maxon Product Range 2020 / 21

For clean air The drive system consists of a customized brush- less flat motor plus electronics. This system solution accurately regulates the urea supply for treatment of diesel exhaust gas, which triggers a chemical reaction that breaks down toxic nitrogen compounds. This pol- lutant separation ensures compliance with the latest exhaust gas standards. The system is primarily used in trucks and is an important contribution from maxon to improve the global climate.

What does maxon mean by "mechatronic drive systems"?

maxon has extensive knowledge of the perfect interaction of various drive components – and thus of mechatronic drive systems. After all, we've been developing and producing drive components that are among the best in the world for decades now. These include precision motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers. As system experts, we are your first choice when you need to find sophisticated solutions to complex drive problems and implement these in your application.

Precise medical technology Precision, speed, and user friendliness are indispensable requirements of medical hand-held devices. This sterilizable drive unit from maxon consists of a brushless motor with robust stainless steel housing and cable connec- tion. The motor is controlled by a separate control unit. This is where HPSC (high precision sensorless control) is used, an extremely sophisticated method developed by maxon for the sensorless commutation of brushless motors. During the development of this drive system for dental medicine, particular attention was also paid to its ergonomic properties, so that the hand tool is comfortable to hold. It is available in a range of sizes and power levels.


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