Ranges and New Products for 2021

L earn i ng Outcomes :

A i r handl i ng un i t • Investigation of psychrometrics, definitions, relations and psychrometric charts • Understanding of an air handling unit’s electro- mechanical components and their function • Investigation of psychrometric processes including: S i ngl e S tage Processes :

Wat er Ch i l l er • Understanding of refrigeration components and their function • Investigation of the vapour compression refrigeration cycle including: • Real-time plotting of the P-h thermodynamic cycle for refrigerant R134a • Calculation of superheat, subcooling, pressure ratio, saturated evaporating temperature and saturated condensing temperature • Calculation of the isentropic efficiency of the compressor • Calculation of the heat balance, mass flow rate and theoretical power of the saturation cycle • Understanding the effect of suction temperature and condenser temperature on the refrigeration effect and CoP • Calculation of the effect of varying the load on the refrigeration cycle • Determination of the mass flow and energy balance across the refrigeration cycle

• Sensible heating • Sensible cooling

• Sensible and latent cooling and dehumidification • Adiabatic humidification (evaporative cooling via air washer) • Steam humidification Mult i p l e S tage Processes ( t yp i ca l Examp l es ) : • Heating and humidification • Cooling and humidification • Cooling, humidification and heating • Observation of the effect of varying the fan speed, pump flow rates and temperature settings for all the above psychrometric processes and combinations • Calculation of the sensible heat ratio and dew point • Evaluation of the heat transfer across the water-to- air heat exchanger and the log mean temperature difference (LMTD) driving force


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