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APRIL 2019


As most Georgians know, there’s no place quite like our state — especially during the springtime. At Don Turner Legal Team, we’re excited about our upcoming active spring season, and we can’t wait to share more experiences with you at community events. This April, Don Turner Legal Team will host its first booth at the Roswell Live After 5. During this popular monthly event, members of the community come out and visit local vendors, businesses, and fellow citizens to celebrate and experience our city every third Thursday of the month from April to October. An attorney’s office may not seem like the most exciting feature at a community event, but we do promise to do our best to offer prizes each month. For example, this April, we’re still offering a chance to win a Harley Davidson FXDR 114 motorcycle. Learn more by visiting . Of course, getting involved in the community is about so much more than getting our name out there or offering fun prizes. In addition to participating in this community event just for the fun of it, we also use the opportunity to keep people informed. When we’re advising our clients, it’s not uncommon for us to hear they had no idea their actions or the actions of other people would have a legal impact. We want to educate people before they find themselves in legal trouble because, ultimately, we’re more than just attorneys — we’re members of the community, too.

Besides Live After 5, our whole team is looking forward to an eventful

spring. Our firm administrator, Ashley Sampson, welcomed a baby girl, Emma, into the world this winter, and we cannot wait to hear all about little Emma’s first spring. (Learn more about Emma on Page 3 of this newsletter.)

Meanwhile, attorney Lisanne Edelman is excited about the third year of the Atlanta United FC soccer team, especially as the team comes off its Major League Soccer championship season. A former soccer player herself, Lisanne is looking forward to utilizing her season tickets to catch more than a few games of the defending champions. It’s amazing to see how Georgians have rallied around this new soccer team; in fact, Georgians bought more tickets to last year’s championship than this year’s Super Bowl in the same stadium! Personally, I’m getting anxious for trout season to start this spring. It’s a hobby that I picked up in college, and while I don’t get to do it too much anymore, it’s still relaxing to dip a pole in the local watering holes and see what I can catch. And, of course, I’m looking forward to more opportunities to drive in my convertible with the top down. There’s nothing more refreshing than driving down the open road after a few months of chilly weather.

Enter for your chance to win a FXDR 114 Harley Davidson motorcycle at Atlanta!

If you see us at Live After 5 April through October of this year, we’d love to hear about your favorite spring activities. Swing by our booth to swap some fishing or soccer stories, and enter for your chance to win one of our various prizes this season. See you out there, fellow Georgians.

–Don Turner

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