Ranges and New Products for 2021

Base Un i t ( EC 1 550V ) f i t t ed wi th the rec i rcul at i on duct ( ec 1 550a )

Rec i rcul at i on duct EC 1 550a A recirculation duct can be fitted. Air flow through the recirculation unit can be varied via the manually controlled dampers allowing a wide range of experiments.

L earn i ng Outcomes : A i r handl i ng un i t • Determination of the mass flow and energy balance across the whole unit • Adiabatic mixing of air streams

Env i ronmenta l Chamber EC 1 550c Complimentary to the air duct, a 2 m 3 environmental chamber can be used to mimic a room. This is designed to accommodate a student, allowing them to stand within an environment conditioned by the EC1550V. They can assess their comfort level and compare this with the calculated mean vote.

L earn i ng Outcomes : • Investigation of HVAC for human comfort applications – calculation of the Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) and Percentage of People Dissatisfied (PPD)

Base Un i t shown wi th the Env i ronmenta l chamber ( EC 1 550C )


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