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Moldflow Services — Optimize Part and Mold Design

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Comprehensive Analysis and Modeling With today’s shrinking time-to-market window, development speed is essential. As part of its commitment to the molding industry, DME is now offering Moldflow™ analysis to help optimize part and mold design – especially for hot runner molds. DME is the first mold technologies supplier to earn Moldflow’s silver certification in this advanced technology. A Competitive Advantage Predictive analysis, utilizing Moldflow software, yields tremendous benefits, including: • Optimize part design • Reduce time-to-market • Save cost and time on mold tryouts • Lower development and production costs • Provide a framework to establish reputable processes

• Improve product quality • Decrease cycle times

What is Moldflow? DME uses Moldflow Plastics Insight™ (MPI) software which is an integrated suite of analysis tools that utilize CAD files and apply advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to quickly and easily enable a virtual “what if” design environment before initiating mold construction. MPI provides in-depth part/mold design and process parameter optimization. This is in contrast to Moldflow Plastics Advisor™ (MPA) which is primarily useful for parts with low to medium complexity, conceptual designs, and quick part design validation. DME is a certified, licensed provider of Moldflow analysis services. Mold Fill Analysis The Mold Fill module uses predictive technology to simulate the filling process. Key analyses include: • Optimize the number, size, and location of gates • Balance the runner system design • Reduce material stress levels • Predict weld line locations • Validate pressure and temperature distribution within the mold • Optimize processing conditions – including melt temperature, injection rate, and cavity pressure

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