Ingham 2nd Sale_PIP

purchase price may be paid for by any negotiable instrument, including cash, personal or business check, money orders and travelers checks. The Treasurer may prosecute or sue any purchaser who delivers a check with insufficient funds or fails to consummate a purchase . Bidders who fail to consummate any purchase will forfeit all monies paid and will also be banned from bidding in ALL future Ingham County Treasurer’s Land Sale Auctions. Checks should be made payable to “Ingham County Treasurer”. Pursuant to MCL 211.78m(2), the Treasurer reserves the right to cancel ANY sale, on ANY parcel, at ANY time, including up to the time of execution and delivery of the deed. *NEW FOR AUCTION: Any purchaser who takes possession of a property without our permission, or cuts the locks securing the property WILL BE CHARGED A PENALTY that must be paid before a deed will be issued! $1,000 for cut padlocks and $1,500 for cut or damaged lockboxes. You must call our office to schedule access to your property ONLY AFTER all requirements of the sale have been meet.

UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS to the interior of a property is TRESPASSING!


Successful bidders at the sale will be issued a receipt for their purchases upon payment.

TITLE CONVEYANCE A Quit Claim deed pursuant to 1999 PA 123, conveying fee simple title and, drafted with the name(s) as entered on the registration, will be recorded by the Ingham County Treasurer’s Office with the Ingham County Register of Deeds’ Office within 14 days from the date of final payment of all amounts required under these Rules and Regulations. Quit Claim deeds will only be issued after the purchaser has provided proof of payment of current taxes . The Treasurer will request the Register of Deeds to send the recorded deed to the purchaser. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to contact the assessor and treasurer of the city, township, or village in which the property is located and file a “Property Transfer Affidavit” (PTA). The Local Assessor can and may issue a fee for PTAs not filed in a timely manner. Title insurance companies MAY OR MAY NOT issue title insurance on properties purchased at the sale. The Treasurer makes no representation as to the availability of title insurance. The unavailability of title insurance is not grounds for re-conveyance to the Treasurer. Purchaser may incur legal costs for a quiet title action to satisfy the requirements of title insurance companies in order to obtain title insurance. These legal costs are solely the responsibility of the purchaser.


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