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NEWSLETTER Endof Summer &Back to School

August is always a month filled with mixed emotions in our family as Summer ends and school returns. • Sadness that summer has come to a close, no more fairs to attend, swim parties, or staying up late and sleeping in the next morning. • Excitement (some of my kids at least) for the start of a new school year and seeing old friends and making new ones. What emotions do you experience at this time of year? With any transition times in our lives it can lead to an increase in stress. Whether that is back to school, retirement, death of a loved one, marriage, birth of a child, or even recovering from a significant injury, it is important to try and manage stressful moments or times. In a review of several articles, there were a few recurring recommendations that were given as tips for managing stressful times in our lives. Here is what I found:

1. Get enough sleep – not only does sleep effect your body’s ability to recover and fight off disease, it also helps improve mental clarity and creativity. 2. Exercise regularly – 30 minutes a day is recommended by several sources as a way to combat stress and improve your overall health. 3. Follow a routine – life is busy and lots of things can get in the way of our goals. Having a consistent routine or schedule will help ensure that we get the most important things done in our day. One of the big reasons that I like it when my kids return to school is that it puts us all back into better routines. I hope that you will take this time of year “Back to School” (even if you aren’t returning to school) to get yourself in a really productive routine to help improve all aspects of your life and prepare you for any stressful moments that may arise.

Your Friend, David Hawkins PT

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