-director of the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid, worked with Dulwich Picture Gallery on a joint exhibition, Murillo & Justino de Neve: The Art of Friendship. The exhibition, which ran between February and May, saw the gallery turned into something approaching a Sevillian church, featuring works by the 17th century Spanish artist, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. The exhibition concentrated on the relationship between the painter and his patron, the canon of Seville Cathedral, Don Justino de Neve. David Flatman (96-98), the former England, Bath and Saracens rugby player, is a pundit and commentator for BT Sport’s coverage of Aviva Premiership rugby.

Peter Franklin (46-50), a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners, has raised the ‘Agapanthus Peter Franklin’. The herbaceous perennial has generated much interest from the gardening world.

The ‘Agapanthus Peter Franklin’

Will Fraser (06-08), a flanker who plays his club rugby for Saracens, was named in the 2013 England Saxons squad and scored his first senior England try against Ireland Wolfhounds. Following another impressive outing against Scotland A, Will was called up to the England Six Nations squad for the games against Ireland and France. Colonel Keith Galbraith (61-69), a consultant general and colo-rectal surgeon and serving British Army officer, served as inspecting officer at the biennial


OA News

stories relating to war, adventure, insolvency or drama in the City of London. Before taking up writing, James’s first career was in law. A partner in commercial law firm Norton Rose, he served as chairman of both the banking law and insolvency law sub-committees of the City of London Law Society. All three short stories are available from Amazon. Lewis Lloyd (07-12), a member of Herne Hill Harriers, represented Great Britain in the men’s junior category at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, held in Bydgoszcz, Poland, in March, completing the course in a creditable 24m:17s. Lewis also represented Cambridge in the Varsity cross country race against Oxford in December, finishing first and leading Cambridge to overall victory. Will Löfberg (85-90) is now Vice President International, Government and Environment Affairs for the Dubai airline, Emirates. Will MacVicar (05-10) made his first-class cricket debut for Loughborough University against Sussex at Hove in April 2013. An all-rounder, he took two wickets and made 61 runs in the three-day match. Facing him in the Sussex side was fellow Old Alleynian, Chris Jordan (06-07). Conrad Manning (09-11) had a busy 2013 both on the water and on the dance floor. He finished second in the U25 category of the Cowes Week Regatta, ninth in the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s double handed series and 30th in Fastnet double handed category. In addition, he and his dance partner were named champions in the beginner waltz category of the university dancing championships. David Mifsud (98-09) joined the cast of Channel 4’s reality television series, Made in Chelsea , for its sixth series. Peter Nyeko (98-00) is Secretary to the Board of Directors at Kampala Diplomatic School in Uganda. In May 2013, he arranged for four pupils and two members of school staff to visit the College. Composer Anthony Payne (47-55) produced an orchestration of Vaughan Williams’s Four Last Songs which received its world premiere in September 2013 at a BBC Prom concert entitled Górecki , Vaughan Williams & Tchaikovsky. In February 2014, Luke MacDonald, the grandson of Emeric Pressburger, unveiled an English Heritage blue plaque in honour of the film-making duo of Michael Powell (20-22) and Pressburger. The plaque has been put on Dorset House, Gloucester Place NW1, where they rented flat 120 and edited their very influential films in the 1940s. Christopher Frayling of English Heritage spoke at the unveiling and was followed by Thelma Schoonmaker, Michael Powell’s widow, and Martin Scorsese, whose own film-making has been much influenced by Powell and Pressburger.

Chris Jordan (06-07) and Eoin Morgan (99) represented England in the one-day international (ODI) matches against Ireland and Australia in September. Eoin, who came to Dulwich on a student exchange programme from Catholic University School in Dublin, plays his county cricket for Middlesex and captained England for all six matches. Chris, an all-rounder who came to the College from Barbados, was called up to the senior England squad for the first time. He began his professional career at Surrey and moved to Sussex earlier in 2013. He made his full England debut in the one-day international against Australia at Southampton on 16 September, taking three wickets for 51 runs in ten overs. Architect and designer Asif Khan (88-98) created the MegaFon project for the Sochi Olympic park. Spectators were able to visit a special booth to have five images taken of their faces. A 3D projection of their face would then be displayed as an eight metre image on a large ‘pin screen ’ that incorporated 10,000 telescopic cylinders. Asif is also noted for deigning the Coca-Cola Beatbox Pavilion for London’s 2012 Olympic Games, among many other works. Details of his work can be found at In November, Andrew Kojima (87-97), the runner up in the 2012 series of MasterChef , became Head of Food at Humble by Nature, a catering, events and rural skills company owned by BBC presenter Kate Humble.

Andrew Kojima

Robert Lamb (01-13) and Theo Rutherford-Browne (04-11) were presented with their Queen’s Scout awards at a special ceremony in November and were subsequently invited to a reception hosted by HM The Queen at Windsor Castle. James Lingard (46-53) has published three short stories: Escape from Iran Israeli Style is a fact-based story inspired by the adventures of Israeli engineers supervising construction works on a military base for the Shah’s army in Iran who found themselves caught up in the Iranian revolution of February 1979; The Dead Man Strikes Back blends recent history with the fictional adventures of a British spy and was inspired by Russia’s problems with Chechnya and the war between Russia and Georgia over Abkhazia; In Defiance of Danger is a miscellany of fact-based


OA News

Eric Rosier (47-52) received the Lawn Tennis Association’s Meritorious Service Award in June, in recognition of his 25 years of dedicated service to Selsdon Tennis Club in South Croydon where he is a regular player and LTA qualified coach. The presentation was made by fellow Old Alleyninan, David Cianfarani (48-56) of Surrey Lawn Tennis Association during the club’s annual open tournament.

The plaque at Dorset House

Eric Rosier (left) with David Cianfarani

Dr Ovidiu Precup (95-97) moved to Arbor Education Partners to take up the role of Senior Data Scientist. Ovidiu worked at the College for 15 years, as a residential boarding house tutor and latterly as Database Systems Engineer. Graham Prothero (73-79) is to marry Miranda Duncan Walker at the College on Saturday 26 April 2014. Professor Stewart Purvis CBE (60-66) published When Reporters Cross the Line: The Heroes, the Villains, the Hackers and the Spies (Biteback) with Jeff Hulbert in September. A former editor-in-chief and CEO of ITN, Professor Purvis is now Professor of Television Journalism at City University. The book tells the story of moments when the worlds of media, propaganda, politics, espionage and crime collide, and the effects these have on journalism. Its pages feature some of the best-known names in British broadcasting. Lawrence Raw (69-78) is a specialist in adaptation studies within the Department of English at Baskent University, Ankara, Turkey, and also edits the Journal of American Studies of Turkey. In 2013, he published three works: Adaptation and Learning (Scarecrow Press); Global Jane Austen (Palgrave Macmillan); and The Silk Road of Adaptation (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). In January 2013, Freddie Reed (06-12) visited Gonder, a city in northwest Ethiopia, with the charity Broomwood in Ethiopia, established by Broomwood Hall School in Wandsworth with the aim of building and running a school in Gonder. The purpose of his trip was to document the lives of the children of Gonder, to provide a stronger link between them and supporters in the UK. As a result, a video and a collection of photographs were produced to show the children’s way of life. Charne Rochford (92-97), a freelance opera singer based in Zurich, toured the UK with the English Touring Opera, performing in the company’s production of Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra.

Matthew Ruttley (02-07), who received the Judge’s Choice Award at the 2012 Wall Street Journal Data Transparency Weekend, was awarded two prizes for his computer programs at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013 Hackathon, held at the Manhattan Center in New York in April. Professor Alec Ryrie (82-89), Head of the Department of Theology & Religion at Durham University, visited the College in October 2013 to open the archives exhibition, Magic in Tudor England. Toby Sargent (66-73), Deputy Head of News at the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, was appointed OBE in the 2013 Birthday Honours List, for services to Government communications. Captain John Scarlett (99-04) of the Coldstream Guards was awarded the Military Cross (MC) in recognition of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the Taliban in the Upper Gereshk Valley in Helmand, Afghanistan. Captain Scarlett, who held the rank of Lieutenant at the time of the engagement, led his Police Advisory Team to visit an Afghan National Civil Police check point. Leaving members of his team, including his second-in-command, with their vehicles, he took the remainder into the check point. When the people they were expecting to meet did not arrive, Lt Scarlett gathered his men into patrol formation and began to leave through the only available exit: a confined corridor leading to a pedestrian gate. An Afghan policeman turned fire on the team and three men were seriously wounded. Lt Scarlett instructed the remaining members to suppress the sangar position before running back into the compound to assist his wounded colleagues. While firing at the enemy, his rifle jammed but he continued to engage with his pistol until struck in the leg and body armour, suffering serious injuries. Corporal Shaw, a Combat Medical Technician with the Army Medical Corps who was also awarded the MC, raced back inside to drag him clear and tend his wounds.


OA News

David Sturzaker (90-95), known as David Smith at the College, starred in ITV’s two-part wartime drama, Murder on the Home Front , which was broadcast in May. In 2013, he also appeared on television playing the character of Bernardo Baroncelli in Da Vinci’s Demons . Graham Swift (60-66) saw his short story, I Live Alone , long-listed for The Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award 2013. The story focuses on a solicitor who, having received the news that he has a terminal illness, reflects upon his life and resolves to carry on as normal, while examining the meaning and potential hope that living alone brings. Douglas Tang (09-11), Organ Scholar at King’s College, Cambridge, played the organ for the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols which was broadcast on BBC Radio Four and BBC Two on Christmas Eve.

‘I carried on but after a while I came to a standstill and my memory is hazy. All I know is that the entire team were incredible. Not just in this contact but throughout the tour and this award is very much for all of them. They were a constant inspiration to me. As was Corporal Shaw. He did so much throughout the tour and his bravery and technical skill were admired by everyone’, said Captain Scarlett of the engagement. Realising that a further attempt to extract the casualties via the pedestrian gate was impossible, Lt Scarlett ordered a vehicle to ram one of the blocked gates, before collapsing from pain and blood loss. The rest of the team were, however, able to overcome the attacker and extract the remaining casualties. Captain Scarlett’s citation states: ‘Scarlett, a relatively junior Lieutenant, was faced with a horrific situation. In response, he displayed the very highest standards of leadership, courage and selfless commitment. In effect, he put the lives of his soldiers before his own and in doing so he took the deliberate decision to attack an ambush. Furthermore, even lying seriously injured he continued to direct the counter-attack, displaying supreme gallantry and leadership.’ John Scholar (89-98) has been elected to a Junior Research Fellowship at Magdalen College, Oxford. After reading English at Magdalen, he completed an MSc in Economics at LSE and worked for three years at HM Treasury. He then returned to academia, completing an MA in English at Birkbeck College, London, before returning to Oxford. His interests are in modernist poetry and the modernist novel, as well as literary theory and critical commentary. He is working to complete a DPhil, focusing on the novel in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Matt Sellwood (91-00) was called to the Bar at Inner Temple in 2013 and will begin his pupillage at Devereux Chambers in 2014. A keen debater during his time at the College, he was a member of the team that won the 2013 Commonwealth Moot, held in South Africa in April. Alex Singleton (93-98), a former Daily Telegraph journalist, has written The PR Masterclass: How to Develop a Public Relations Strategy that Works! (Wiley). Writer and architectural historian Professor Gavin Stamp (59-67) published Anti-Ugly: Excursions in English Architecture and Design (Aurum Press) in the autumn of 2013, which draws together a selection of his regular columns for the architecture and fine art magazine, Apollo . In May, David Stephenson (60-63) published Rugby Stories ... and other misadventures (CreateSpace), an autobiography recounting his early days in Australia, his time as a pupil at Dulwich College and his participation in the first international rugby test for the United States, against Australia. Captain John Scarlett MC (second from right)

Douglas Tang, Organ Scholar at King’s College, Cambridge

In April 2014, Wing Commander Keith Taylor (79-86) will be promoted to the rank of Group Captain and posted to the Falkland Islands to take up the position of Chief of Staff British Forces South Atlantic Islands. Wing Commander Taylor has previously served as Officer Commanding 617 Squadron (The Dambusters), leading the squadron on two operational tours in Afghanistan during his time in command. He was subsequently posted to the Ministry of Defence in October 2012, where he worked in Air Capability. Kenneth Taylor (76-83) was appointed Headteacher of St Mary’s Music School, Edinburgh, in April 2013. The five-part supernatural drama, Lightfields , broadcast on ITV in February and March 2013, was written by Simon Tyrrell (73-79), whose previous credits include the television dramas The Bill, Peak Practice and Survivors . Group Captain E E Vielle OBE RAF (Rtd) (26-31) published his memoirs, Almost a Boffin (Dolman Scott), at the age of 100. He joined the RAF in 1932 and retired from the service 25 years later. During his career, he worked with some of the country’s leading scientists


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