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UCPR EMS at odds with Ottawa paramedic service


Did you feel the earthquake? A mild earthquake could be felt in Clarence- Rockland on Monday, August 15, at approxi- mately 5 p.m. The earthquake also hit Orléans and Buckingham and Val-des-monts in Québec, Specifically, the earthquake hit 16 km NW of Buckingham, 29 km NE of Gatineau and 38 km NE of Ottawa. Earthquake Canada estimated the magnitude of the earthquake at 3.3 and stated that there are no reports of damage and none should be expected. – Alexia Marsillo Ottawa paramedics previously had 30-minute buffers at the end of their shifts in which they were not expected to answer any calls. The purpose of this buffer is to allow paramedics to have enough time to return their ambulances, have the equip- ment refreshed and to reduce the amount of overtime being paid. Provincial investiga- tors then removed it after complaints from Prescott-Russell, who were seeing a signifi- An arbitrator’s recent decision to reinstate a 30-minute no-response buffer at the end of paramedics’ shifts in Ottawa, only af- ter a few months of having removed it, will directly impact the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) emergency and paramedic services. Alternatives are presently being discussed between the two services and a plan is expected to be an- nounced in September.

La décision récente visant à rétablir une période de non-réponse de 30 minutes à la fin des quarts de travail des ambulanciers à Ottawa, après l’avoir retiré seulement depuis quelques mois, aura un impact direct sur les services d’urgence et paramédicaux de Prescott-Russell. Le directeur des services d’urgence de Prescott-Russell, Michel Chrétien, et le chef des services paramédicaux d’Ottawa, Myles Cassidy, sont en train de discuter d’options et de formuler un plan. Une annonce est prévue pour le mois de septembre. —photo d’archives

the amount of calls to dispatch to Ottawa during the months that the Ottawa buffer was revoked, reinstating it means setting Prescott-Russell a step back to where it once stood. According toMichel Chrétien, the director of emergency services for the UCPR, he and the chief of the Ottawa Paramedic Service, Myles Cassidy, are currently discussing alter- natives and are in the process of formulating a plan that will work for all parties, including taxpayers. An announcement is expected in September.

cant influx in calls to dispatch to Ottawa. Provincial rules state that the closest am- bulancemust be dispatched to a call, regard- less of municipal boundaries.Therefore with the 30-minute buffer in place in Ottawa, Prescott-Russell paramedics must respond to calls in the city when they are the only ones on duty. This has directly impacted emergency services in Prescott-Russell, most notably financially, as Prescott-Russell has to cover the extra costs of dispatching more often to Ottawa. After noticing an improvement in

“Move Over” rule The OPP reminds motorists that they are supposed to move out of the way of emergency vehicles headed their way with lights flashing and sirens blaring, or make sure to do a slow and careful detour around a police, fire or ambulance unit seen parked along the road with its emergency lights flashing. Ontario’s Move Over Law imposes fines ranging from $400 to $2000 for violations, depending on circumstances, along with three demerit points on a driver’s licence upon convic- tion. – Gregg Chamberlain

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