maxon Product Range 2023/24


Applications in building automation → Sliding and swing doors → Elevator doors → Access systems, such as turnstiles, gates, and barriers → Platform systems Applications for lifts → Lifting, leveling, and auxiliary drives for stair lifts → Mobility and industrial lifting equipment → Elevators → Platform lifts Applications in logistics automation → Conveyors → Sorting systems → Packaging technology Applications in auxiliary vehicles → Wheelchairs and wheeled walkers → Motor homes and caravans → Tractors and forklifts Applications in train, tram, and railway systems → Windshield wiper systems → Internal and external doors, as well as access to the station platforms for trains → Pantographs → Brake systems → Grinding systems

Intralogistics Drive systems for building and logistics automation

The intralogistics business unit at maxon focuses on two core areas: building automation and logistics.

In modern logistics and with Industry 4.0, automated and digitalized warehousing is gaining importance. Systems for material handling, such as conveyor systems, packaging machines, and sorting machines, must be extremely reliable and durable to meet the demands of the market. maxon’s motors, gearheads, sensors, brakes, and controllers have been designed for these demanding tasks and can also be customized in the exact configurations needed for special applications. In the field of building technology, the market for automation is also growing rapidly. With its range of compact and efficient drives, as well as angular and inline gearheads in combination with motors and controllers, maxon offers one of the most comprehensive mechatronics systems for the automation of building access, lifts, and hoisting equipment in buildings, access control systems, and more.


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