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If you want to avoid surgery or living with constant chronic pain then this will be one of the most important things you read today. Imagine you wake up one morning experiencing some mild back pain; you take some Advil or Aleve, and a hot shower and the pain goes away. No harm, no foul. This only happens one or two times a month, so it’s not a big issue, right? Now imagine this stiffness starts to occur more often, even three to four times a week. Each time, though, it goes away after a hot shower and taking some Advil. Before you know it this becomes a pattern; a couple times a week you need to pop an Advil just to get through the day. But who cares, right? This stuff is over the counter, so how bad for you could it be? Also, a bottle of Advil costs way less than going to the doctor, so as long as Advil helps the pain you are winning against your body. And you couldn’t be more wrong! • Taking Advil on a daily basis will most likely result in surgery • Taking Advil on a daily basis will wind up costing you thousands of dollars down the line • Taking Advil on a daily basis will cause permanent damage Needing Advil to get through your day to either relieve the stiffness in your back from when you wake up or relieve the pain that you get from sitting or standing all day is only masking the pain. Advil does not fix the issue; it does not make you better. It allows you not to feel the back pain. Sounds good, right? However, in masking the pain, other areas of the body get thrown off trying to work with the issues going on in your back. Even though you think it’s fine because you popped some Advil, there is much more going on. Now the back pain that was just in lower back has spread to pain into your butt, pain into the upper back, pain even

shooting down the legs. You have now taken a simple problem and turned it into a costly, possibly permanent issue. Not only is there the possibility of lasting damage, but because of a dependence on Advil you start to develop stomach issues. Maybe your stomach starts to be upset, or maybe there is actual pain that you begin to feel in the stomach. Long-term use of Advil and Aleve has been proven to erode the lining of your stomach. And here’s the kicker: you have NO idea this is happening until you have pain or an upset stomach, and by that time it is too late. The damage has been done. That problem is not fixable by anyone. You must live with the stomach pain, and it can become worse than the back pain you started with.

I know. You are saying to yourself there’s no way this will happen to you. That is for everyone else; you are built differently. If you are taking Advil to deal with low back pain, this IS you. The effects of continuously taking Advil will be devastating to you and your body. Taking Advil to mask the pain when your back is just stiff or doesn’t hurt that bad leads to injections and surgeries that may or may not ever fix the problem. Then you develop chronic low back pain. Pain that is not resolved with even the heaviest of medications and pain that is constant. Pain that takes you away from your job and your family and your life. Constant pain. There is no cure for chronic low back pain. It is only managed to take the edge off. And all chronic low back pain started out as a stiffness or an ache that was ignored until your body could no longer allow you to ignore it. What can you do now to start living a pain- free life and get off the surefire train ride to a life of never-ending pain? You must first realize that once you have succumbed to a weekly Advil habit that the power to fix this is beyond your control. You need professional help. No YouTube video, no magical cream, no amount of rest is going to fix the problem. Getting off the Advil and having low back experts diagnose and treat your back is the path going forward. What needs to happen today… Start monitoring how many times a day or week you take Advil so you can share this with your back pain specialist. It’s probably more than you realize, start cutting back if you can. If you are interested in starting to handle your back pain, finding out the CAUSE and not just treating the SYMPTOMS with medications like Advil, call our office to schedule a free 20-minute healthy movement screening.

Advil will cause irreparable damage to your internal organs. Advil only masks your pain; it does not fix it—which will cost you more money and time down the road. As your body begins to help out the dysfunctional back, those areas also become dysfunctional. They are not designed to work to help the back they are designed to do their own thing. But now they are forced to work differently. The pain spreads, and becomes more frequent and becomes more intense. Now, a problem that would have taken only a few weeks in physical therapy to fix becomes a three-month ordeal.

To your health,

-Lee Sowerbutts


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