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Phil Burk Asks the Real Questions

The brick building towered above me, reaching far into the sky. That hospital might have only been three stories high, but as a child, standing on the sidewalk with my grandfather, the structure felt massive and imposing. Back then, children were not allowed in many areas of the hospital, due to the risk for infection or disease. Though my grandmother lay dying inside somewhere inside, I was not permitted to see her. My grandfather squeezed my hand gently and pointed up at one of the high windows. “Your grandmother is standing in the window, waving down at you,” he said. I looked, but I couldn’t see which window he was talking about. All I could see was a cold, brick building that didn’t care if I ever saw my grandmother again. I never did. When I reflect on this memory today, I know my grandmother was likely never standing in that window. She was far too sick to get out of bed that day. The feeling of being separated from my grandmother when she was sick stuck with me as I got older. I’m very business-minded, and from a young age I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and work in a business environment. I was drawn to the medical field as an adult because I saw a need for a business experience that could help provide better care for patients and their families.

that time, I have worked with numerous organizations, including the American Red Cross, and I helped develop a platform to improve patient services for the Laser Spine Institute from the ground up. Over the last year, prior to coming on board with NSI Stem Cell, I was running my own executive consulting firm, helping direct a team of specialists handle all aspects of patient care. Physicians get into medicine because they want to help cure sick people, but rarely do doctors or medical facilities have the tools necessary to treat patients beyond their medical needs. They aren’t usually able to help make the process easier on their families, either. In my work, before I make a decision, I ask myself, “Does this improve the quality of care for patients?” Every day, I look at ways to more seamlessly integrate medical processes into the human experience. Dr. Depasquale and Dr. Edgerton reached out to me through a mutual connection after they heard about the work I had done with the Laser Spine Institute. They wanted NSI Stem Cell to have access to the same sort of platform that could help as many people as possible get their lives back. When I spoke with them for the first time, it was clear we were like-minded in terms of our approach to patient care. We believe in never asking a patient what they can do for us, but instead, we’re always looking for ways to do something more for the patient. I saw this vision reflected by the staff at numerous clinics. During my visits,

I heard truly amazing stories from patients who saw NSI Stem Cell as something of a miracle, especially when compared to their previous painful experiences. Eager to get on board, I started in June of this year as coordinator of the patient services department. From the moment a patient contacts us, whether it’s by phone, via email, or through the live chat on our website, I direct a team who gathers their medical records, discusses their conditions, and schedules appointments for treatment. Shortly after joining NSI, my mother’s health took a turn for the worse, and she needed help. I already knew the amazing care NSI Stem Cell could provide, so I brought my mother in. She went through therapy with NSI and is doing phenomenal! I was already invested in the work I do, but today, I am more passionate than ever before, because to me, this really is a family matter.

I’ve been in medical business management for almost 20 years. In

– Phil Burk

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