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The BeautyBulletin Transforming Lives and Getting Laughs FEBRUARY/MARCH 2022 MEET JESSICA STAVENA

Hi everyone, my name is Jessica Stavena, and I’m the Medical Spa Manager here at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery. If you’ve visited us before, there’s a good chance we’ve crossed paths. Dr. Sukkar has asked me to take over the reins of this newsletter edition because it’s a notable time in my career — my 10th anniversary working at the clinic! I’ve been working in aesthetics for about 15 years now, and I started as a licensed medical aesthetician. My first job was in a very relaxing spa-type setting, and it was fun for a while. But eventually, I realized I wanted to help patients undergo more dramatic transformations than facials and waxing alone could achieve. I moved to a laser facility, where I worked my way up to manager, and then I came to work for Dr. Sukkar. I don’t personally perform any treatments these days, but I still have plenty of interaction with our patients. Part of my job is getting to know them before they ever walk in the door. I gather information to understand their goals and explain what to expect from treatment. I also help patients book their appointments, which can be trickier than it sounds — often, people want their procedure completed before a big event, and no one wants to show up somewhere special while they’re still healing. When we meet people for their first appointments, they generally share a similar body language. They have hunched shoulders and don’t display much confidence. When they walk in the door a year later, they

to take better care of their skin and overall appearance.

I also love that our patients are choosing to come here. These aren’t life or death situations, but rather people making a deliberate choice to improve their looks and self-esteem. That lets us focus on

creating a unique experience that keeps people talking and returning to our facility. We do our best to think 5–10 steps ahead of the patients’ needs, and the team works together like a well-practiced orchestra to deliver the experience and results our patients want. Part of my job involves keeping spirits up around the office and maintaining our relevance on social media. We all work hard, so I act as a cheerleader, making jokes or doing weird dances to make everyone laugh. I also like to come up with silly videos to post online. I always try to bribe Dr. Sukkar to participate, but I’m rarely successful — “You know I’m not made for that,” he tells me. I still keep trying! Outside of work, I wear almost as many hats as I do here at the office. I married my high school sweetheart, Darryl, and we’ve been together now for nearly 18 years. My oldest, Landon, is 15, so for better or worse, I’m going to have a driver soon. I’m both a paintball and soccer mom, and I spend a lot of time running him from tournament to tournament. My two girls keep me equally as busy. Ellie, 8, reflects my meticulous and organized side, while Bella, 6, is a bucket of sass. I don’t remember having that much attitude when I was little, but my mom says she’s a “copy and paste” of me. I feel so lucky to have a job I love with an incredible team and a supportive boss. I’m always looking for ways to grow personally and professionally, and even when things are good, I’m still wondering how we can make them better. Dr. Sukkar supports that wholeheartedly, encouraging our development and innovation. I think it’s part of what makes us the best at what we do — and certainly makes this office such a great place to work. –Jessica Stavena

have their shoulders back and a bounce in their step. It’s like seeing a whole new person. That’s one of my favorite parts of the job — seeing the transformation people undergo not only physically but also emotionally. I get to be a part of their story and help them write the next chapter of their lives. Even now that I primarily work in the spa, I still get to help them fine-tune their results. Once our patients look great underneath their clothes, they are often eager


We’re so grateful to everyone who came out for our grand opening celebration on Feb. 10. It was a wonderful opportunity to see everyone, show off our new building, and cut loose. We hope you all enjoyed the food, dancing, and facility tours. Stay tuned for a full recap in our next edition!

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Spring-cleaning helps you breathe better.

Sunday, March 20, is the first day of spring — which means it’s time for some spring-cleaning. Did you know that cleaning is not just about tidying up a physical space? It’s also about improving overall well-being. Here’s how organization and cleanliness can help you in more ways than you might expect.

Spring often brings pollen that triggers allergies for many. But pollen isn’t the only thing to blame when people have difficulty breathing. When dust and pet dander build up in your home, your respiratory system is greatly affected too. Deep-cleaning your air filters and vents can make breathing effortless — and it’s truly amazing how this can improve your well-being.

Spring-cleaning reduces stress and depression.

Tidiness and mental health are actually connected. Studies have found that having a clean home is directly correlated to happiness and your ability to focus. Anxiety can spike when laundry is piling up, items are strewn everywhere, and papers get scattered on various surfaces within the home. Clearing the clutter is a great way to boost your mood and increase those feel-good hormones.

It keeps you more active.

It prevents illnesses.

Off the couch and on your feet! Even just running the vacuum and clearing the clutter from the dining room table will get you up and moving, which is healthy for your heart and body.

Doorknobs, refrigerator handles, light switches, countertops, and remote controls are all things we touch many times a day. Cleaning anything that’s used often is one way to reduce the spread of germs. By keeping household surfaces clean, we help thwart the spread of viruses and illnesses.

This spring season, putting some elbow grease into your cleaning will benefit you in more ways than one. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later!

AWhole New Look

Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

most popular because it has a natural appearance and realistic responsiveness. Saline, however, leaves behind a smaller scar because the implant is inserted into the breast before being inflated. The best implant for each patient will depend on the look they want to achieve, in addition to their anatomy and personal preferences. Your plastic surgeon will be able to help you make the best choice for your augmentation. Your surgeon will also help you select an implant size and breast shape that will work best for your body, in keeping with your desires for the final outcome. They will also help you understand the differences between placement under and in front of the pectoral muscles so you can choose the best approach for your situation. Finally, surgeons realize that women don’t only want their breasts to look great underneath a shirt, and they will take all precautions to minimize scarring.

After the procedure, patients should take 5–7 days off work to give themselves time to heal. Swelling, bruising, and pain during the recovery are normal, but medication will help control the worst effects. A week after the procedure, the patient will have a follow-up visit with the surgeon to remove sutures and evaluate the healing process. Most patients can fully return to their normal daily activities within three weeks. If you’re considering breast augmentation, visit DrSukkar.com to learn more about the procedure. We have dozens of before and after photos loaded to the site so you can see the high quality of our work and visualize how your results might look. We will be glad to schedule a consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals and explain the next steps. Gain control of your body — and achieve the appearance you’ve always dreamed of — by getting started today.

Breast augmentation procedures have changed significantly over the decades, resulting in a more natural and realistic appearance. And they’re not just for a larger bustline. Women also choose augmentation to improve their breast shape, fullness, perkiness, or symmetry. Best of all, if your needs or preferences adjust as you age, breast augmentation revision is available to help you change with the times.

Women pursuing breast augmentation have a choice of silicone or saline implants. Silicone is the

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Give Your Closet a Royal Touch 3 LESSONS FROM KATE MIDDLETON

(Bonus!) No. 4: Jeans and Blazers

Angling for a casual look? Try on a pair of your favorite jeans with a well-fitted blazer. This is one of Middleton’s go-to casual looks, and she pulls it off very well! Yet, it’s also a classic, slightly upscale outfit that’ll make anyone look good for any occasion. Don’t get lost while shopping for your spring look this year — start with a vision! We hope that our tips on Middleton’s style can help inspire you for your next shopping trip!

No. 2: A-line Dresses

Once in a while, everyone runs out of creativity for their outfits, and while you might admire certain celebrity styles, they’re often too bold for everyday wear. That’s not the case with Kate Middleton, however. The Duchess of Cambridge employs certain style tactics that almost anyone can emulate for their own daily outfits! If you want to freshen up your spring wardrobe, we’re positive you’ll feel a little bit more like royalty with these simple additions and tricks.

A-line dresses were an instant classic in the 1950s and remain one of the most recognizable dress silhouettes, which are fitted at the natural waist with a flared skirt. Whether you prefer long sleeves, mid-length or boatneck, A-line dresses are flattering for almost any body type. Plus, you can wear them throughout the year!

No. 3: Nude-Colored Heels

No. 1: Turtlenecks

Middleton wears many monochromatic outfits (in other words, single-color looks). That’s why she pulls off nude heels so well! By putting on nude- colored heels or flats, you can emphasize the colors in your outfits without being overpowering. Try out all kinds of materials, from suede to satin — it’s a timeless choice no matter what.

Under a blazer, under a coat, under a dress, it doesn’t matter when or where, a turtleneck looks good almost all of the time! Middleton tends to use her dark turtlenecks most frequently as a bottom layer to her outfit for an extra classy look.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane? 3 ESSENTIAL PACKING TIPS

Many people are considering traveling this spring for the first time since the pandemic started. A lot has changed since 2020, but packing for vacation remains a hassle, and baggage fees haven’t gone anywhere. Here are some essential tips to keep your load as light as possible — physically and mentally. Make a list. It’s just as easy to forget things as it is to overpack. Solve both problems at once by creating a packing list in advance. Consider in detail what you’ll need, and put it in writing. As each item gets added to the suitcase, check it off. Writing everything down creates a system to prevent leaving anything behind. And when it’s all on paper, you’re more likely to notice that you probably don’t need that many pairs of sandals. Use your personal item for extra storage. Airlines generally allow travelers one carry-on bag and one personal item. The dimensions allowed vary by airline, but the general rule of

thumb is that the personal item needs to fit under the seat in front of you. Don’t bring a small purse or a laptop bag when you can take a large tote or backpack. With the extra room, you can avoid checking another bag. Never check essential items. Lost luggage is the worst way to start a vacation, but it happens. If your luggage is misplaced, you probably won’t get it back that same day. So, you need to pack all essential items, like prescription medications or glasses, in your carry-on bag. Some experts even recommend tossing an extra shirt or pair of underwear in your carry-on in case your bag gets lost. You’ll be glad to have them if something goes awry. Packing smart will make for a less stressful journey. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy the trip knowing that everything you need is right there in your suitcase, and everything you don’t need is safe at home.

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