maxon Product Range 2023/24

Mobility Solutions Drive systems for people and goods

On the street, in the warehouse, or underwater – drive systems by maxon move people and goods reliably, efficiently, and safely. Our specialists from the Mobility Solutions business unit know the requirements of the individual industries. In close collabora- tion with our customers, we develop tailor-made drive systems for complex applications. To meet the high requirements for power density and efficiency, all components are perfectly matched to each other. Flexibility, safety, and quality are the focal points in the development of our competitive system solutions.

Automotive → Dynamic suspension control → Brake-by-wire (electric brake system) → LiDAR systems (remote sensing technology for autonomous vehicles) → AdBlue systems (exhaust gas treatment for diesel vehicles) E-mobility

Logistics → Logistics shuttles

→ Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) → Automated guided vehicle (AGV) Robotics → Multi-axis lightweight robots → Service robots → Collaborative robots (Cobot) → Farm robots Maritime applications → Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) → Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV)

→ E-bike systems → Urban mobility

Invisible, light, and strong. For more information on our BIKEDRIVE AIR system, refer to page 20-21.


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