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June, 2019


I’ve approached my work. “We don’t burn out because of what we’re doing – we burn out because we forget why we’re doing it”. Inky Johnson. I am so passionate about what I do I think I love it more today than ever. If you are the parent of a young athlete or

WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED? “What keeps you motivated?” – This is a question that we all must ask ourselves, especially when pushing our boundaries and trying to reach our personal goals. A few weeks ago, at Brand Triumph (our nationalFyzicalevent), Ihadthepleasure of meeting and having lunch with Inky

just want to feel good about something, I would ask that you set aside some time to watch some Inky Johnson videoswithyourchild.He isan inspirationtoyoungpeople to not make excuses, to set goals, to take life, instead of letting life take you. Another favorite quote of Inky Johnson’s is: “Redirection, pain, setbacks, shortcoming, highs, lows. They are all part of the process of success. Embrace it, respect it, and trust it”. WhenmysonMasonwastrainingasayoungmanhewas clear he was going to play college basketball, I always tookhisdriveforgranted. Ifiguredallyoungpeoplewould take advantage of opportunities and this commitment was common. Over time I discovered some kids will, but others won’t. It is a conscious decision that a young athlete makes, to be great. Talent is half of it, the other half is willingness to “redirect pain, setbacks, highs and lows to reach your goals”. At Fyzical El Paso, we want to motivate every athlete to reach their goals. At our Fyzical we offer training and performance programs to help every athlete be the best they can be – and with the off season starting, there is no better time to do so. We are here to help both athletes and weekend worriers pushthemselvesbeyondself-imposed limits.Comingback strongerafteran injurywhentheirsportstartsupagain is onegoalbutequally important istrainingtoprevent injury. Daretobegreat– it’sgotime. InkyJohnson isexactlythe type of mentor I’d want exposed to my sons as athletes and people. I hope you have a chance to have a listen and enjoy him as much as I did. So, we ask you – what keeps you motivated? - Luis, Fyzical El Paso

Johnson. For those of you unfamiliar with him, I urge you to look up his story on U Tube. Here is some quick background: Inky grew up with a tough life in Atlanta. An over achiever by nature, just look at his size in the photo, healwayshadawinningattitudeanddreamed, likemany, of playing in the NFL. Just prior to his senior season at Tennessee his coach told him that his dream would become reality – word camedownhewasprojectedtop30 inthedraft.Justplay the next 10 games and your life’s dreams will come true Coach Folmer told him. His main goal for success was being capable of supporting his mom who was working double shifts at Wendy’s at the time. His life-long dream wasshort-lived– inthesecondgameoftheseasonagainst Air Force hemade a play that changed his life forever. He sustainedadevastating injurythatparalyzedhisrightarm andwas informed deathwas possible by his surgeon. He recalls the conversation. So,howdoes Inky’sstorygo?Hehitbottomandwallowed in self-pity? Not this guy. InmycareerI’veseensomanyterriblethingsandwitnessed how people react to them. I’ve never met anyone like Inky Johnson. Hementioned that this was, next to the birth of his children and hismarriage one of the top three days of his life. Now stop and think, NFL sure thing with millions of dollars, gone! This is the best day of your life? I was taken back by his words. He turned lemons into lemon aid. I completely admire Inky – his resilience, strength, attitude and faith. Inky was told “son you will never use that arm” his reply was no sir I will use it every day. He uses it to inspire and motivate others with his story. One quote he uses I love. It defines how I approach what I do as a Therapist. People ask me, aren’t you kind of burned out you’ve been at this a long time? I love what I do but this thought best captures how


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