maxon Product Range 2023/24

Logistics Due to the increasing flow of goods and the requirements from Industry 4.0, the demands on efficiency, flexibility, and reliability are constantly getting higher. The drive systems from maxon are used in a variety of driverless transport systems, and their high power density makes them the perfect solution for space-saving integration. The reliability and high efficiency of our system solutions guarantee reliable operation without interruptions.

Automotive The need for higher safety and the rise of semi-autonomous driving are increasingly presenting the automotive manufacturers with new challenges. maxon’s drive solutions are used in applications such as LiDAR, AdBlue systems, adaptive chassis systems, and electrical brakes. Our customers trust maxon’s specialists when there are special requirements for safety and reliability under difficult environmental conditions – we are their IAFT- certified development partner and together we shape the future of the automotive industry.

Robotics The market demands specific robots for industrial and service applications. Together, our customers and the maxon specialists define and develop the required joint drives. High-efficiency motors, zero-backlash gearheads, high-resolution encoders, integrated holding brakes, and integrated posi- tion controllers with EtherCAT interface form the basis of the customized drive systems. The power density and competitive safety functions are only some of the factors that make our drives the perfect solution for applica- tions in robotics.

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