Breckenridge PT: Back Pain or Sciatica

Understanding Your Sciatica Pain

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While some back pain is easy to identify, there are some conditions that may be a bit more complicated to understand. One of the most common back issues experienced in the United States is sciatica pain, and this sort of pain is often a lot more difficult to identify — especially by those who aren’t familiar with the problem. So, how can you tell the difference between back pain and sciatica pain? Sciatica pain is characterized by the following factors: • Constant pain that is only present in one side of the buttocks or leg.

Sciatica pain develops in the nerves that connect the lower back to the legs. So, while the pain itself is generated from the back, many times the experience of the pain is more largely associated with the upper legs. Sciatica pain also doesn’t always develop as you might think. Sciatica pain causes a buildup of tingling, numbness, and weakness in the lower back and upper legs, and the pain isn’t always consistent. The sensation will typically run through the leg in waves, causing discomfort at seemingly unpredictable times. FINDING RELIEF If you are experiencing back pain and you haven’t talked to a medical professional about the concern, then now is the time to take action. Working with a physical therapist can speed up your recovery period so you can get back to living your life comfortably.

• Pain that becomes worse when you are sitting.

• Leg pain that develops more as a burning, tingling, or searing sensation, and not as a plain ache.

• Sharp pain that occurs at certain times, making it sometimes difficult to stand or walk.

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• Pain that is radiating, shooting down the leg and sometimes even into the feet and toes.

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