Regional Physical Therapy_Beat Sciatica in 4 Easy Steps

How to Beat SCIAT


Start stretching - Your muscles were made to move, and when you don’t, your muscles become tighter. In addition, as you age, your tissues become less elastic, worsening the effects. Stretching needs to be part of your daily routine. We teach you the best stretches to reverse sciatica symptoms quite quickly. Improve your core and hip strength - Doing the correct exercises for the abdomen, hips and spine can make a world of difference in how well you feel. Most sciatica sufferers actually have very weak hip and core muscles from sitting too much.

This weakness places enormous strain on the spine and sciatic nerve. Always check with your physical therapist first, before starting an exercise program, to ensure you do the right exercises, the correct way. Limit your sitting and change positions frequently - When you are suffering with back pain or sciatica the key is to change positions from sitting to standing, to lying down frequently. Your muscles are used different ways, when in different positions. Give them a break by getting up from your chair and moving at least every 20-30minutes.



Thanks Laurie for helping me move better! “I have a really great medical team w/ people who have different specialties. This PT Laurie, who works at Regional Physical Therapy in Edmond. She specializes in Astym and dry needling, which is great for working out scar tissue. We tried to be more aggressive today with some of my problem areas, which made a big difference on my post-treatment mobility! Thanks Laurie for helping me move better! - Camille Herron, UltraRunner and Multiple World Record Holder, 2017 Comrades Champion, 50 mi-12 Hr-100 Mile-24 Hr World Records, 50 mi, 100K, 200K Track ARs, 2x World Champion (50K/100K) and 3x OTQ in marathon (2:37 PR) #physicaltherapy #movebetter #beabetteryou #runchat

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