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Each DME nozzle series has its own advantages and characteristics to meet your needs.

Stellar Nozzles

Point Gate

Sprue Gate

Nozzles The DME Hot One is accompanied by a nozzle offering that allows versatility in system selection to best suit the material and molded part configuration. DME offers different styles of nozzles: The “EHA” series, using square coil heaters and the “CIA” series , using replaceable, slip-on high performance heaters . Each nozzle series has its own characteristics and advantages. For example, the “EHA” series of nozzles can be used for many applications using commodity resins with low crystallinity. The “CIA” series, with high performance heaters developed exclusively for DME, can be used for all applications, especially engineering grade resins with a high degree of crystallinity.

“CIA”/”EHA” Nozzles

“EHA”/”CIA” Nozzle Tips

n Sprue Gate/Extended Sprue Gate – Used primarily in applications where gate vestige is not a concern. Offers minimal flow resistance and handles most resins very effectively. Extended style provides additional stock for machining of runner profiles or part contours.

n Point Gate – Used for applications needing optimum gate cosmetics, this tip can run a wide range of resins. It has two interchangeable needles, standard and wear resistant. The wear resistant needle is especially useful for abrasive or filled material applications.

n Full Body Point Gate – Used for low vestige, commodity grade resin applications. The Full Body Point Gate features a sealed tip for efficient shut- off at the parting line.

Ordering Options: Use this information and our design and machining guidelines to build your system, or take advantage of DME Applications Engineering services to help you select the system best suited to your requirements. Then, either order the steel and components to construct your system or let DME do all of the machining, assembly and wiring for you.

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