maxon Product Range 2023/24

Drive systems for doors In airports, shops, hotels, and offices all over the world, automatic doors are in use around the clock. maxon offers compact and efficient drives for door access automation. The certified product range has proven itself around the world and encompasses everything from angular and inline drives to brushed and brushless DC motors. These are available with sensors and customer-specific drive control systems.

The market-leading quality offered by maxon makes it the ideal mechatronics partner.

Drive systems for conveyors Conveyor systems are frequently used in material handling. As the needs of the market and Industry 4.0 grow, the demands on drive systems also increase. They must be fail-safe, with proven durability, because the production and processing systems used in intralogistics frequently run around the clock. For these applications, maxon offers a range of intelligent, highly reliable systems with high power density and high efficiency. The market-leading quality offered by maxon makes it the ideal mechatronics partner for the material handling solutions of today and tomorrow.

Drive systems for stair lifts For many years, maxon has been cooperating with leading stair lift manufacturers and knows the complex requirements of the end customer. maxon offers gear motor combinations for safe operation of all types of stair lifts. They are suitable for straight, curved, narrow, and wide stair lifts. Our motors are available not only for the main drive, but also for the seat adjustment, footrest, and rotation requirements. Our specialists also develop customized solutions with tailor-made designs, which are frequently less complex and require fewer components.


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