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Bye - bye 2020. I hope you all enjoyed the December Issue of the Oracle, the first with me as the Editor. This January Issue is about welcoming a New Year and putting down 2020, a very unforgettable year. I have learned so much in the almost 6 months of 2020 that I have been here at ORPS, and I am so excited for what I have yet to learn at ORPS in 2021. Thank you to the ORPS staff and community members for continuing to welcome me and help me grow at this Premier RV Resort. There are still challenges that will lie ahead, but remember: Magic lies in challenging what seems impossible. — Carol Moseley Braun With love, Abby Lomeli Communications Coordinator


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A new year brings new enthusiasm . . . which then collides with reality! The challenge is to not let reality dampen the goals and opportunities which a new year provides. While the reality is that the worldwide pandemic is still with us, let ’ s embrace what we have.

Well, 2021 is here and we all hope it is much better than 2020. That said, we are not out of the woods just yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. When I started my term as President of the Board of Directors almost two years ago, I had three goals. One was to put us on the road to achieving our Vision. To remind you, the Vision states, “ We strive to be a Premier RV Resort with excellent facilities, activities and amenities, creating a positive social culture for all. ” To that end, we began the journey, with the assistance of the McMahon Group, to build a Strategic Plan and Master Facilities Plan. We created an Ad Hoc Committee re- cently to take the next step in this process and they have been meeting since December 16 th . This is a very exciting path we are on and I look forward to the outcome. The second thing I have focused on is facts and data. Not just in making decisions that the Board is faced with on a regular basis, but also on how we operate the resort. We have made some progress in that regard, but we have more progress to achieve. Specifically, I have asked Ed to develop metrics that management can share with the Board, that monitors the day - to - day operations of the Resort. The final thing I have tried to achieve, is eliminating any and all animosity in the resort. This is, in essence, at the heart of the Vision statement, creating a positive social culture. Part of this is asking for everyone to respect one another. This in no way means that we cannot have differing positions or beliefs. For the most, I think we have made progress in this regard. As an example, much of the correspondence the Board receives is well written and very respectful. On occa- sion, we still get some that are rude and disrespectful. Lest I remind you, your Board is made up of owners who are volunteering their time and effort to make this Resort, and our business, the best they can be. While we still have some work to do to achieve our Vision, I think we are well on our way. With your help, assistance, and willingness to volunteer, we will get there in no time. The Board and I thank you for your continued support.

Let me share what I hold near and dear . . .

• I am in the first days of a new year which has unlimited promise . . . • I have a professional responsibility which I celebrate daily . . . • I get to serve Ladies and Gentlemen who share my zest for life . . . • I get to shoulder responsibilities with the best collective team members I ’ ve ever had the pleasure to work with . . . • I am engaged with one of the best Board of Directors ever . . . • I can go out daily in the Resort and get heartfelt waves and “ hellos ” . . . • I have a supportive wife who is as dependable as the sun is rising and setting . . . • I have a loving family who I know will be with me whatever may come . . . • I have a God in whom I can trust . . . Some of you might be thinking that Pollyanna is writing this (for those who know about Pollyanna) but with all the turmoil in life . . . from Covid to national politics to noise “ nuisance ” to rig aesthetics, I tend to focus on what ’ s good . . . and life is good, isn ’ t it?

Think on this place we call ORPS . . .

Great location . . . Great seasonal weather . . . Great amenities . . . Great energy . . . Great traditions . . . Great people . . .

The staff challenge, faced with exuberance, is to make this place what you want it to be . . . from facility up- keep/modernization to policy implementation to safety precautions . . . which is a daily resolution, not just a yearly one. Our goal must be to remove obstacles, not place them, all within what is best for all. My wish for you is the best 2021 possible. It will be what you make it.

Greg Farmer Board President

Ed Vitrano General Manager






I ’ m pleased to report that the annual audit for the fiscal year ending June 30 raised no significant issues, and that our goal of being 70% funded for Reserves has nearly been achieved. In addition, operating losses for the fiscal year were in line with expectations, since we did not increase assessments last year by enough to pay for increases in California ’ s minimum wage. We have been closely monitoring ORPS monthly financial results to see what impact COVID - 19 has on our income and expenses. For November our revenue was $66,000 below budget and our expenses were $34,000 below budget (due primarily to wage savings), for a net loss of $32,000. The Board asked us to forecast end - of - year (June 30, 2021) results; assuming that the remainder of the year is similar to October and November we expect a net loss for the year of $140,000 to $170,000. The budget for this fiscal year includes a $142,000 expense contingency which the Board approved due to COVID uncertainties last spring, so it looks like we may get through the year without too much financial difficulty. Our other current project is Management ’ s recommendation that the Board approve significant pavement repairs and gutter and intersection improvements throughout the resort. This will be a multi - year project paid for from Reserves. The Committee will be working to understand the impact on our Reserve funding level and recommendations to the Board as to how to maintain Reserve funding as the project progresses. Our next Committee meeting will be Wednesday January 20 at 2:00 by Zoom. All Owners are welcome to attend, check the Oracle or for Zoom login information.

Driveway Chains - With so many owners unable to join us in the resort we are really noticing the poor appearance of the driveway chains stretched across the lots. There is a wide variety of unattractive chain supports such as Home Depot buckets, concrete blocks, and orange safety cones. Many chains are plastic, which rapidly deteriorate and break in the sun. People hang

swim noodles or rags or pieces of plastic from the chains and these deteriorate as well. On many lots, the posts are tipped over and sometimes there is only one post.

The committee is discussing requiring permits for the construction of any new driveway fences and creating uniform standards. And for existing installations, we will likely say that the chain must be stretched tight with no center supports and no dingle dangles. Posts must be upright. Chains must be metal. No plastic chains. Chain should be removed and placed in storage when the owner is in residence. These simple steps will immediately improve the appearance of our streets. Do - It - Yourself? - Many owners have the good intentions of performing their own improvements, but then get into difficulty in finishing the work in a way that will pass final inspections. In our harsh desert conditions, landscaping must be planted at the right time of year, at the correct depth, and irrigation needs to be designed carefully to protect your investment. Brick borders of brick must surround the plantings and must be secured in cement. Weed barrier must be installed beneath any planting or gravel or stones. Owners can avoid problems and added expense by hiring one of our capable contractors to do their work. Either way, don ’ t forget to apply for a permit.

Finance Committee

Charlie Leahy A&A Chair




We do hope to see you soon at ORPS

January 2021 ORPS Chapter, Family Motor Coach Association

From the Board, we wish you all a very Happy Holiday. We certainly can- not have traditional cele- brations here in the desert

or at home. We will make up for these trying times next year at ORPS. We have missed all our Canadian friends who make up a good portion of our Chapter. We encourage you to suggest what we can do virtually or responsibly as a small group. Above all, please be safe, kind and patient. Quarantining in your RV, fixed or mobile has been very good for some. Our members have shared where they have been and as friends would have it, could get together during their travels. Over the next months, I will pass the shared moments our families have offered up. Send your pictures along!

Brenda King from her travel blog;

This “ Pastoral ” from Brenda King, Thank you.

So, who can be a National and Chapter member of the FMCA? Go onto the National website, to join the FMCA. For the local chapter, it is any ORPS owner or ORPS “ long - time renter ” with a Motor Coach, towable RV or 5th wheel . You must be a member of the national FMCA organization first. You will soon find chapter membership applications near the mailroom in El Saguaro and La Palma. National FMCA Benefits in- clude Emergency Medical Assistance as needed, mail forwarding, travel assistance in the event of an issue, discount wireless hotspot, discount tires for your RV or car and a great magazine, just to name a few. The FMCA National parent club dues are $85.00 first year; $75.00 thereafter. Annual local dues are $25.00. New ORPS Chapter members will also need to purchase a nametag, $10 each.

Sue Strauss, Vern, Rich Strauss, Sharen Metz in Vern Chastain ’ s new home.

Sharen Metz, Rich and Sue Strauss

Road Runner at ORPS by Sue Strauss

Alex, Sue & Rich Strauss Thank you for your pictures. Let ’ s keep this up! Your FMCA ORPS Officers Jeff Buchman , President – (202) 577 - 6478 - Lot 835 Susanne Strauss , Vice President – (518) 368 - 8084 Lot 632 Vicki Hilmer , Treasurer – (253) - 312 - 0193 - Lot 1082 Ken Hearn , Secretary, Newsletter – (610) - 573 - 3747 - Lot 835 email: Doug Hibl , ORPS FMCA Nat ’ l Director – (209) - 480 - 8971 Lot 99 For any questions; please contact Ken Hearn

Rich & Sue Strauss at 12095 Ft, Independence Pass in the Rockies






Results Team Fun Scramble 12.1.20 (12 Teams/47 Players) 1st Place - Gross Score 46 - Payout $52 Ron Walton, Keith Bassham, Cindy Grannary, Duane Schram 2nd Place - Gross Score 47 - Payout $48 Steve Simpson, Steve Ellison, Judy Lentz, Bob Ward Tied 3rd Place - Gross 48 - Payout $37 Larry Bain, Michael Beal, Gary Selanders, Brian Moore Tied 3rd Place - Gross 48 - Payout $37 Ed Lewis, Dave Blewett, Michael Wanless, John Reininger Tied 3rd Place - Gross Score 48 - Payout $37 Hal Mortenson, Judy Mortenson, Luann Ward, Penelo- pe Levers 6th Place - Gross Score 49 - Payout $27 Kris McGee, Richard Marcucci, Kathy Oedekerk,


Full 2020 - 2021 Season Tournament Results are Available at

Results Team Best Ball 12.3.20 Women (4 Teams/14 players)

1st Place - Gross Score 113 - Payout $40 Sandy Goble, Cindy Grannary, Sandy Seaman, Susan Charley 2nd Place - Gross Score 116 - Payout $30 Kris McGee, Tori Goble, Linda Parker, Wallis Olive Men (5 Teams/20 players) 1st Place - Gross Score 108 - Payout $50 Hal Mortenson, Clyde Fitzpatrick, John Neumann, Dave Neuman 2nd Place - Gross Score 112 - Payout $30 Bob Moore, Keith Bassham, Mike Delaney, Ashton Slotsve 3rd Place - Gross Score 114 - Payout $20 Duane Schram, Jerry McGee, Vic Goble, Marty Lent

Fran Biddle

Congratulations to these individuals who have made a recent Hole in One!

4.18.2020 Kris McGee Hole #1 11.18.2020 Doug Davis Hole #12 11.27.2020 Nancy Dean Hole #4

12.02.2020 Lori Flood Hole #18

12.09.2020 Tom Ficcadenti Hole #7

Congratulations to Gary Oedekerk Winner of the Hole in One Pot $390 With a Hole In One on Hole #7, During the Team Fun Scramble on 12.1.20

12.10.20 Judy Lentz Hole #9

12.14.20 Duane Schram Hole #17

12.01.2020 Gary Oedekerk Hole #7

Congratulations to Judy Lentz Winner of the Hole in One Pot $100 With a Hole In One on Hole #9, During the Team Best Ball on 12.10.20




Remington Post, PGA Director Of Golf

Golf Course Volunteer Spotlight Just wanted to thank our golf course volunteers so far this season. Without these individuals the golf course would not be in the shape that it is

this season.

Jerry Faulkner - Jerry assisted with the placement of the new golf course yardage markers in October while the course was closed. This was an extensive project that required five days of work with the removal of the old markers which had not been updated in some time. As well as the installation of the of the new markers which will be reflected on the new scorecard. Thank you to Jerry, for assisting with this difficult project! Gary Oedekerk - Gary has volunteered to assist with fixing ball marks and repairing divots on Wednesday afternoons. Now that the divot mix has been removed from the golf course, this has been a huge help in keeping the golf course in the best possible condition. Thank you to Gary for your service, you are much appreciated! Dick Couch and Dave Dawson - Dick and Dave have assisted the golf operation throughout the season to help remove geese from the golf course ponds. Both individuals chase the geese out of ORPS with remote control boats and their dogs. This is a great way to remove the geese and create the best golf course conditions as geese eat the grass and leave waste on the course. Thank you to these individuals for all of, their efforts this season! Marshall Program We have made some changes to the Marshall program this season as many of our volunteers are not at ORPS this season. Currently we have two returning Marshalls who are insuring, safety for all golfers while on the course. Golf Course Marshalls will also fix ball marks and repairs divots on the course as needed. The Marshall cart has a new defibrillator in case of emergencies on the golf course which could potentially save a life. There is also now a defibrillator at the Starter Shack as well. Current Marshalls are listed below. If you would like to volunteer to be a Marshall this season, please email

Christie Etie - Monday's AM Shift Dave Dawson - Friday's PM Shift

A special thank you to Don Woodgrift who has run the Marshall Program for many years. Don has resigned from managing The Marshall Program for personal reasons. We miss you being a part of our team and we sincerely, appreciate, his past efforts to ensure safety for all golfers! Again, if you would like to volunteer to assist the golf operation in any way, please contact me at






Our pickleball club applauds the ORPS Board of Directors for their support as pickleball continues to revise its protocols for safe play – ball and hand sanitizing; cohort play with minimal participant contact; wearing masks when not on the courts; and no chairs for observation or visiting. We are uncertain how long these protocols will be necessary but until the health regulations change, be safe and have FUN out there! Kudos to the Board as well for approving, on a trial basis, the use of the Monarch ball until 7:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. We all appreciate the opportunity to play during the morning and evening when the temperatures of the day are cooler; to accommodate those who work through the day; and to put the wonderful lighting system to great use!


Pickleball afternoon lessons have been greatly successful with between 20 and 24 participants attending each time! Participants are being organized into both beginner and intermediate/advanced play so if you would like some playing tips, come on out at 2:00 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays. A big shout out to John Boudin, Gary Oedekerk and Dave Crosswhite for donating their teaching and coaching time!

SAVE THE DATE Should the COVID restrictions ease up in the new year, the club hopes to offer: Jan 16, 2021 Hawaiian tournament (lunch to follow) Feb 12, 2021. Valentine tournament (lunch to follow) Feb 24, 25,27. Can Am tournament 2021 Women ’ s, men ’ s, mixed


Submitted by: Lynn Barry




Committee Corner


I am bringing back my predecessor's Committee Corner where each month we will be featuring a different committee member. This month I am featuring Mary Holmes, who is in charge of Mixers.

Due to the current COVID stay at home order all organized tennis events have been cancelled through the end of January. We hope February brings a loosening of restrictions and fingers crossed, we can get back to the fun and competition of our mixers and horse races. Since USTA and Desert league play have been cancelled for the season, the Tennis Committee, led by Steve Simpson, is looking to put together an ORPS inter - resort league. This will be open to all levels with separate men ’ s and women ’ s teams. More details will be provided as well as signups early in the new year. As with everything else, the start date for the league will be subject to current COVID restrictions. Men ’ s & Ladies Top Gun as well as mixed doubles ladders are also being pushed back from their January starts. Keep an eye out for the return of Novice Clinics.

Hometown: Denver, CO Occupation: Retired regional director for Sephora. Started Playing Tennis: Has played tennis off and on for 30+ years. Other Hobbies: Cooking, Entertaining, sewing and knitting. Also learning to play pickleball and golf. Mary is a proud second generation ORPS owner. She started visiting the resort when her parents bought it here in the early 80’ s. Following her mother ’ s footsteps, Mary bought her parents' old lot and also like her moth- er, became a member of the Tennis Committee. What advice would you give someone new to ORPS/ Tennis: If you want to meet people at ORPS, just get outside! I ’ ve met wonderful people just walking my pup, McDuff! Mary ’ s on lot #1080

La Palma Courtside Patio

Dawn Williams Tennis Communications





We hope the holidays were joyful for each of you as we ride the COVID 19 roller coaster. For those of you who enjoy sewing, we would like to invite you to join us in the West Room Sunday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, during the COVID 19 pandemic we are able to sew in the West Room as long as it is permissible by State and County guidelines. We have posted COVID 19 guidelines at the door of the West Room. Bags, Bags, and Bags ! Pat Keyes has been working diligently on custom embroidered bags. She is selling the bags for prices that range from $20 to $30. Pat will donate $10 from each bag sold to Shelter from The Storm. Come on by the West Room during sewing hours and help Pat raise money for the Coachella Valley ’ s only domestic violence shelter.

Having a Positive Attitude is Good for Your Health.

There is a growing body of evidence that having a positive attitude does a body good. The benefits of positive thinking include an increased life span, lower rates of depression, lower levels of distress, greater resistance to the common cold, better psychological and physical well - being, a reduced risk of death from cardio- vascular disease, and better coping skills during hard- ships and times of stress. Why having a positive outlook is beneficial to health... I feel it has to do with better stress management; I also believe that positive thinkers are more likely to be active and health conscious. What is clear is that looking on the bright side and expecting good things to happen are worthwhile endeavors that benefit body, mind and spirit for a lifetime. People who had more positive attitudes toward aging dealt better with stress than people with negative atti- tudes. Another, titled “ Negative perceptions of aging modify the association between frailty and cognitive function in older adults. Personality and Individual differences, found that a positive attitude toward aging may help prevent older adults from becoming frail. We live in such a beautiful area. Let's all treat each other with respect and stay positive!! With all the inevitable changes that will come our way. ... CHANGE should be thought of as being positive. Don't worry... Be happy and stay healthy • If anyone would like to check out hand weights from the gym, please email me @ You can keep them a week at a time. • If you are interested in joining a special weight loss group with naturally sourced supplements and meal plans after the new year. Please contact me for details. We will start the 2nd week in January.

This club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us for more information at You can join our Facebook page by searching for: ORPS Quilters & Sewing club

Chavalla Lopez - Bassham Health + Fitness Chair

Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter




Cindy Wilson

Janice Crosswhite


ORPS member Cindy Wilson, from Bend, Oregon, spent her stay - at - home time practicing ukulele, walking, biking, hiking, playing pickleball, reading, and knitting. She ’ s active at ORPS with golf, line dancing, playing pickle ball, working out in the fitness center and going to happy hour. She played clarinet in high school and a friend from her hometown introduced her to the ukule- le, which she has played for one year. Jimmy Buffett ’ s Margaritaville is her favorite song, but learning some- thing new, meeting new people and playing in the ORPS group is so much fun. Two years ago, Janice Crosswhite, a full - time RVer from Aurora, Oregon, began her ukulele journey playing with the ORPS group. Ukulele is the very first instrument she has played. The leader/teacher when she started learn- ing said that strumming was the hardest part of playing. She didn ’ t believe him because all she saw was his hand going up and down. How hard could that be? Learning 16+ chords plus changing them during a song had to be harder. Well, she soon learned that strumming was indeed harder, but with lots of practice, strumming can be mastered. She says that learning the ukulele (strumming, changing chords and singing) is like patting your head, rubbing your belly and tapping your feet at the same time. Mike Murray, from Downey, California, is a guitar player who took up ukulele three years ago. He was invited by another ORPS player to give it a try. He enjoys playing Hawaiian music with the ORPS group and other groups and getting songs down tight. At ORPS he plays pickleball, tennis, bikes and golfs. During the summer he went camping and biked and admits he had not played his ukulele for four months but is looking forward to getting back to the group. The ORPS Ukulele Group hopes to welcome beginning players sometime this season, but because of Covid restrictions, in - person group instruction is not permitted at this time. Please check with the Lifestyle & Events office for updates and possible beginner classes in January. Returning players continue to practice on Wednesdays, 2:00 - 4:00 in the East Room and Saturdays, 2:00 - 4:00 in the West Room and hope that throughout the season they are able to perform and share new music with those in the resort. For more

There were eight ukulele players so far this season who worked on Christmas songs for a December sing along that didn ’ t happen. So to brighten the season, here is a practice audio and a Christmas poem. Enjoy! Ukulele resumes January 16, 2021. Happy New Year. Twas the night before Christmas, and all through ORPS park Not a uke player was strumming, and boy was it dark. The ukuleles were hung in the RVs with care In hopes that COVID restrictions would no longer be there. The strummers were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of chord charts danced in their heads, And some dreamed of kazoos and all dreamed of masks, But players couldn ’ t have both, that was a thing of the past When out by the phase satellite there arose such a clatter, Strummers sprang from the beds to see what was the matter. Away to their storage they flew in a hurry. Grabbed music stands, sheet music, all in a flurry. The moon on the desert made a beautiful calm. There were cacti, roadrunners and the swaying of palms. When, what to their wondering eyes should appear, But a few other ukers, showing no fear. They had a director, so lively and quick, They knew in a moment she had a small trick. To play all the Christmas songs that they ’ d practiced and knew. They ’ d play during restrictions, to see how they ’ d do. More rapid than eagles, they set up in the back And she shouted, and named the songs they ’ d attack. Now! Frosty! Now! Rudolph! Now! Silent Night! On Jingle Bells! Silver Bells! What a delight! The music was playing, there wasn ’ t a glitch. The Christmas musical spirit went on, there wasn ’ t a hitch. They played during COVID, sat six feet away and all in the audience said it was the best holiday. And now for a wish from ORPS ukulele players to you, “ Come listen to us, we ’ ll be playing again soon! ”

information please contact: Marilyn Sabens, Lot #363




It is no secret, COVID - 19 has affected the resort during the Holi- days this season. On any given year, driving in the re- sort you would see members walking with members, players interacting

on the golf course, and the liveliness of the players on the Pickleball and Tennis Courts. As the Life- style Director, it has not been easy on my team and me. The Lifestyle Department has been working tre- mendously hard to keep our Social Events alive. The pandemic we currently face, shut down all our Social Events until further notice. For the time be- ing, Clarisa and I are researching tirelessly how we can keep the momentum going, by attempting to organize events virtually. It is as new to us as it is to all of you. With the help of the talented DJ John- nyD and board member, John Boudin we kicked off our first Virtual Christmas Singo Event ft. Tommy and his Elves. Needless to say, many members complimented and thanked us for our efforts. Con- gratulations to our winning members, Kathleen and Jerry Sovell!!! Thank you for participating. With January ahead, you can expect virtual events to continue. Although the future of the stay - at - home order is still unclear, I am planning as if the restrictions will be lifted. I have strong hope that it will not be much longer where I drive into work and enjoy the sight of the spirited resort that I used to see. Thank you for all your support and coop- eration through these unbearable times.

Virtual Singo!

Remember … We will get through this together.

Alyssa Torres Lifestyle Director

“ It’s a Lifestyle!”










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