maxon Product Range 2022/23

Mobility solutions Drive systems for e-mobility, the automotive industry and robotics Electric drive systems have a major impact on our everyday life and mobility. More and more people are using e-bikes or electric scooters for commuting and recreation. Whether on the road, in the logistics center or under water, maxon’s mecha-tronic systems make things move reliably and efficiently. Our systems consist of motors, gearheads, sensors, batteries and controllers and constitute the basic building blocks for complex applications. To meet the high demands of our customers, all components are matched to each other by the maxon specialists. In the development of our competitive system solutions from a single source, the focus is on flexibility, efficiency and quality.

Automotive → Dynamic suspension control (passenger cars) → LiDAR systems (remote sensing technology for autonomous vehicles) → Brake by wire (e-brake) → SCR systems (exhaust gas treatment for diesel vehicles) E-mobility → E-bike systems with customized maxon BIKEDRIVE solutions → Electric scooters and trikes → Electric wheelchairs and rehabilitation vehicles

Logistics and robotics → Logistics shuttles → Mobile and autonomous logistics robots (AGVs) → Farm robots → Multi-axis lightweight robots → Collaborative robots (Cobot) Maritime applications → Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) → Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)


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