Manual Edge: Back Pain and Difficulty Walking



WHAT’S GOING ON AT MANUAL EDGE? At Manual Edge, we are happy to announce that we will be teaching Ma n u a l T h e ra p y continuing education classes right here at our clinic to other Physical Therapists in Mobilization introductory class for our team, as well as any therapists in the area who would like to join us. During this class, we will discuss Cranial Mobilization as an effective treatment for headaches, neck pain, facial pain, TMJ, abdominal, and back pain.

These classes will be the first in a series of workshops that we are planning on implementing at our clinic. I will be teaching this workshop, with the help of Valerie Jones, PT, DPT who put together the course manuals for the class. This first set of classes will be located in our gym, with 8 treatment tables and enough room for 16 physical therapists to learn and grow in their skills. We are excited to begin our Manual Therapy continuing education classes to help therapists enhance their evaluation and treatment knowledge! Tim Bonack

the area! We have been gradually easing into the idea of offering these classes, in addition to treating patients and providing workshops for the public. During these classes, we will be teaching and demonstrating some of the techniques that we do on a daily basis here at Manual Edge – from the basics to the most high-end methods and strategies. Manual Therapy is an ongoing learning experience and there are always new skills to tweak or treatment methods to learn. On April 5th, 6th, and 7th, we will begin our Manual Therapy educational courses with a Cranial


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