Ranges and New Products for 2021

Advanced HVAC & R Tra i ner EC 1 550V

A versatile, floor-standing apparatus for the in-depth study of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC & R) systems. Facilitates the analysis of individual and combined psychrometric processes commonly used in air conditioning. Also allows study of the vapour compression refrigeration cycle, including the use of pressure enthalpy (P-h) charts.


• Equipped with variable-flow fan, PID controllers, steam humidifier, variable-flow pump serving water-to-air heat exchanger, high-pressure spray pump, air heaters and variable-flow dampers • Lights and windows allow the components of each air process to be clearly identified • Air conditioning processes and vapour compression cycle are fully instrumented • A control panel allows the adjustment of key components such as air flow velocity, temperature and water flow rate allowing performance comparisons at different set points • The apparatus reaches stability rapidly after a change in operating conditions allowing the students to investigate multiple air conditioning processes within one laboratory session

Base Un i t ( EC 1 550V )

Scre enshot s of the VDAS ® sof tware chart s can be downloaded


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