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Running for My Turkey

The Atlanta Half-Marathon Is Thanksgiving Tradition

While most people probably think about piles of turkey and whipped cream-topped pumpkin pie when they hear the word “Thanksgiving,” for me it conjures up images of pin-on paper race numbers and running shoes. That’s because I’ve spent many Thanksgiving mornings dashing through the streets of Atlanta, running the Atlanta Half-Marathon to earn my turkey dinner.

of relief, ice down my legs, and have dinner with my family. The house we gather at changes year to year, but no matter where we go, the Michigan side of the family cheers for the Lions on TV. Personally, I’m more about the food than the football (I’m a Falcons fan and they rarely make it to the big screen on Thanksgiving). We

I tried the race for the first time when I was a senior at Walker High School, and I still remember getting up bright and early and lacing up my shoes for the run. I kept running the half-marathon

always have a spread of all of the classic dishes. Don’t tell the cooks, but my all-time favorite Thanksgiving food is actually the turkey and cranberry sandwiches I make with the leftovers. They wouldn’t taste the same any other time of year! (The recipe is on the next page.) That said, I think running the Atlanta Half-Marathon helps me connect with the deeper meaning behind Thanksgiving. Putting my body through that intense physical exertion always makes me thankful I’m healthy and able to run, and when I get home, I’m thankful for the abundance of food I’ve helped provide for my family’s plates. My work as a lawyer brings me into contact with a lot of people who have been hurt, which helps me keep my own life in perspective. Really, as lucky as I am, every day should be a day of thanksgiving. This month, don’t forget to take a moment to think over the things you’re thankful for — it might just make your whole year a bit brighter.

through college and law school, then took a few years off when I started working. When I finally got back to it last year, I was welcomed by some pretty cold weather — you can bet I looked forward to my warm Thanksgiving dinner after that and didn’t feel the tiniest bit guilty loading my plate with heaping servings of turkey and pie. Weather troubles aside, I always have a lot of fun at the half- marathon. It’s nice to see people from all across Atlanta come together to cheer on their friends and family, and all of those happy faces give me a real sense of pride in my city. The course itself is great, too, because it takes runners by plenty of Atlanta landmarks, like the former Turner Field (where the race starts), the Olympic Torch Tower, and the historic architecture lining Peachtree Street.

When I get home from the race, I always follow the same routine: Stretch my sore muscles, use the foam roller for a bit

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3 Tips to Get Your Picky Eaters to Eat the Veggies Their Bodies Need GET READY FOR GOOD NUTRITION IN NOVEMBER!

Kevin’s Keys to Success

Did You Catch Kevin Patrick’s Feature in The Atlanta Lawyer?

It might seem strange that November — when millions of Americans gather around the dinner table to show gratitude through lavish Thanksgiving feasts — has recently

This summer, our very own Kevin Patrick was honored

with a feature in The Atlanta

Lawyer, the official bimonthly magazine of the Atlanta Bar Association! It’s common for TAL to ask Georgia attorneys for their thoughts on various legal matters, and this time, they asked about Keys to Success — or, what different attorneys think the secret sauce is to being a

been dubbed Good Nutrition Month. But it’s true; now is the time to pay extra attention to the nutrients your body needs to maintain its healthy state through the new year. While mindful eating is a habit families know they should practice year-round, once the holiday season kicks into full gear, it becomes much easier to overlook. With colder weather keeping you inside, the cravings for heartier meals and delicious baked goods leave parents struggling to encourage their picky eaters to consume anything nutritious. If you’re finding it more difficult than usual to convince your child to eat their greens, here are some tips to keep in mind! 1. LET THEM HELP. If your child has grown out of the toddler stage and is still resistant to eating their vegetables, child psychologists say you should have them help with the cooking process. The excitement and anticipation that comes with getting to prepare the vegetables can encourage kids to try a couple bites during dinnertime. 2. CHEESE IT UP! Cheese can undoubtedly make veggies more appealing for your little ones. When making their favorite mac ‘n’ cheese dish, consider adding broccoli and peas to the sauce. The cheese will mask most of the veggie flavor, and your kids won’t care as much! Another option for really picky eaters is to purée vegetables, like sweet potatoes, into the cheese sauce. The bright orange color will mask the inclusion, ensuring your little one gets a good share of fiber-rich nutrients while being none the wiser. 3. GET ‘BEEFY’ WITH YOUR VEGGIES. If your kids are fans of meat-based pasta sauces, meatballs, or sloppy Joes, you can substitute some of the ground beef with finely chopped mushrooms. Since the meaty texture of the tasty fungi is similar to ground beef, it’ll be hard for kids to notice the difference. Riced cauliflower can also be mistaken for tender ground beef when cooked in darker sauces and gravies. While it can be frustrating to negotiate with a picky eater, especially during the holidays, don’t lose hope. Try out these three tasty tips and observe Good Nutrition Month with a little more ease.

great lawyer. Kevin’s response was simple: “Arrive on time, which in reality is 10 minutes early, remember to stand up straight, and always tell the truth.” These keys are important to Kevin as a person and attorney but especially in his role as a trial lawyer. For example, if Kevin has an automobile accident case trial starting at 9 a.m., he’ll always be there by 8:30 — for something as important as a trial, he gives himself 30 minutes of leeway instead of 10. By standing up straight, it shows respect for the court, his client, and the whole civil justice system. Finally, he feels that telling the truth is both easy and always the right thing to do. To paraphrase Mark Twain, “If you tell the truth, then you don’t have to remember the last thing you just said.” Along with Kevin’s feature, the July TAL issue showcased great quotes from other Atlanta lawyers. For example: “The only failure is not to try.” “Don’t just show up: DO.” And, (on a humorous note), “Study hard so you can go to medical school.” If you aren’t an attorney yourself, TAL might not be your typical coffee-table read. Still, we’d highly recommend checking out this particular story, which came out in July but can still be found on the Bar’s website at Just click on the “Past Issues” link at the bottom of the page, and it will send you to the right place.

You can always reach Kevin directly at 404-566-8964 or (If you ever need it, his cell phone is 404-409-3160, too.)

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Happy Veterans Day! A Look at Atlanta’s Salute to the Troops

Before Veterans Day as we know it, Americans celebrated Armistice Day on Nov. 11 each year to mark the end of World War I. The celebrations started in 1919, and it wasn’t until 1954, 16 years after the date was designated a national holiday by congress, that President Eisenhower changed its name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day. From 1919 until now, though, the sentiment behind Veterans Day has remained the same. It’s a date to thank and honor the soldiers, living and dead, who have served or are serving our country and keeping us safe. Here at Kevin Patrick Law, we couldn’t be more grateful for the men and women in uniform who fight for America and American values every day. Celebrations in honor of our troops — and the 100th anniversary of Veterans Day! — will take place across Atlanta in early November. On Nov. 9, the Atlanta Veterans Day parade will fill downtown Atlanta beginning at 11:11 a.m., traversing Peachtree Street, Baker Street, and Marietta Street, and finishing at its intersection with Centennial Olympic Park Drive. This year’s Grand Marshall will be Major General Thomas M. Carden Jr., adjutant general of the Georgia Department of Defense.

ceremony will start at 11 a.m. and include a keynote address, national anthem performance, and color presentation. Afterward, attendees can enter the Center to learn about its Veterans History Project. Since its launch in 1999, it has collected interviews with more than 600 veterans.

To any veterans reading, thank you for your service! We can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are for all you do.

On Veterans Day itself, the honors will continue at Veterans Park with a commemoration by the Atlanta History Center. The


The Best Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Thanksgiving may be held on Thursday, but the food often lasts at least through the weekend. To make the best use of the excess, grill up some killer turkey sandwiches.

Ingredients • 2 slices sourdough bread

• 3 tbsp leftover cranberry sauce • 1/3 cup leftover dressing or stuffing • 2 tbsp leftover gravy • 1 tbsp butter, room temperature

• 2 tbsp Dijon mustard • 2 slices Swiss cheese • 1/3 cup shredded leftover turkey

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t have all the leftovers required. Directions 1. Coat inside of each bread slice with mustard and a slice of cheese. Place turkey and cranberry sauce on one slice and dressing and gravy on the other. 2. Combine sandwich and spread butter on both sides. 3. In a panini maker or large skillet, grill until crispy and golden brown. 4. Slice and serve.


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Inside This Issue 1 Running for My Turkey 2 Trick Your Picky Eaters Kevin’s Keys to Success 3 Happy Veterans Day!

The Best Leftover Turkey Sandwich 4 The Gift of Giving

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Celebrating Giving Tuesday Supporting the People You Believe In

November is usually all about Thanksgiving, but it isn’t the only holiday that encourages generosity. Giving Tuesday is a phenomenal celebration in which millions of people from across the globe are inspired to spend 24 hours giving back to the communities they love. ORIGIN AND GOAL Giving Tuesday is celebrated every year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, and this year, the holiday lands on Dec. 3! It was established in 2012 by the United Nations Foundation and New York’s 92nd Street Y as a response to consumer-driven holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The purpose of the holiday was to spread the spirit of giving, not only for the people in our nation but individuals across the world. The goal is “to create a massive wave of generosity that lasts well beyond that day and touches every person on the planet.” TECHNOLOGY AT ITS BEST Through the use of social media and technology, the organization hopes to encourage and spread generosity on a global scale using the hashtag #GivingTuesday.

The website states that “... technology and social media could be used to make generosity go viral; that people fundamentally want to give and talk about giving.” Through massive social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the individuals and companies participating in Giving Tuesday can spread their missions and messages all over the world, encouraging others to do the same. HOW YOU CAN CELEBRATE Now is the perfect opportunity to support your community and the causes you believe in. The best part of this holiday is that “giving” doesn’t just refer to donating money. People can give back by volunteering their time to help a nonprofit business, donating goods and food, or just buying a stranger some lunch. Even the smallest actions can have the biggest impact. If you’re interested in participating in Giving Tuesday, get together with your friends, family, sports team members, or neighbors to brainstorm on how you can give back. To learn more about how you can participate, visit .

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