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Taking Care of Your Most Important Asset


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5G Made Simple

When confronted with waiting a staple here in the city can you relax and enjoy the moment or do you become anxious since time is passing by? These inner questions can affect your inner body health. Can you observe your inner self? Can you feel the inner energy within your body? Meditation will slow your internal clock causing you to age more slowly through connection with the inner energy of your body. Practiced daily meditation will enhance your immune system allowing you to better overcome the negative stimuli in our environment. Meditation also gives your mind a rest and allows you to connect with your true being. It will allow you to refocus your thoughts and resolve situations quicker. Meditation requires dedication and consistency but even at a few minutes per day can make a real difference in one’s life. I myself practice meditation everyday and believe it’s an important part of my life.

The only thing you have direct control over is your mental and physical health. Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health are important for your self-esteem and well being. How will you enjoy life’s special moments and conquering life’s challenges if you’re not in your best physical and mental shape? Your mind is constantly being bombarded by thoughts and challenges. Should I do this or should I do that? Is this the right decision or the wrong one? Am I in the right place or do I need to change? How you respond to these silent thoughts control your actions and peace of mind. Living in New York City has its positives but can also be a source of added stress. Most of us are trying to save every minute either from running down the escalator to catch the Q train or the demands of work pushing us more and more. We are known as the city that doesn’t sleep and most are continually mobile.

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The Daily Grind

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The History of Libraries in America

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Dr Reit’s Little Known Museum Favorites

size. If you keep your waist below these numbers you will be physically and mentally stronger. You will have less chance of a heart attack or stroke and will feel better. As you lose the excess weight you will become more in tune with your body and have additional energy. Aerobic exercise like swimming, running and/ or biking will increase your stamina and moderate weight training will help reduce excess fat. Eating healthy and eating less will cause the excess weight to come off. The key is moderation. A good mental and physical self will lead to a happier you making it easier to face life’s challenges and increased happiness. That’s what I want for you. Healthy and clean teeth is part of that most important asset-YOU! We are always happy to see and hear from you. Call us today to schedule your dental check up appointment. Until then continued health and happiness.

Did you know forty for men and thirty-five for women is the magic number? Not your age but your waist

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